19 19. Wanting More

Yesterday was a fuck fest, she was sexily arousing. I didn't know where I get stamina from, but she was definitely sated when we finished hours later.

I had just finished making our coffee, when she walked to the kitchen in nothing but my shirt.

Damn, that thing never looked that sexy.

"Morning my pet, mmm...I really must teach you, not to get out of bed before me. And you're fully dressed already." She pouted adorably.

"Maybe next time I should really tie you up. How's your bruises baby?" She pushed me backwards to the kitchen counter. Her raspy voice and her sexy words, had woken up my other half.

She was smiling wickedly, as she touched me and making me moaned. Then she abruptly let me go, to get the coffee.

Sexy morning tease!

I lifted her up to the kitchen table, and start kissing her neck.

"It's good mistress, but I will be better if you would stop with your tease, and touch me again." I deliberately said her favorite nickname, she smirked but continue drinking her coffee.

"We have to go back in a couple of hours. I need to get my work stuff done before leaving tomorrow. So, this will be my playtime baby. You will have to do as I say. Would you do that for me?" She finally put down her coffee, and started lifting my t-shirt and took it off from my body, not waiting for my reply.

"There, that's better..." Then she trailed her hand to my chest and going downwards making me groaned.

"Sshh...baby, my playtime. Your hands beside me on the kitchen counter..."

Oh damn...I'm so fucking hard!

She unbuttoned my jeans and let it fall to the kitchen floor. My hands were planted firmly on the counter. I was itching to touch her. Then she stroked me slowly, her legs wrapped my naked ass and pulled me closer between her legs. She was wet already, making me cursed, then she moved her hips and grind me.

"Mistress please...."

"No my pet...sshh...follow me..."

She got off from the counter and walked back to the bedroom.

"Sit on the bed for me, hands beside your body. And close your eyes..." She straddled me and kissed me sensually slow, while her wetness was caressing mine. I felt her smiling in my ear.

"Very good baby." I could hear her reached out to the side table, then she was behind me and wrapped my head making my vision pitch black. My other senses were becoming more awake.

The act alone was making me twitched. My knuckles gripped the sheets. Then she seated herself behind me, as she wrapped her dainty fingers and play with me, between my legs.

Oh my fucking goddd!

"Sshh...I got you my pet. Open wider for me baby. Now, I want you to hold yourself from coming, until I told you to. Say it..." She whispered to me, while she sucked and licked my neck playfully. Her tits were touching my back, she had undress without me even knowing.

"Yes mistress, I won't come until you told me to." I was panting my words out, my breathing was labored, as she kept on stroking me from behind. I was starting to sweat, as I tried to hold my orgasm. Then she let me go, and told me to lay back.

"Hands above your head." She told me, and rewarded me with a deep sexy kiss later on. Then I heard a click. She was smiling on my neck.

Hot! Damn!

Then I felt her tits teased my lips. She was hovering above my body, carefully trying not to touch my bruises. "Lick me baby...mmm, you're good at this. Suck me, harder now.." She was moaning my name. I never thought being controlled could be so damn arousing. I was about to come, I was clenching my jaw trying to hold myself.

"Mistress...I can't hold it any longer. Please....please let me come."

"You can do this baby...sshh, I got you. Just a little while longer."

She kept on edging me over and over again, until she gloved me and finally ride me. She was moaning louder, as I was grunting and cursing when I felt her wetness surrounds mine. "Please..."

"Not yet baby...hold it for me. You can do this." She was riding me harder, and clenching me tighter. I could feel that she was about to come. I was so fucking stiff under her.

"Now Gary! Come for me now..." She bucked herself and climaxed, and I finally let go, and followed her as I climaxed seconds later.

Then I felt her took off my cuffs, and my blindfold. I was still pulsating inside her, as she kissed me slow and sweet. She smiled and look into my eyes, her hand caressed my jaw.

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"That was easily the best I've had." She told me. I kissed her back roughly, and flipped her making her laid back to the sheets. She was moaning again.

I got up and quickly discarded the used condom, then I get back to her.

"I still want you..." I whispered as I kissed her tits, and trailed my kisses down between her legs and ravish her. She moaned my name, over and over again. I gripped her thighs tighter, and smirked as I saw her fisting the sheets. Then she was grasping my hair, pulling me close to her, as I quickly took her to another climax.

"Damn, you're spoiling me baby, Come here..." I was by her side in no time, as she kissed me slowly, tasting herself.

We were sated as I pulled her to my chest, and let her rest as she came down from her climax. I kissed the top of her head, while we relax in each other's comfort.


We decided to leave the villa an hour later. "Oh my, I never knew I was actually looking forward to the ride back on your bike." She smiled as I put on her helmet.

She was holding on to my waist tightly but starting to loosen up as we were about fifteen minutes on the road. It was a big step up for her, I smiled at myself. We arrived back at my place an hour later after we had our late lunch at the same diner that we stop by the other day.

She rested for awhile at my place before she finally said goodbye. "Well then I really must go. I'll get in touch with you in a couple more days. And while I'm gone, I need you to think about us. I still like being with you. I just need you to be comfortable with the arrangement. And from feeling your desire this morning, I assume that you like it too." She pulled my neck down and kissed me goodbye.

I was finally alone at my place. I never felt this alone in my entire life before.

Well...this is a new feeling...

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