15 15. Dinner Fiasco

Megan's POV

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I left his apartment and went back to my place, I need to shower and change and get some work done before my dinner thing with Olga. Gary had distracted me numerous time already.

God, that guy...

I had never met more persistent guy than him. I wanted to strangled him sometimes. He could really be so fucking stubborn,but I was actually feeling guilty because of what he had gone through. I couldn't even imagine what he must've felt, to had kill a guy with his bare hands.

Maybe if I just let him be and didn't give him the money, he wouldn't have to kill the guy, because he was not supposed to be on that underground boxing arena. I know, I was making excuses as to why I stayed at his place. But in reality I actually did like him enough to want to spend the whole night with him. Even in his wounded, battered state. It usually took me weeks, to get close and comfortable enough, to spend the night at my dates.

But there's something about him...

Arghhh fuck it! Why am I wasting time thinking about him. I need to get out of my bath, I'm pruning already.

I was just going to ask Olga, the mighty wise old friend of mine. For the little minx that she was, she could be too damn wise for my taste. I was smiling, I always like spending time with her. She like to live on the wild side, while I know deep down she was recovering form her own wounds. Sometimes, I didn't know how her family works. She had one strange mob family behind her, protecting her in all their weird ways.

Meh... I'm done with my make up. I'm late already.

Olga just have to deal with my appearance. I didn't know how she could present herself beautifully in matter of minutes, while it would take me at least an hour, to do my hair and make up.

I decided to take a cab, knowing there would surely be drinking with her. And I finally arrived at Barney's twenty minutes late. She had been texting me non stop, while I kept on ignoring her. She would still yap anyway, so I would just deal with her, when I met her.

"You know, I don't get how you can be successful in your business, when you can't even meet me on time. God! Megan, how many time do I have to tell you dark eyes, matched with pale lip gloss. Now you look too pale. But at least you got your cat eye on point! Beautiful Megan. You're worthy of my companion. Come! Sit! Tell me about your new man. Nikolai had been brooding at home, he was asking me about your new boy toy?" She was talking continuously and I haven't even seated yet.

"Olga darling, nice to meet you too." I kissed her cheeks as I greeted her and slowly sit down. I was intentionally making her wait for my replies.

"My god woman! Will you sit your sexy ass down already? I've been antsy waiting for you since the last hour..." she told me as she drink her wine.

"Whoa there Olga, I'm only twenty minutes late." I told her as I flipped trough the menu pages, again I was trying anything just to get her more agitated.

"You know...I could always tell Nikolai where we are. He was asking me where I was meeting you. I told him we're going clubbing to Players." She giggled at her own mischief, but getting her phone out of her purse.

"Okay...okay! His name is Gary, there. Now will you sit on that little fact while I order my dinner?"

She was smiling wide at me, and eagerly waited for my story.

Then I told her about Gary, while we ate our dinner. But I didn't tell her that Gary was my sugar baby. No one knows that I was using Adriana's company to find my dates.

"So, let me get this straight. You never ever have a sleep over after weeks of dating, and you have one with him after your second date? Wow...I'm impressed. And he's a boxer? You don't usually go for the bad boy type. Well, my brother was an exception. But I always kind of known that you both didn't match up very well." She shrugged at her last sentence.

"Damn Olga! You could've told me this before I dated your brother. Now, things just get awkward every time we see each other." I told her honestly.

"Nah...it'll pass babe, I was helping you get back on the dating scene. You had been working too hard. I was afraid that you might over worked your magic wand, vibrator or whatever it is you call it these days." She was talking carelessly. I was putting my head down, hoping no one heard her last sentence.

"Hey! What...how could he, damn...must be his boys that had been following me. I'm sorry Megan, Nikolai just came trough the door."

"Damn! Did he see us?"

"Not yet, why? Whoa...are we fleeing him? Om my god yes! I haven't done this in years!!" She quickly call the waiter and pay for our dinner. I let her settle the bill, knowing there would be another argument that would waste more time.

I asked the waiter to usher us trough the back door, and gave him a huge tip to keep quiet about letting us out the back.

We were hailing a cab, and passed the parking lot where I saw Ivan. Then I put my finger on my lips, signaling him to keep quiet. And he just smiled and nodded his head, but he signaled one of his guys, to follow us.

Damn security protocols.

"I'm liking this dinner Olga." We started giggling like a teenage girls in the cab. The driver was smiling, and waited for our destination.

"Oh yeah. Where to now? Are we done?"

"You know what? Let's go all out. To Players please! Nikolai won't search for us there. I bet he already did previously." She laughed her heart out.

We finally arrived at Players and seated ourselves at the bar. I was getting tipsy already. "Damn Olga, people would never know that you're the wild child here. You always look so damn composed, must be your lifetime of boarding school in Russia."

I was a fucking mess already, slurring my words, swaying my stand. But she was still sitting up straight and looking at our surrounding with her eagle eyes. "Nope, I'm just Russian, we have a very high tolerance with Alcohol. It made us look like a bad ass." She smiled smugly at me.

"I'm liking Gary a bit too much I think. I don't know why, it's so fucking silly. He's fucking twenty four Olga! He's just a kid. It's never going to last with us." I blurted out my words.

"You know what they say...get them while it's hot!!" She took another shot and drink it down in seconds, while with her other hand she pushed my glass to my front. I groaned at her and face my death, and gulped it down in seconds.

So, that's her wise words for me?... get them while it's hot? My mind was already blurry, but I'm sure that line had something to do with food.

Oh what the hell...I'm following her wisdom. My good old wise wild child dearest friend.

It was an hour later when Ivan find us at Players, but there was no Nikolai making me sighed in relief.

"Max told me to get both of you back safely, it would be wise if we leave now." He told us as he ushered a couple of guys, that had started annoying the hell out of us.

"Ivan! Okey, come Olga! I want to get back to my boy toy. Oh Olga darling... we will do lunch on Wednesday, I'll pick you up from the office yeah? We need to talk about the thing, that I forget about. Seriously I can't even remember what now...oh, on the safe side you need to remind the Wednesday thing again with me tomorrow. I need to put in in my schedule. Oh! I'm too fucking busy, I need more playtime with you, my little Russian wild child." I kept on babbling.

She was laughing at me now, and helping me up from my seat. She knew that I always got very very chatty in my drunk state.

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