6 Purple prince

In the afternoon I was left alone, everyone has duties outside and Liam was sleeping peacefully after lunch. I cleaned our apartment quickly, and went downstairs to clean up there too.

I decided to start the big TV they have to see something I could understand as I did my duties. It wasn't long to clear everything that was out of place so I started the robot, I need to check the stock of food before I order it. The weather was horrible enough to give up on going outside with Liam.

After looking around the kitchen, I looked at my notes to not forget anything and went to my apartment to translate everything so I could make the order properly. I was given instructions were to order food and submit everything under my name. I was totally focused on my task that didn't noticed that someone has arrived.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and got startled until I focused on the brunette beside me. It was Hoseok his hair was darker than this morning, he had heavy makeup on.

- Ahh... sorry I didn't notice you- He answered that it was fine and asked me what I was doing. I was having problems to get the order done so he helped a lot and I make sure to memorize all the steps so I could do it properly in the future.

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The application said the order will be ready by tomorrow to deliver it to us. Liam called me and I went to pick him up. Hoseok was looking around and we started to chat about my apartment and the terrace or garden as Mr Park liked to call it.

We had a tea as Liam tried to feed Hoseok with his snack. We spent most of the time playing there and were noisy enough, every one that arrived came to check out. Jimin and Yoongi came in to say hi. Their hair style was dark too, and thier makeup was very pale so they looked flawless like mannequins.

My apartment is small and it was difficult to accommodate so many tall people there, so we went downstairs to wait for the rest of the boys. Today everyone got a haircut, color , makeup and clothing to be successfully approved by the company to do their new promotion of his latest album.

They tried to tell me how was the process done, they showed me the photos they have made during the afternoon. Everything was chosen carefully before they do a photo session and it could take longer if the clothing was needed for performance or dance because it has to match the concept and be comfortable enough to do their choreography.

We had the dinner ready when the tallest boys of the group came back home. It was difficult to find something that doesn't look small for them to wear. They freshend up before dinner so everyone had removed properly their makeups and were on more comfortable clothes.

Meanwhile we ate I asked if they would need help to clean their room or bathroom because they would be very busy this days. Some really needed help but others were good having their stuff in order. But nobody would want to have their laundry done by someone else.... maybe was something cultural that I wasn't aware jet.

I organized the timetable for the week so I could make meals for the ones at home or just have my time to myself. I decided It was the perfect time to start a routine were I would start to properly progress on my Corean and learn everything I needed to prepare Liam to live here and no to tell everyone that he lives with famous people. It will be a long process because he also has to learn what is common instead of what he had been experiencing in his short lifetime.

The day was long enough but today more than ever I noticed my insomnia . It was years ago when I recognize that problem but after a few visits to a therapist and finish an insane relationship it was rare to feel that I didn't have the peace of mind to sleep at night. However , tonight I was stressed moving here with Liam was a mountain of work not because my situation but because I would teach him to hide his reality because nobody can discover that he lives with BTS, that I work for them and that is very dangerous to tell his future friends or classmates and teachers the truth like any child does.

Out of nowhere just under my room I could feel the frustration of someone on his piano. In the silence of the night I could hear it, the instrument had a beautiful sound despite the continuous stops and starting over. It was a very melodic combination of notes. Thanks to that I found a way to forget any worry and to have a good rest that night.

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