10 10. The Ugly Truth

The next morning, I went to work as usual. I was relieved to see Kamaria was out of the office until late afternoon today, I really didn't want to discuss yesterday's lunch with Megan yet.

I texted her, saying that I had another lunch appointment with Megan. She gave me smiley emoticon on her text, telling me to go get her. I sent her a smiley and text her back and telling her that I will for sure.

I was actually nervous coming to her place today, I didn't even know why. She was just a client, if she wanted to know, I should've just tell her then continue fucking her and build a rapport as Kamaria told me to do.

This was my father's doing. He raised us up to be a strong male character, though he could never hold a damn job more than six months, hence the hippy parents nickname that grandmother gave my folks, for always renting a place and moving anywhere my father's job took us to.

That was also why me and Fred were tight, because we never had best friends since we kept on changing public school, every time our beloved father got a new job.

I parked my bike and walk to her door. Then finally push the bell, and waited for her.

She opened the door minutes later. "Come in baby." She took my helmet and put it on the side table, and take my hand and put it on her ass. And finally close the door and locked us in. She kiss me deeply, making me moaned. Then she took it further by groping me, and feeling my bulge as I was getting hard for her.

"I've missed you Gary." She pulled my hand, and took me to her bed room.

Fuck! She's so fucking hot!

She pushed me to the bed, and stripped me naked in no time. "Baby, hands above your head. I want to play with you." She was lying sideways beside me, trailing her fingers lazily above my abs.

Her smile grew wider, as she saw my little guy raise up for the chance to play with her.

God damn!

I raised my arms above my head, following her demand.

"Very good my handsome pet." She whispered her sexy raspy voice in my ear. While she put one of her leg across my thigh, and spread me wider.

"Mistress, you're still fully dress. I like seeing you naked." I looked at her, wanting her so bad. I know the nickname would make her happy.

"Mmhh...points for the name calling. But no baby, this is my playtime and also your punishment for yesterday. I expect you to answer my question. But you dodged it, and actually went home with no explanation. So, when I strip it would not be for your pleasure."

Her voice rippled trough my ear making me moaned so hard. She was touching me with her dainty fingers, painted in deep red nail polish. I never knew her fingers alone could look so fucking sexy.


"You will not come until I told you. You will hold it until I decide to give your release. Now, be a good pet and say yes mistress." She licked my nipple, and stroked my shaft with more pressure than before.

Fuck! Fucking hell!

"Yes mistress..."

I moaned and thrust my hips upwards. She chuckled, and kissed me again. Then started stripping her self naked. She was right, her being naked was the real torture. And as if she could read my mind, she smirked at me and kissed me again, while intentionally grazing her tits to my chest.

"Oh my fucking God..." I moaned louder, as the anticipation was building up.

"Now, tell me about the bruises." She rested her head on my shoulder and kissed it. While her other hand kept on stroking me, keeping me hard. I was edging so hard, and she knew it.

"My brother...he umm...he fixed my match... Then put bets with...ah...fuck...with some Russian thugs...I refused...so...mmm....so we owed them money...ah fuck...mmm...they beat us to...make...sure we remember...to pay...fuck! That's it. Mistress please let me come, I'm so fucking close."

She looked at me and shook her head no. I moaned and clenched my jaw tighter.

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Mother fucking GOD!!

It was torture, but I was getting more aroused at the thought of being controlled by her.

"Why not asked your grandmother?" She asked as she opened her drawer for a bottle of lube, and  started to lubricate my shaft. I was moaning louder as she played me expertly. I was edging again and again.

"Ahhh....fucckkk...grandmother, no...I don't...mmm...shit...I don't want to be owned by...mmm...her money...so I'm doing this baby thing...ahh...then back to my administration....mmm....job and my boxing...mistress please..." I was so fucking wet from the lube, she easily stroked me and taking me so high.

Then she kissed me deeply, I was moaning louder as she put on a  condom for me and straddle me. She whispered to wait for her instruction, she was on top of me and was riding me hard and fast. I was begging her to let me come, I was so fucking close. I had been edging for over an hour now. She keep on taking me up and down, constantly keeping me on the edge.

"Now! Come for me Gary baby." She climaxed and I followed seconds later.

I bucked my hips to hers as I came so hard. "Thank you mistress." I moaned my words roughly.

"You made me so proud baby. You hold on quite well for your first time. And you remember to thanked me, I'm impressed. Come let's take a quick shower, then we will have lunch."

We had our lunch while talking about the Russian. "I'm just saying, I'll give you the money now so you don't have to get beat up again." She told me as she ate the meal.

"If I wanted fast money, I'd get it from grandmother. No...I'm making my own." I told her.

Shit! This is not going to end well.

"Right, and this is how you make yours." She looked at me, arching her eyebrow challenging me.

Right there and then, we had our first argument. She wanted to pay me off, knowing my thing about grandmother.

"Fuck this Megan!" I got up and was about to leave her.

"Sit! Gary, I'm not going to say it twice." Her voice was stern making me hard instantly.

What the fuck?!! Dude! Seriously!

I sat back down and waited for her to talk. I was clenching my jaw. She hit me in the right spot. I was doing this sugar baby thing for the fast and easy money.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

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