14 14. Being There

She did stay with me until morning. I stirred for couple of times, but drifted back to sleep when I felt her next to me. I was liking her smell, I never liked vanilla before, but when I smell it on the crook of her neck, I was drifting off to the best sleep I've had in years.

"Wake up Gary, we need to get to the clinic." She kissed me making me groaned, as she had also woken up the other part of me. I started stroking my dick, trying to calm myself down.

"Megan, this is not how you're suppose to wake me up. I haven't woken up with a woman in my bed in years. I have the hardest boner now. I'm very up now. I need to get it down to...oh my god...oh my fucking god!"

She was licking my morning wood. She was taking my bruised knuckles lightly to my sides then told me to keep it there. I was fisting the sheets, she was taking me deeper and sucked me sensually slow over and over again. She took me higher and higher until she told me to let go. And I burst all over her, she was a mess. A fucking hot mess.

She clean herself with my shirt, as she took it off from her body, and leaving her naked for my view. Yup, she slept in nothing but my shirt last night.

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"Come Gary, let me help you shower then we will leave for the clinic."

"But, you haven't come." I told her as she smiled

"This is not a competition Gary, I have my toys. I'll pleasure myself later. I'm good baby."

I kissed her hard, until she moaned and my body hurt from pushing her down to the bed. I groaned and got off of her.

"No it's not. But one day, I will replace all of your toys baby." I smirked and pulled her up with my healthy hand. She slammed to my body making me winced, but the pain was welcome. As she squeezed my ass cheek and then whispered in my ear. "Challenge accepted."

This woman....she's sexy as fuck!

Half an hour later we were about leave for the clinic when my door buzzed.

I opened it and find a man looking for Megan, then she was popping her head from behind me.

"Nikolai, what are you doing here? I told Max that I'm good with his other minions. You got more important stuff to take care of." She looked pissed as she took out her phone and call Maxim.

He introduced himself to me as her boyfriend, making me raised my eyebrow. Well...the one with the non injured eye.

"And you are?" He asked smugly.

"Oh me? I'm Gary, her current boy toy." She already hang up her phone and definitely heard that last bit. She was grinning and wrapped her arm on my waist possessively.

He looked mad, confused. But then he look defeated when he saw that she was smiling at me.

"So I guess, it's really over huh?" He asked as she nodded her head.

"Of course Nikolai, you cheated on me so we're done. It's that simple. Now why don't you go be with your strippers, I got my boy toy now." She patted his cheek and send him away.

I thought I heard him cursed in Russian. Damn was she in bed with the Russian mob?

I was not thinking straight last night. I thought Maxim Markov was a one of those underground Russian doctor. But then he talked about giving protection, bodyguards, no questions asked.

"So, am I just imagining it or are you actually friends with the Russian mob? The kind of people that made me kill that guy last night?" Suddenly I felt queasy, and rest my back to the wall.

"They're the good guys Gary, I met them trough my college roommate Olga. She's one of the sweetest and nicest friend I got, and she's Nikolai's sister. Come on Max's guy is already down stairs he's going to take us to the clinic. Max told me to get you to clinic and get that MRI." She ushered me out of my apartment, and walk with me to the car.

He introduced himself as Ivan. Damn! I was hanging with the fucking Russian now. But I was out of option, I was hopeless without them anyway. I was certain that it was just going to be a matter of days, before Dimitri wanted me to fight and probably kill for him again.

I called Kamaria, saying that I got badly beaten and now going to a clinic. She was shocked but told me to take as long as I need.

"I will, and I will sync all your schedule to your email. And to my temp."

We finally finished with the clinic visit, Maxim would call us back with the result. She took me back to my place, she offered me to stay at hers but I said no.

"You have work to do, and you will leave me alone anyway. So, I'm just going to stay at mine. I got my stuff here and I still need to work on my body and and heal faster. Why don't you stay here, sleep over, you got bigger toys here anyway." I told her as I nibbled on her ear.

She let out her sexy laugh, and told me that she might just do that.

"I had a dinner thing with Olga, so maybe I'll see you afterwards. But I will visit you tomorrow, if it's got too late. Now, come here and took off your shirt. I need to ice your bruises...sshh, I know you can do it yourself. But I can do it sexily."

I throw my shirt to the floor in seconds, making her laugh again.

God! Even her laughter is making me stiff.

Then she touched my dick, making me moaned her name.

"Megan, baby...that's not where I'm hurt." I closed my eyes, moaning to her strokes.

"Nope it's not, but it's obviously where you're hard." She told me while she was kissing my naked chest.

"Mmm...I'm liking my bigger toy." Then she pulled away and get the ice from the fridge, leaving me hard in anticipation.

"Why don't you strip to your briefs and lay back on the couch." She was back with the ice and the napkins. Then she straddled me, as she hike up her already short dress. She winked as she teased me as she grind me slowly.

"Sorry baby, I couldn't help myself. Here, let me ice your bruises." She spent the next couple of minutes compressing my wounds with ice. But what should've been a normal thing that I've done countless time to myself. It had now became the most erotic thing, that a woman had ever done to me.

"Oh my god! You are making this too fucking sexy baby. Lower please, I think I'm good there, you need you to go lower, I'm throbbing, of fuck... move your hips...like that, fuck yes."

Then she lower her self down, carefully not to bumped my bruises. "So is this okay? Can I lick you nipples?" She asked, but already did that, as I moaned my approval and asking for more.

She straddled me again, and took an ice cube, then started tracing it all over my chest. "How about now? Is this okay?" She smirked at me, knowing that she had just made me twitched down there.

"Megan, ride me baby, ride me now...let me be your toy, please mistress." I was so fucking horny for her, I need her so so bad. 

She finally ride me as we came together two hours later. She was taking me to another level of ecstasy, as she kept on withholding my pleasure over and over again, until she finally told me to let go.

She kissed me slowly, then she discard the condom and pulled my briefs back on and told me to rest. She was out of my door minutes later.

Damn... I'm her fucking toy. I'm her toy and I fucking like it... 

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