21 21. The Phone Call

The days had gone by like they used to, she hadn't text or called. I was starting to get agitated, but I let the steam out to my sack and my sparing partner. It was actually good, I became more focused, and training became easier just like they used to.

Yeah right! You're just fucking fooling yourself.

You miss her...

I actually wanted her more, that I became very dedicated in my training sessions. I was trying to get my mind off of her. But apparently it was not that effective, as I was stroking myself in the shower every fucking night. Tonight was no different, I spread my palm on the shower wall, and started stroking myself. I was re-living our sexy times. This had to fucking stop, but I couldn't as I keep on fisting myself up and down.

I was groaning and grunting, I was widening my stance, and stroked myself faster and harder. My head fall back, my jaw clenched, my body arched, as I felt myself getting closer to climax. I was moaning, my shower was all foggy, until I finally let myself go and let out a loud groan and burst on the shower tiles. I let out my load, and fist it, and jerked it couple of more times lazily. My forehead touch the cool shower wall, as I relaxed and came down from my high.

Damn...that was so fucking good...

I finished my shower, and walked out and dry myself off. Then I walked straight to my bed, and let my naked back touch the cool sheets. I was about to drift off to sleep, when my phone buzzed. I groaned as I pick it up.

"Hey baby...." Her raspy sexy voice trailed to my ear. Suddenly I was wide awake.

"Hey to you too..." I greeted her back and chuckled lazily. I was trying to calm myself down.

"What have you been up to?" She asked me sexily, I was getting this weird vibe that she was touching herself. I swore, that I could hear her breathing got a bit heavy just now.

"Working admin stuff, busy with training, I was so focus on my training, that I turned down groupie threesome yesterday." I waited for her thoughts. I was actually kind of curious to what she would think.

"Oh Gary, you made me so proud my pet." She was sighing on the other line.

What the fuck?!

I was definitely not expecting that answer, but I just felt myself twitched from the name calling.


"I was thinking about you. I miss you, but I still have few meetings until the rest of the week. I'm not in the mood for my other toys, so... I'm calling, so that you talk dirty to me while I'm touching myself." She let out a very soft moan, I could hardly hear it. But I was so sure, that she had started touching herself.

Days without news, now she calls me for a phone sex. Damn!

But I was so eager to please her.

"Gary baby, what are you wearing?" She asked me in her low sexy voice. I could feel myself getting hard.

"I'm naked, I was just about to sleep. I already jerk off in the shower earlier. I was thinking about you, but now I'm fucking hard again. Your voice is too sexy Megan. I'm touching myself again....mmmh..." My breathing was getting heavy, and she was starting to moan.

"I wish you were here with me baby, I missed you kissing my tits and fingering between my legs...ohh...fuck baby, it would feel so fucking good." Her moans were too fucking sexy. I was fisting myself again harder, as I started moaning her name.

"You know I would ravish you with my tongue if I was there right? I like tasting you. While I hold your hips tightly with both of my hands. Oh fuck Megan, even your voice alone made me so fucking stiff. Shit! I need my lube, hold on." I put the phone down, and pour the lube and started fisting myself again.

"You hear that baby? You like that wet sound that I make, as I fists myself while hearing you moan...hmmm?" I was fisting myself harder, as she was letting out her moan over and over again.

"Gary baby, pour more lube. We should definitely play with lube next time. I want to play with you using it...mmm...sound so good. I'm so fucking close." She was whimpering and letting out a low moan.

"Spread your legs wider baby and keep on playing with yourself, faster now Megan, just like I would do to you. Mmm...your moans sounded so sexy baby, I'm also...fucking... coming... harder now Megan." I groaned with each words, in my last sentence.

"Baby...fuck Gary, I'm fucking coming...." Her breathing was labored, she was moaning, and whimpering at the same time. I know she would try and close her legs to get more friction at this time.

"Again Megan... and keep opening your legs, wider..." I let out a chuckle, as I could hear that she was surprised that I would know that.

"I know you baby...come on...now stroke it harder and faster just like I would do to you...now, Megan I'm so fucking coming. Come with me now...fuuucckkk!" I arched my back upwards, as I felt myself burst and made a mess on my chest.

I could hear that she was moaning loudly on the other line, when she climaxed seconds after me.

We were sated and our breath started to slow down, as we slowly came down from our high.

"Come to me Gary, I'll email you the ticket, I'll have someone pick you up at the airport. Please say yes baby, I'm so fucking stress with the meetings, this merge is taking longer than I anticipated. I need you to make me feel better, please say yes."

I'm so fucking crazy, for wanting this so much.

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"Will you play with yourself again if I give you a yes?" I teased her, but I like hearing her moan, her voice is so sexy. And I was going with Walt's advice, I was just going to let this thing between us run its path. I was going to ride it until we decide that it was enough.

Then I heard her, she was moaning in her sexy raspy voice, as she touched herself again for me.

I guess that's a yes then.

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