18 18. The Weekend Away

"Gary just drive it baby...." She was handing me her car keys. Feeling like a truly boy toy already, I was trying to hold myself back, because I really wanted to be with her. My ego was constantly trying to break free, and push her down and be the fighter that I am and demand my wins and always be on top.

She didn't realize that what she considered as her convenience like going to her mountain villa and driving her expensive car, that those were actually the things that put me in perspective of where I stood in this arrangement. None other but her boy toy. It hurt my ego, but she was like a drug to me. I think, I was becoming addicted to her.

"Have you ever ride a bike before?" I took her car key and put it inside the kitchen drawer. She was raising her eyebrow at me.

"No, because of safety issues..."

I started kissing her,and put my hands on her back, making her moaned to my touches.

"You can Google it, if you don't believe me, but there are more dangerous things than riding a bike. Even the death rate from influenza, is way higher than motorcycle accidents. Then there's drug overdose, even sex is more dangerous than riding a bike, the rate of sexually transmitted infections are rising every year. Motorcyclists are getting more aware, and careful with their gear and maintenance. Then there's owning a gun, and I really have to mention reckless driving with people using their phone in the cars. Seriously I could go on and on..." I kept on kissing her and giving her sensual touches.

I could feel her starting to give in, as she started moaning my name over and over again.

"Try it once, feel the wind and the freedom. Taste the adrenaline as the engine roared under you. It's too fucking sexy to resist. You have to try it at least once. Just pack the essentials, it's only for one night. I'll get my tank bag out."

She sighed and finally said her yes, I gave her my other helmet and my very tight fit leather jacket, which still looked oversize on her. But it would keep her warm from the wind. She pouted, as she saw herself on the mirror.

"You're still cute baby, let's go. I can't wait to feel your arms around me when we speed off to the mountains." I laughed as she looked tense already.

"Are you absolutely sure about this? Maybe we should just stay here."

"Do you trust me Megan?" I cupped her face and looked into her eyes.

"Strangely I do. I really should have my head checked for this. Too many variables, too many things that could go wrong...." She started babbling then I cupped her ass, squeezed them and kiss her deeply, tasting her sensually until we were both panting.

"Okay...okay...let's do this. I'm handing you my life here. Don't fuck it up okay."

"I won't mistress." I whispered in her ear, making her groaned and kissed me one more time, until we finally left my apartment.

It was true, it was her first time riding a motorcycle. "Boots, we should get you one of those for next time, those heels are sexy but won't keep you safe."

"I'm not sure there would even be a next time. This bike is freakishly high off the ground Gary! How am I supposed to balance my body in this thing?! Oh God! I'm so fucking insane for doing this...." She was really cute when she was nervous.

I put her helmet on, and helped her get on, then put mine and got on my bike and roared the engine. I let the machine purred under us, she started to wrapped her arms around my waist tightly. I smiled delightfully, I make sure that the tank bag was secured on my front. Then we headed off to the street.

She was holding on to my waist tighter. I was liking the feeling, so I speed up as the traffic was more sparse ahead. Moments later she was slowly loosening down her hold, and I could feel that she was starting to relax.

There you go....

Looking at my watch, I noticed that we were still an hour away. So I decided to take a lunch break in a small diner.

"My god Gary! You were right! It was wonderful! Why are we stopping? I wish I can take off the helmet, and feel the wind in my hair." She giggled, and hugged me tight.

She looked younger, and happier. She looked fresh, and relaxed. The mountain air really made her feel free.

"Lunch break. I usually do this every couple of hours. I don't like riding hours without breaks. Come, let's see what they have." I helped her down, and she staggered a bit and finally get her balance back.

We talked and laughed over silly things at the diner. For a woman of her status, who owned her  own company, and had more money than she needed, she was very down to earth. She greeted the waiter nicely, and she didn't even complain about the lack array of food.

"Oh damn...it's been ages since I taste this kind of food! Thank you Gary! Can I taste yours? They looked mouth watering...." I hadn't even replied as she dipped her fork in my Reuben sandwich, and stab the tasty bits then pass her sexy lips and moaned, as she praise the deliciousness of the fattening meat and cheese goodness.

"Oh my, I could be dead right now and die happily after tasting that. The grease, the meat, and that forbidden fat. It will go to my belly lining for sure. But right now I don't freaking care. You're a bad influence here Gary!" She said seriously, but took another stabbed at my sandwich making me laugh. Then her food arrived, and she let out her sexy moan making me instantly hard.


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We finally finished with our lunch, and get back on the road. We arrived at her villa an hour later. The place was very secluded. The big trees and the cold fresh air, really sets the mood. The villa was nice, not too big but still looked cozy. I took her helmet off, as she shook her hair freely, and combed it straight with her fingers.

Damn! Sexy!

I took mine off and put it next to hers on the bike. Then grabbed her waist and start kissing her, like I hadn't seen her in months. She smiled, and pushed her body flat to mine. I could feel the pain of my bruises, but it was nothing compared to my urges to keep on kissing her.

My hands traveled to her body, caressing her back, feeling her sexy curves. Sliding down inside her tight jeans, and squeezed her ass. She was bare, she was wearing one of her sexy thongs making me groaned, and grind her with my already hard dick.

"Damn, Megan...you're so damn sexy baby." We were both panting, then I forced myself to break from our kiss.

"Get our things, I get the door and we're going straight to the bedroom baby." She told me as she stroked my dick, and licked and sucked my neck.

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