17 Spitfire

The days run through the calendar and I was setting my electronic agenda to get alarm on the ones that needed to be done at the right time. Yoongi came fumming with his bodyguard on toe, the man didn't know what to do to calm down the musician.

Apparently someone took his precious guitar from the official car and now the company had to check what had happened, they noticed some other things that were always there were misplaced but didn't disappeared into thin air.

The whole car also got a intense smell of perfume and none of the team recognized the aroma, he had to change his therapy schedule in the last minute and wait until the security team decided to drive the guys in another vehicle as Yoongi and his driver had to explain to the police what had disappeared and to check properly the so he would notice some other things that were left there.

By the hour he arrived, I thought that he got bar news about his shoulder but as he clearly showed to his bodyguard a piece of his mind. I understand that he was furious and the security team failed him but he needed to chill and cool his mind.

I prepared enough coffee to wake up a dozen people and brought some for them, it was hot but I had ice cubes in a little bowl if they wanted.

- Mr Min can I have a minute of your time?- he stopped and looked to me like I was crazy but I nodded and he nodded slowly scared to cut the visual hi had of me. I turned and waited for him in front of the door to my apartment. Today Liam was in the kindergarten all morning for the first time so I have time enough before lunch to work properly. Yoongi stopped for a second before following me to my apartment and to the terrace I grabbed the blanket and went outside. He doubtful came outside, it was cold and windy and I didn't said anything as he waited a moment before he decided to ask about what I want.

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_ So I'm Mr.Min now?- he asked

- I don't know what happened to the Yoongi that went diligently to his therapy session for his shoulder to survive the pain of moving again his arm, because that exasperated man that came in is totally unknown to me -

- They somehow permitted that someone took my guitar, rummage our things and wear our clothes, it was time enough to stole and they didn't noticed it!-

- I understand, but it isn't a excuse to drag your poor bodyguard in the uncomfortable situation because he is always by your side and he probably is ashamed of his team but what Iheard from you as you came in... - He was more calm now so I put the blanket around him - I think you should ask for forgiveness for your latest rude words and make people understand how precious is to feel safe with their work and how much money people is capable to pay to have something that is from BTS. I seriously doubt that the one that took your guitar had the intention of selling it because as I varely understood of your speech is that only part of your things were missing, someone who could be driven in your car and had the time to rummage around without calling the security team attention... they would find the culprit but in the mean time be more concerned about how do you act when you're .... how are you exactly?-

He was a little taken about my suden question but after a peek to his eyes he turned around and left me alone.

I breathe in before check my clock and it was almost time to go for Liam, I rummaged in my bag to make sure that I have everything that I need because after the ruckus the security will close up again until the case is resolved .

I know that the urbanization is a company location and even if the fans have some details revealed they doesn't really know the exact location of the artists and also know that in this kind of place also rich families had houses and company workers have to live here. I always speak in other languages when I exit the perimeters and someone came to me asking questions but I don't answer them and as quickly as I can go on my way without looking back.

Liam was smiling as he played outside with the other kids, they were running around so they wouldn't be cold as the parents waited our turn to get our child. Today was raining and I didn't have to do any errands outside so I only brought a big umbrella to cover us properly and walk faster back to the apartment.

The apartment was silent when I arrived and also everything was dimmed in some way. I left our coats to dry as Liam searched for his little piano to play with the buttons and move with the programed beats. Taehyung have brought his dog today and asked to babysit for a while as they walked the pet around the building, the rain stopped and the sun was trying to come out through the clouds. He seemed enjoying having the dog around so I prepared him to go back out before until it rains again or the sunset starts.

I decided on the menu for dinner since all the boys have to eat balanced and Namjoon has to skip some ingredients at night. I was setting everything in the working area of the kitchen, I washed all the veggies and cut them for the diferent recipes. The soup was boiling as I carefully added the ingredients in order so nothing was overcooked but got the soft texture that they should have. Jungkook came following the smell of food but he thought that Jin or Hoseok were around. Hoseok kissed my cheek as I stirred something, the guys setting the table made him blush and huf because the affection he was showing.

Yoongi came as he was on the phone, but as soon as he finished his call he threw the machine, the device slides on the floor until reached the nearest wall we all looked speechless as he said something I couldn't understand but Namjoon worried came to him to understand what happened. At first Yoongi didn't want to say anything but I dropped a lid and he looked on my direction startled and huffed before coming to take a seat and talk properly about it.

Apparently the artist that have been pressuring him work her was the one that took his guitar from the car, I thought she was from another company but since the one were we worked assumed her company business by contract she was being driven in one car that can came in the urbanization were BTS lives. She said that she wanted to put the big case she was carrying on the car by herself because it was delicate and off course nobody suspected what was inside when she was driven back to her home.

They are very traditional on non disturb the artists especially women because it could become a problem later.So nobody did anything as she closed the shield between the driver and the back seats. Of course didn't disturbed her as she loaded and took her case from the car.

The company didn't wanted to report it yo the police and wanted to solve the problem behind the public eye. He was more than angry but he tried not to look to me as he took his time to tell the situation from the start and he didn't even know what happened to his guitar, since all artists are busy with Christmas projects the company wouldn't settle the deal until both parties are free to solve the problem and bring the guitar back or pay for the damages.

I felt his voice trembling as he said the last words the group decided that they wouldn't want to work with her in the future no matter what were the results. Yoongi varely ate as the others talked about the incident and wished that she values the intense love the have for the instrument they had bought to practice with. The got attached to their items because they worked hard to live from their music and a can't imagine how much he asked that guitar because I remember how much he cared about everything he

have in the studio, he values more than everything else because he can't imagine his doing other things that isn't related to music.

I told him that I would take a look to his surgery scars to see if he needed any moisture for his skin because he can see very well his back side, after cleaning up and Liam sleeping peacefully in his bed I walked down again to see his shoulder some of the boys wanted to look at the scars too but others doesn't do well seeing how much he was hurt because the accident.

His skin was pale and smooth like porcelain I helped him to take of his pijamas and compared the skin in both sides of he shoulders but it was almost healed from the outside, the scars were baby pink and the skin was a little dry on his left side. The more noticeable change was the unbalanced diference between his arms one was muscledand defined but his left one was just skinny and tense and he would protect it from any suden movement. I put some generous amount of moisturizer in his shoulder carefully and for his arm another one that will feel warm after a few minutes as his skin will absorb it. He dressed up again and I helped to close the buttons.

- Try to concentrate on your recovery to be able to go on the stage as soon as possible, we will be there for you if you want and focus on one project at time. The company values you guys too much to let anyone else go without a proper solution. I will put my hands to help you so go and sleep tight- he nodded half confused hs eyes were glossy and his nose was more pinky now , suddenly I realized we were left alone.

A little bit concerned about it I stepped back to give him more space but he came closer again, we looked into each other eyes, in my case waited for him to voice if needed something else but he only bites his lower lip before going to his room. I felt my cheeks burn because that was a very sexy gesture even if did it unconscious of my reaction.... oh my dear! I'm such a girl sometimes.

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