16 16. Sugary Delights

Megan's POV

In my drunk state, I decided to get back to Gary's. I was also hiding from Nikolai, just in case he went a bit nut and came to mine. I knew he would be to cocky, to come and find me at Gary's. Ivan made sure that I arrived safely by following me, and handing my drunk ass off to Gary.

"I'm good Ivan, you can leave now. Thanks for dropping me off. Hey, Gary...so, I'm here. I'm hiding from Nikolai. I'm hungry, you got anything to eat? You know what, let's just order in. Would you call Silvio's for me? I don't think I can type in the numbers, my phone got all fuzzy along the way back from the club. I want pizza, and some ice cream....oh Garry, your floor is all wonky, you should get it leveled.... "

I walked inside his apartment, talking to him non stop, while Gary was looking at me funny. "What? Is there some thing on my face? ...."

"Megan, you're drunk and why would you be hiding from Nikolai? Come here, have a seat. I'll make you some coffee." He tugged his upper lip sweetly as he smirked at me. He was wearing his pajama pants and nothing else.

"Yeah I think I'm a bit tipsy, it's all on Olga though. She kept on giving me shots, she always forget that the rest of us are not Russian, and that I easily get drunk. And that I'm a horny drunk, and you look sexy as hell right now." His smile grew wider as I mentioned the last part.

"So, should I even be making you coffee? Or should I let you be a horny drunk? I'm actually torn right now." He chuckled, but kept on preparing the cups for the coffee.

"Food baby, I'm starving not only for your body, but also for food." Then I pushed myself flat to his body, as he leaned back to the kitchen counter. My hands were carefully tracing his body, knowing he still have bruises in some places.

"Right, let me call them, see if they could still deliver. Megan baby, you need to let me....oh fuck baby...maybe be we should...mmm...like that, fuck Megan, you're so fucking good at this. Wait...why would you stop?" But I stop his question as I kissed his lips and stroked his dick, and slid my hand inside his pants.

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"Sshh...I'm just checking if you're naked under this pants... and yes you are...mmm...sexy Gary....I said call them, just get me pepperoni and cheese, and I will have you while I wait." I gave him my sexy wink. He groaned and did as I tell him to do, knowing that I wanted to play with him.

"Megan baby, you need to slow down...Hello yes, can you still deliver? Mmm...yes, I would like to place an order then..." He kept on talking on the phone and order my pizza, while I licked his neck. I could feel his hand grab my waist tighter making me moaned softly in his ear. His dick twitched in my hand as he hurriedly finish ordering my food, and hang up the phone.

"Done! Damn woman... you're so fucking sexy. Come here you, I'm going to fuck you so damn hard." He was growling his words. His voice were low and sexy, just the way I liked it. I backed away, and took off my short dress, then I laced both of my arms to his neck.

His eyes were ravishing my bodice and matching lace thong. "Well, what are you waiting for my pet. Fuck me baby, fuck me hard and fast...damn Gary, your wounds...you don't have to carry me..." I was protesting as he just picked me up on his shoulder, and carried me to his bedroom. But I quickly squealed, as he slapped my ass hard. I could feel my self getting wet.

Wait...I'm the one that supposed to do the spanking. But fuck! That felt so good.

He chuckled knowing that I was liking it, and continue carrying me and throwing me to his bed. He groaned and quickly get on top of me. "So fucking sexy Megan, you like me rough baby? Mmm?" He was carefully positioning himself above me, and started licking my neck and trailing down his kisses down to my chest.

"Gary, stripped me naked baby..." I was telling him, but sounded more like I was pleading at him. 


"You're good Megan, I'm liking you in this thing." He was leisurely strolling his hand down, then suddenly ripped my thong. I was groaning to his action. He was between my legs seconds later, savoring me as he part my legs wider roughly. His hands were caressing my inner thighs making me bucked myself to him. Feeling my eagerness, he pulled me even closer making me moaned louder.

"Gary! My god yes!..." He was taking me higher and higher when suddenly the door buzzed. I could feel him smiling under me.

"Fucking hell!" I groaned loudly.

He came up and whispered huskily in my ear. "Stay like this for me mistress, I'm still hungry for you. I will certainly be having you again if you let me." He was teasing me, and I was too drunk to correct him. But maybe because I was also liking his little play.

He left me to get the door and came back five minutes later. "Now, for the main course." He was back between my legs, where I finally shattered minutes later.

Then he flipped me hard, as my tits touched his cool sheets, and he spread my legs apart and pushed his condom covered dick inside mine. I was stretched and filled deeper as he slid a pillow under me, making my ass higher and pushed my upper body down roughly with his hands, at the same time he groaned and let out his loud feral grunts, making me clenched him tighter.

"Shit baby so fucking tight Megan, you're fucking killing me...fuck baby." Then he smack my ass and pulled my hair back with his hand. I came hard, at that exact moment.

I was never this intense, he was so fucking good at this. He didn't let me go, he kept on fucking me hard and fast. Making me screamed his name, over and over again. Until I came again and then one more time where we came at the same time. I was sated, as he slumped next to me and pulled me close to his sweaty chest after he discarded the condom.

"I'm liking the drunk version of you baby."

"Gary, you make me feel so good I don't even mind the sweat." He chuckled, but then wiped me off his sweat with his t-shirt that was on his side table.

"So...ready for some pizza?"

"Mmm...later baby, you're already too delicious for my taste." Then I snuggled in closer to him.

I never did like to snuggle. But hey...maybe it's because I'm drunk.

Then I was in his embrace, carefully not touching his bruises, and drifted off to my dream less sleep.

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