8 She wolf

It was surprisingly odd to see Mr Park being so demanding and almost glaring someone. This time it was tiny gril probably one well known this days but to me is difficult to guess. Ruined our little fun photo session I went to my apartment to give Liam a warm bath so he didn't fall asleep with the makeup on, I was unsure to go back down but I really wanted to see Hocus-pocus tonight with all the snacks that I had prepared this morning.

It was ridiculous to give up on the film, it was easy to understand and summarize what Halloween was celebrated for. Down everyone was on their phones but nobody could rescue Yoongi from the woman that was talking nonsense as he made a poker face and answered with sounds that couldn't be considered words at all. Mr Park was unexpectedly fired on his call, his disappointment was something I didn't imagined possible.

The girl made herself at home, even Taehyung who is the most easy going of the seven was on the berge of running away from her. My curiosity about her was reaching a new level because they never seems to care about rumors going on with the artists they work with before and she probably did something similar before so they have this kind of attitude .

After spending some time setting my DVD on their devices to watch it, some got the food ready and helped me to understand the instructions to start the film but nobody got the hint that we weren't properly introduced until she stopped my movements and started to speak towards me something I couldn't understand but probably wasn't nicely said I politely bowed and told her that I don't speak Corean before taking a seat comfortably on the carpet using the sofa as support and handed Liam something healthy to eat during the film.

She out of nowhere pulled Yoongi with her to seat on the sofa next to me but he decided to take place like me(we had her skinny legs between us )Tae was as far away of the girl she could and the rest scattered around the room just cose enough to watch the TV. We had to wait for someone from her company to came here and go back with her because didn't seem she would come like that.

She was very beautiful, but nobody was like usual. I noticed she wasn't interested on the film and asked Taehyung to hold Liam because he wanted to be over Yoongi's lap but got scared of the sudden movements the girl did when he tried to get a hold of Yoongi.

He cried a little but Taehyung new how to calm him down. Mr Park jumped from his seat when someone came to fetch the woman, everyone seemed to relax but she suddenly turned around, almost stepped on my hand to get her purse from the sofa. Yoongi was trapped there and she was about to fall flat over him but I realized it helped her.

She abruptly took my hands off saying whatever she wanted before she finally was gone. The boys tried to hold their laughter but cracked out as soon as she left the apartment.

The film ended quickly because it doesn't last much but I was curious about what happened today.

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Her company is very difficult to handle because they don't believe the work they do is as good as everyone else see it. The girl is the daughter of someone important there and she is very promoted as a model but she always wanted to become an Idol so from time to time she managed to get other companies to help her. It wasn't the first time she attempted to deal with their company but every single employee had been informed not to permit such behaviors between artists alone. Everything has to be done with a particular context or contract so none of the artists could be damaged because they would need to meet frequently.

Last time Taehyung got burned for months because a comment she published, everyone believes he has a secret family and is such a womanizer to cover it. Even was reported from her company because she said he wanted something sexual with him. Fortunately lies die fast because they never were alone and they could demonstrate that never happened. So today Yoongi was trapped by her, but fortunately I was there too so she didn't got the opportunity to say something bad about them or particularly about him.

He can socialize with female artists but not like this one. They were thrilled that he was so natural around me but probably he noticed I am very cool and calm compared to the women they work with.

We talked long enough about how they worked, how they consider themselves and What they have learned about me and my work.

Jungkook and Jimin were sleeping peacefully and Liam too so I carefully bought him to his bed and came back to help with the cleaning. I might took more time than I thought because there wasn't much for me to do. Hoseok and Namjoon had a little conversation with me because they wanted to check on Yoongi but actually was a difficult task to them because they can see he was disturbed about the girl .

I was wondering what to do but decided not to pursue any further activities that may take the opposite effect on him .

I hummed as I collected the DVD and tried to control the TV. I was properly messing around with it so he finally came on my rescue. He was behind me.

All my body was alerting me about his presence but I didn't dare to move. He asked for the remote control but I turned around to properly see his face before hand it. His face was puffy and his neutral expressions were failing him.

He was upset but was trying to hold everything inside. I thanked his help and wanted to pat his shoulder but stopped myself in the air ; he probably didn't enjoy the contact really. I was about to say my good nights after a pause.

I felt crushed before he sobbed almost in silence. Jin entered the room and stopped . I didn't moved but Yoongi must realized what he was doing and scrambled out as if I had burned him. The only thing I could do was stare Jin back. We were on a parallel dimension for a moment because Yoongi had hugged me .

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