17 17. Reasoning Discussion

I was up before her. I needed to get away from her as fast as I could, or I wouldn't be able to stick to my schedule for today. She was a distraction and she didn't even realize it.

I did my routine, woke up at six and do my morning workout, I grab my skipping rope and started my warm up. Then on to weights, it was way lighter than my usual because of my bruises. But I still needed to train and maintain my muscle mass for my next match. I ditched the sack, because of my knuckles. I decided to finish in two hours, I need to recuperate between the bruises, and staying up late and doing hot hot sex, I must remind myself not to overwork my body to make it heal faster.

I was in the kitchen making my morning smoothies, when she strolled out in my shirt. I could see the sexy outlines of her ass. My hands twitched, as it felt the eagerness to touch them again.

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"Morning....coffee?" I poured her a cup of black coffee, and added some milk with no sugar.

She gladly took it and sighed. "My god Gary, how could you already be working out in this godforsaken hours. In Saturday baby, and I don't like waking up early and you make me wake up early just by not being by my side." She pouted adorably, making me smile.

"It's my routine, with the bruises I have to heal faster, then compact my training into the couple of days that I have left before the big match. I have to maintain my statistics."

"But I thought boxing statistics is not as reliable as baseball's?" She asked as she sipped her coffee. This was also the things, that made me enjoy her company. Her knowledge was vast, talking to her was always interesting.

"No they're not actually, because baseball have more players. They're trained the same way, the sample is greater and gathered in a more controlled and consistent environment. So... it's more predictable, hence the word statistics. While boxing only had one player, smaller sample. If you don't know the history of the player then it would be useless. But if it's used to be added as another layer of analytic complexity, it would add value to the statistics."

"You almost had me sleeping there professor, if you didn't explain that half naked and all sweaty from your work out." She winked while trailing her fingers on my chest, making me sighed in delight.

"The bruises on your body already look better, the cheek is still horrible. Maxim texted me last night, he had seen your scans and said that you're clear. He was actually amazed by your endurance to pain." She told me, while sipping more of her coffee.

"It's the food, the shakes and the supplements, the nutrients made my body heal faster and build up muscles mass so I would withstand all those punches." I showed her my shakes, then drink it again.

"So I'm going to shower now, do you want to join? I know you can do it yourself, but I can make it sexy for you." I was deliberately copying her words, from when she iced my body couple of days ago. She smiled remembering them, then let out her sexy raspy laugh.

We finally finish our sexy shower an hour later. "So what do you have plans for this weekend? I'm thinking to abduct you and have more sexy time with my boy toy in the mountains. How about it?" She asked, as she take one of my clean shirt, and put it on her body.

"I can't hardly think, looking at you naked underneath my t-shirt. I'm good, we could go anywhere I'm free this weekend, I could take up running in the mountains for my morning workout session. Just need to bring my shoes..." But she cut me off.

"It's settled then, we need to get back to my place and get my stuff, mmm...I need pants. Damn this is not working." Then she called her assistant to get her stuff to my place.

"No running shoes for you. You're having me for your running workout. We will do some cardio in bed. Now, go get ready baby. We will go once my stuff is here." She pulled me roughly for a deep kiss.

Her assistant did more than delivering her stuff. He also delivered her car to my place. She signed some documents that he brought with him. He left immediately after, then she was off with her stuff to my bedroom.

I was starting to get uncomfortable again. I hadn't thought about this yet, I was busy thinking about my sexual urges. But now I was back to thinking, about her being able to buy me off again. 


The Russian thugs had been paid off, I was supposed to end this sugar baby thing, and get back to my boring life.

What am I doing taking a weekend away with her?

Then she looked at me, walking to me from the bedroom. She had already changed, she was looking sexy with her tight jeans and sheer blouse.

"I know that look, Gary. I thought you like spending time with me? Are we doing this or not? Or are you too threaten by my money or is it my age?" She was re filling her second cup of coffee, then drinking it slowly while looking at me. Then she seated herself on the kitchen counter.

"Come here...." She opened her sexy jeans covered legs and pulled me closer, and wrapped my waist with her legs. She put her arms on my shoulder and gave me a long kiss. I was hard again down there.


"The money, it's too much. I don't need it anymore. The Russian was paid, I was supposed to be done with this sugar thing. But you're too fucking sexy to resist." I grab her neck and pulled her back for the kiss, she peeled her lips from mine moments later.

"This is my comfort zone baby, I like this arrangement. I'm too busy to connect with a person, and commit to a relationship. But with you, I can't get enough of you. Too delicious baby. So, why don't we just do this sexy weekend thing. And you can think about everything else later? I have to go out of the country on Monday for a business trip, I need my fix." She whispered her last words sexily while licking my ear making me moaned her name.

"Oh fuck it Megan, okay! Let's do this. My dick wants you so bad. I'm so fucking stiff already."

She laughed and pulled me closer for a kiss.

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