11 11. Letting Out Steam

I left her place again with another unpleasant feeling. The talk was interrupted with an emergency call from her office. She have to leave immediately, she offered me to stay but I said no, telling her that I've got to get to the club, and meet Fred in a couple of hours.

But then I decided to leave early and let out some steam. So I went from her place, straight to the boxing club. Fred called me minutes after I arrive at the club, saying that he couldn't make it tonight. Something about meeting a guy for a potential gig. I told him to go and meet the guy and make sure that he got the gig.

I was doing my stretching, then my conditioning, when my playlist got interrupted by an incoming call.

"Congratulation Gary..." Kamaria was on the other line.

"... you are now the first, on the highest tip earner list. I'm not going to even ask how. Just go check your balance you will be surprised. I'll see you at the office tomorrow then, if not just text me." We ended the call after few minutes of conversation, regarding my administration job.

I checked my account balance afterwards and cursed, making Walt looked at me. "You okay there?" He asked.

Walt was always the big brother to all the boys that trained here. He had been with us for quite a while. People said he had a really dark past, but he never shared his story. He would mostly listen to our problems, he was just one one those people.

"Yeah, kind of...shit. I thought I need to let out some steam, but I'm not in the mood anymore. Damn, woman issues Walter..." I told him, as he sat next to me and chuckled.

"Yeah, me too...you want to grab a coffee or something stronger? I got cigars in my locker. Come on dude, let's get out of here..."

It was like offering a candy to a kid. I went with him to the nearest bar, as we drown ourselves in beers. "Shit, I must really get in shape for my next match." I told him, as we laughed over some stupid joke, he told me earlier.

"She's really something isn't she? I've never saw you like this. You always looked focus on your training. You've got the most wins at the club." He asked as we light our cigar and started puffing out smoke.

"Older woman Walt, have you ever been with one? She's so fucking sexy and beautiful, I could never get enough of her."

"Wow, how old dude? I've never pegged you to be the type." He laughed but, then paused waiting for my reply.

"She's thirty five, and filthy rich. I'm not comfortable with this kind of things..." I told him honestly.

"Wow...that's not old, I'm thirty two dude, you're just too fucking young. How old are you? Twenty five?"

"Four, I'm twenty four."

"Well, we thirties people are the best." He smirked and looked at me smugly.

"We know what we want, and obviously more experienced sexually. But hey, seriously...just take it easy Gary. Live your life, don't take things too seriously. If she's loaded and wanted to buy you things, it's just because she can. Just stop worrying too much. It's not like you're going to marry her. You're still so fucking young. Live a little..." He told me as he puff out another smoke.

"Maybe you're right. Shit... Walt, you're giving me bad influence here. You're the big brother, you should give us better advise." I laughed but his words were seeping trough my thoughts as we talked more about his problems and other mundane stuff.

I went back to my place after that one glass of beer. I decided to get wasted at home, and think more about what I was going to do with her money.

I was just having my third glass of whiskey at my place, when her call came in. I was getting drunk and wasted, I was thinking of taking the day off tomorrow.

"Hey..." I answered her call. I was being young, stupid and drunk. I was just so fucking irritated. My life was boring last week, and I like my boring life. Now I felt like I was in a fucking movie. Too many issues in too little time, definitely not my style. I just need to get this over with.

I've decided on my third glass that I would use her money and fucking pay the Russian and then back to my boring life.

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"Gary, you haven't been answering my text. Where are you?" She asked with her sexy voice.

Mm...I'm getting hard. Maybe it's this damn whiskey.

"Home...I can't text, my hands don't coordinate very well with the liquid I'm ingesting right now. But I got your money though. Thanks. I'll pay those Russians tomorrow."

"Gary...you're drunk."

"Yeah, but I'm home, I'm a responsible drunk...err...maybe a cheap drunk...but hey, I'm good. I got your money to bail me off from those Russian so thanks..."

"Gary, stop drinking..."

"Yeah? How are you going to make me do that? Fuck it Megan! This is my fucking life. I should be able to control my own fucking life without anybody wanting to pay me off." I was really upset with her. She was paying me off knowing that I was already not comfortable with the idea of it.

She was silent she didn't say anything, as I kept on babbling about wanting control over my life.

"Gary, just sleep it off. We will talk again tomorrow." She told me and hang up seconds later.

I was feeling the guilt now, as I talked to her harshly. I kept on blaming the alcohol, but deep down I know it was something else. I just didn't know what it was. I kept on drinking my whiskey, as I was getting more upset after her call. I deliberately finish my bottle and stayed up, just because she told me to go sleep it off. I smirked in the dark, while I wallowed at myself. Cursing my stupid brother for getting me into this mess.

Tomorrow I'll be good.

Tomorrow I'll be paying off the Russians. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to being boring.

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