12 12. Paying It Off

My alarm woke me up with the loudest beeping sound.

Damn! Was it always this loud?

I groaned as I tried to wake myself up, but slumped down to the bed again, I throw my alarm and went back to sleep.

I'm dying, I shouldn't finish that damn bottle...

It felt like seconds went by when my phone goes off.

"Hello..." I slurred my words.

"Hey Gary, are you okay? Are you coming to the office? It's noon already...." Kamaria was on the other line.

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"Oh fuck! Sorry, Kamaria...I think I'm taking a day off. I'm getting up in a moment to sync everything to your email. Shit! Sorry, rough night..."

"Are you sure you're okay? This is the first time you've done this, for years you've been with us. Just come and see me tomorrow okay? Should I send someone to check on you? You don't sound so good." She asked again, sounded worried.

"I'm good, I just need the day off. I'll see you tomorrow at the office. I'll email your schedule for today in a moment." I told her as she talk some more making sure that I was okay, then she hang up.

I got up slowly, feeling the harsh pounding on my head. It was like receiving a knock out blow to the head with every step I took. I finally emailed Kamaria, after I struggle to go to the kitchen and re hydrated, and take my aspirin. Hours later I was feeling better, then I call Fred and told him that I got the rest of the money. And that I needed to get this over with, so I could concentrate on my training again.

Fred was at my door just before four o'clock, then we went out to meet the Russian, and hand off their money.

"Damn Fred, I don't even want to know how you know this place." Fred took me to the nastiest underground fight club.

"We're here for Dimitri." Fred told the guy that guarded the door, then he ushered us inside.

"Well...well...I'm pleased that you came up with the money in the short amount of time." He took the bag and let his guy count the stacks.

"So, while we wait...I got one more preposition for you. Aside from the money, I don't usually let people that crossed me live. And Gary, you had crossed me by not doing as you were told with the fight." He smirked at us. I was looking at Fred, he was already looking pale.

What the fuck?!

"We have another match in an hour, I need you to beat the crap out of your opponent and make the match memorable for our members. Failing do to so, he will beat you up. You know how this street fights usually ended." He smirked knowingly.

My body instantly went cold. I have not trained to my usual standards.

Fuck! This is not getting any better.

His men ushered us to the changing room. It was a street fight, there was no need to change, obviously the room served a different purpose. It was a lock up, for us to wait for the next match. 

"What the fuck Fred. I'm going to fucking die out there, or I'm going to have to kill some one it's so messed up!" I yelled at Fred. I was pacing back and forth. Until the hour was up, and Fred prepared me as best as he could for the fight.

The room was full of people, I was ushered to the cage. I already took off my shirt. I was just wearing my jeans. Fred was on my corner waiting on me, he looked nervous.

But my head were somewhere else, these Russian guys are scumbags. I didn't know how we were going to get away from them.

My opponent entered the cage. He was huge, muscles built like a body builder. He was out of my weight range. We shouldn't even be paired for a match. 

I look at Fred, as he was looking more and more worried when he saw my opponent. That was my first mistake, as he punched me in the gut with a sheer force that throw me back to my corner. I struggled to get up, as the crowd cheered for me.

Then I kicked him in the sheen, knowing that there were no rules in these street fights. And punching his hulk like body was a waste of my energy. He instantly slumped to the ground as I quickly continue to hit him on the neck.

Then I heard a woman screamed, as she was being held by Igor.

Shit! Is this guy in the same mess as me?

He looked at the woman as she cried her eyes out. I looked at him but then he came towards me like he just found a new surge of power. He punched me in the face hard, then throw me down and pinned my shoulder.

"Gave up man! I need you to stay down. Or I'm going to have to kill you. I'm in this too fucking deep."

"I can't...I'm...also...in...deep shit here!" I struggled my words, while he was cutting off my airway.

The fight went on for a couple of more rounds. The referee cared just about the time, and nothing else. There were no rules, we were bare knuckled. We were just given some hand wraps, and thrown in the cage.

I know he wasn't a boxer, from his lack of endurance. He was tired already from just a couple of rounds. If I could just keep on dodging his punches for more time, I could actually knock him out.

Then I lost my footing, while he tried to punch my jaw but my got my arms instead as I quickly shield my face with them. I fell down, and he straddle me and started punching me. I was almost done when the referee separate us, as it was the end of another round.

This went on for another round, he was slowing his movement down. He was getting tired, that was my window, as I quickly throw him repetitive punches. He fall down and I kept on hitting him, he was almost out as I saw Dimitri signing me to kill him, with his finger crossing his neck.

What the fuck??!

Then he mouthed and pointed me to look at Fred. He was being held by one of Dimitri's guy. He was holding a gun to Fred's back side.

God damn...!

I didn't know how I manage to do it. But I did it. I killed the guy.

I was numbed, I couldn't even feel my bruises. I felt dead, I killed a guy as his woman screamed and cried wildly from the other corner, while the crowd cheered for my victory.

I let Fred took me back to my place. We didn't say a damn word, he knew what he got ourselves into. He knew what he made me do.

I fucking killed a guy...

I fucking killed a guy...

I fucking killed a guy...

I kept on chanting the words in my mind, hoping it was all a dream. 

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