3 Too sweet

After the meeting day I didn't see them much,I spent most my time setting up our things that were yet in boxes or travel bags. Do the laundry and exploring a little the neighborhood, locating the most commonly shops I will need (supermarket, pharmacy...) Google helps me a lot but is not accurate enough some stores had changed and didn't have any actual information.

I'm not a very fancy person but I realize that I have to work on it to make my coverage responsibilities more accurate. Like wearing makeup and going to a hairdresser to arrange my image a little because right now it looks really bad, a messy ponytail underneath my black rain hat and a face mask covers most of my features. I put on my contacts today just to go outside so the rain doesn't disturb me because my gasses get wet or fogged. I can't see that well without them just everything 20 centimeters away starts to blurry and become a palette of colors in the distance.

Today the rain was giving times off enough for small errands so I went down with Liam ready to go out and bring him with me I went to the boys place and looked for them but apparently the only ones were working on the genius' lab probably can't hear me ask for entrance but much to my surprise a very flushed Yoongi opened up abruptly enough to startle us a little I petted Liam hair so he could calm before focusing on him.

I have the habit to not to look straight to the eyes but focusing on the mouth and nose, is good enough to have a small interaction but he was so red that. I quickly checked him up like I do with my son and his glossy eyes, slightly wet hair around his ears and nape ... I launched my hand right to his forehead.

It was a very rude movement so he held my wrist at the last moment. But my mothery habits maneuver to get my right wrist plastered on his forehead and my left one on his nape. He was boiling hot.

-woah!-he said as he stepped back to scape the contact.

-Bo,bo,bo!- Someone said as he dropped something . We turned to see Jimin and Jungkook petrified in the corridor looking at us with very open eyes in surprise and shattered papers at their feet.

- He is boiling in fever- the ones in the corridor looked to each other to understand me but Yoongi started to said something to them and tried to get out of there without being touched.

But I grabbed him as rude as you could imagine so he turned around to drop my hand off and Liam punched his leg saying no because he was being aggressive towards me.

- Go take a shower, no buts - I commanded and picked up Liam, grabbed one of the other boys sleeves for him to follow me to the kitchen.

I gestured him to wait and got a pen and notebook from my coat that was resting on a chair next to Liam's coat. I wrote down a list of things in English and handed it to him he looked confused for a moment before he realized what was happening.

Jimin came in with his papers asking what was going on and Jungkook explained it in Corean so both of them collected the items I asked for. I asked them if Yoongi was doing what I ordered before meanwhile I was scanning their kitchen to get some ingredients to make a porridge and ginger tea.

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I didn't ask for permission or anything, Liam was watching videos on my smartphone as we moved around. As I cooked the guys bring everything they have in my list and some other of them came out of their rooms with one of the items or because of the ruckus we made.

I told Namjoon what was going on, as soon as he came back from outside with Mr Park and the guy who is always with them when they go out to work. He translated and all of them looked like this was a big trouble so I asked why the scene.

They seemed to doubt if I should know about it.

- Probably he was feeling bad for a while but he just cover everything up so nobody could discover it, he doesn't like to be an hindrance to the group so he sort everything by himself. Most of the time is ok but when he is really ill is difficult to handle him. - Mr Park said.

Namjoon went to his room to check him up but he wasn't willing to open the door of his room. He came back helplessly but didn't said a word, Yoongi remained me of Darren he was like that too so I gestured them to keep an eye for Liam as I asked for Yoongi's room.

I could feel their gaze on me as I went there, slightly noise came from inside so I knocked firmly at the door, he said something in Corean that I didn't understood but I knocked again without a word, something was being said from inside. Probably something improper as it sounds and the guys watching from a distance, I knocked once more time without a word so he was getting angry or annoyed by it. After five times off it, he abruptly opened and I made my way inside before he could react. He was wearing just his towel but I came in even if I noticed the tips of my ears to start to burn. I opened up his closet and looked for a clean pijamas, he was very laud and tried to stop me when I was to pick some undies from his drawer.

- Dress up and come to the kitchen please- I said seriously

- Or what- he responded automatically, his statement was so menacing

- you don't want to know that- I said, got chin up looking straight to his still glossy eyes and wet hair. He straightened and tried to scare me getting closer but I realize that it doesn't scare me, he doesn't, even if he is varely taller and a handsome man; my eyes were focused on his face.

He smiled mischievously.

- Make me- he dared me so close that our noses almost touched and I felt his breath over my lips as he said it. Some of the boys made an scene at the door so he turned around to brag.

Without thinking my patience blow out of the window and I grabbed his ear from behind and his towel with the other hand. In a swift movement he was pretty much naked showing his friends the front so they scrambled out of sight but still grabbing painfully his ear he got dressed asap and we left the room.

Jin was taking care of the porridge in the stove as he talked with the ones who made more noise because I stripped Yoongi. He was flushed and I left his ear.

- sorry for bothering you these much but someone here was being a brat.- The laughter ended as son as Yoongi opened his mouth it sounded like something I heard before but couldn't recognize.

Jin was to burst into tears of laughter any moment so he picked up a water bottle to calm down. Yoongi went to sit on the sofa where Liam was and after a second he gladly put my son on his lap to stare at whatever he was showing him on my phone.

I made the ginger tea and offered it around, when the porridge was done I served some for Yoongi and bring it to the coffee table. Liam was taking his nap the older was looking my photos on my phone he was about to move and say something but it was ok, probably Liam was showing up his father to him he always liked pictures and his father used to send clips for him so Liam could hear his voice when he couldn't make it to come back home from work.

I settled everything down and picked Liam so he could sleep on the couch and Yoongi was free to move. - humm you.... wife?- at least he tried to ask

- We never married but he was my husband to me- I answered slowly.

- umm...and they?- he was looking at the other people in the picture.

- His relatives but they don't live in the same country as we were- he looked confused but Namjoon translated for them and got my silent permission to look at the photos. -He died not long ago but it wouldn't make a difference if I live here or there anymore, we were the ones who traveled around to visit our families -

I answered some more questions about it but nothing uncomfortable to tell, they are very nice guys and they noticed the age gap between us so were much more cautious and respectful towards me. But in my case I didn't learn to be so formal and correct all the time, I commented it so they were more comfortable having us around all day long.

Yoongi ate carefully and let me check him up. He was still feverish so Jin read with attention the small boxes of medicine before hand one for him to take. Jimin checked it briefly over Yoongi's shoulder and was very focused on his well-being. It was very good to see them take care of each other, felt family like.

I distracted myself looking at the weather as carefully cleaned up. Liam wouldn't wake very soon now and it was raining heavily again outside, but I needed to get food today still ,so mentally planned what to do.

-Thanks...- a rough voice said, it was Namjoon. I didn't noticed him - he is very difficult to handle when is ill, I'm sorry- I couldn't help my smile to that sentence.

- Darren was the same, he has to be the strongest and rudest for some reason...Darren was Liam's dad- I added as I noticed he didn't know about who I was talking.

- We are going to order something for dinner, would you like to be our guest? - I was honored so acepted the offer, Liam can ate everything I choose for him. I finished cleaning up the kitchen and went to check on Liam but he wasn't on the couch. Looking around I saw Yoongi carrying him to his room I suspected. I followed them discretely as the others planed what to order for dinner.

I helped them go to bed surprised that Yoongi was capable to sleep with his face mask on. I wasn't worried about Liam, he was a very healthy child and never caught a flu when his father or I were sick. Yoongi looked at me but didn't said anything, his eyes were watering up so I petted his head as I usually do to my son.

To me he was very caring, his actions were educated but his mouth was crude today. I used to see videos about them out of curiosity and because was very entertaining to watch and funny. His hair was very fluffy but strong compared to my son.

Someone closed the door and I realize I shouldn't be here like that but he grabbed me because I stopped my lullaby movement.

-I must go for the best, I don't know...- He said something in response but realize that I didn't understood what he wanted

- Its okay, they love me - I know that but I didn't want to have problems with my employer we didn't have other opportunities out there like this time. But his pleading eyes were to much to handle; I'm very soft hearted sometimes.

Loud conversation approached the door and Yoongi waked up handed Liam to me carefully and signaling the closet I quickly get in to hide. He made his way to the bathroom when the door was opened unceremoniously, someone came in, I didn't know who was him but Yoongi just greeted him.

The was talking nonsense to me because it was all Corean but suddenly Yoongi opened a little and started to change clothes as if I wasn't there. Every inch of him was nice,even though I tried not to stare but couldn't help myself and checked him up briefly before they left the room.

I waited there I actually made us comfortable there. Someone came in and I didn't move until I heard a very soft Hanna. So I lightly revealed were I was. Jin helped me out and left the room with a hat in his hand I heard the boys voices playing rock paper scissors they play that a lot so I didn't need to translate to known what was going on. Some minutes later Hoseok's hand was in sight so I carefully came out of the room I was unexpectedly sandwiched between Jimin and Hoseok so they completely hide my frame from behind and others followed all the way back to my apartment. Their colognes remained on me, my legs wobbly now that I could relax and Liam started to wake up were I left him.

I changed my clothes to a comfortable attire and washed my face, I tried no to think about it. It was surreal, to calm myself I applied a peel off mascara and returned to Liam so I would give him a snack so he doesn't get hungry before dinner time.

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