13 New calendar

December startet with really good weather. The sun honored us with his presence but winter was around the corner so after 5 pm the temperature dropped drastically to reach some grades under zero on Celsius scale.

I have little decorations and a very small plastic tree enough to get the touch of the celebration at home and also something Liam would like and if it's ruined by him playing around it doesn't really matter. The gifts are pretty and I decided to have them around so my apartment looks really decent with the small decorations.

I was wondering on the street were I could find some nice candles but in this area mostly beauty stores, sports centers and clothing stores. I walked around for half an hour before I found were to buy the candles. Liam was sleeping peacefully warmed in his strolling device. Also next to that store was a bakery and I could buy a little cake.

The group was super excited with the next presentation they were filming lately and Jin's birthday was in the middle of it so I bought the cake if the staff couldn't make it on set.

His new song is pretty and I have it engraved because he is singing it around all they long.

I also ordered cakes for Christmas and Jungkook birthday, because it would be impossible to find one in the last minute. I was wondering when Yoongi was going to come back because he was calling the guys very often.

Once at home I cleaned up everything and thanked the man that helped me bring back all the clothes from the dry cleaning store I didn't want to ruin anything doing the laundry as I made mine.

I set Liam with his toys and got my phone to see the pictures to sort out the clothes so each member would have the correct clothes back. Here the cleaning stores do it properly in 24 hours so it's perfect to help them when they are really busy like now the rest I can do it normally by myself so they have ready rooms to relax after long days of hard work.

Hoseok surprised me once with flowers when all week his room was fresh and his laundry done so he could just relax at home.

I was wondering how to record the final results of MMA because each presentation was filmed before hand so nobody could enjoy the other people presentation until it was on air tonight. Same thing will happen with MAMA gala that was after tomorrow at night time.

I made some light food so they could eat something if they couldn't during the day. I got startled when someone came in and it wasn't on the time I remembered they would be back.

Yoongi smiled when he found me in the kitchen and Liam helped to mix something I gave him earlier. I greeted him and his driver. He petted our heads before desapearing into his room. when he came back with a small bag he told me to keep the secret from the guys.

And shortly after he left we just made a little clip with my phone were he was having a little bit off the birthday cake I bought.

I got everything ready and the boys started to arrive as expected they were changing before they eat.and we were expecting Jin to arrive but he decided to make a live for his birthday and called all the guys. At home we surprised him with the incomplete cake. I send the edited video to the group chat so they went crazy and looked for him but I made sure they couldn't recognize where and how it was made.

Some days later we were recording and watching the gala, some fell asleep before their presentation that was the latest,we were enjoying it wen in the edited results Yoongi was singing with them. Liam was running around because the boys were so noisy about it. I contacted him so he made his entrance at home and the members went crazy again. Yoongi was back here the group was complete again. Later they announced to the public that he was back, because always someone noticed their movements and couldn't wait to introduce the news to their fans.

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His activities weren't as I tense as the rest of the members after son consultation with his doctor Yoongi was ready to do some more specialized training for him and participated in some of the activities planned for the group. Mr.Park visit him before he would be more busy with projects and other activities. I was wondering how much he might miss being able to work because his actions, he is so happy to be here again that was smiling almost every minute of the day.

He varely noticed my presence as I walked into his laboratory, he would expend long hours there working, polishing the work he did at home and recording new melodies on his computer. I bring him his lunch and some water and was trying to clean around him a little so nothing would get dirty as he eats. He wanted more iced coffee but his doctor explained him against having that amount during his recovery time. I came in some time later with fresh water and Orange juice so he can drink it as he works, des sounds from his computer was great but it was just seconds long but sticky enough to humm it as soon as it finished.

His intense glance paralyzed my brain a little before I resumed my actions again but he wouldn't let me leave the lab. His hand was holding the door closed as He stood behind me. I turned my head towards him slowly and he was almost breathing next to my ear.

- Do it again- he said and I don't know what I did to be repeated in that moment.

- what?- I asked confused.

- come with me - ordered and sat me on chair and got earphones and a mic on before hd started his little melody again over and over.

I closed my eyes as repeatedly hummed the melody with different sounds, like na-na-na,ohh-ohh and some more he asked me to do.

I was enjoying it since Liam was already taking his nap and I checked on my phone he didn't even moved as he operated his computer.

When he was content with whatever he was doing, even me that doesn't know anything about music he started to rummage on some switches keyboard I was wondering what he was doing when someone abruptly came in.

If glares could kill I would be dead in that instant. Yoongi was totally focused on his computer and welcomed the intruder. Was that singer that wanted to work with him or someone from the group I couldn't remember her name to save my life.

I decided to leave so she wouldn't make a fuss because I was there with him alone even if it was helping him out. He suddenly got closer rolling his chair over mine. I was seated cross-legged so he posicioned his chair really close to humm in mic. I saw his lips moved next to frame in front of the mic, in my ear his sound was like a vibrant current that enters from my ears to make my heart beat at the same tempo he was producing.

I got goosebumps as he continued singing a melody without lyrics.I couldn't help myself when he repeated the melody, and patted my legs, clapped my hands and from time to time snap my fingers. At first I thought he was going to erase my essence by his cold glare but he snapped his long and white fingers at different times.

After what I thought that were mete seconds the phone of the pettit girl resonated lowder but was my call to get out the studio, collecting the empty bottles of water I regularly bring in for him.

I politely asked the recently bleached idol if she wanted anything but she dismissed me with a movement of his hand that was golden adorned and with long colored nails.

She was wearing a super long caramel jacket and all fit and black attire inside. Every thing looked super expensive from head to toe. I recognized the Prada logo of her stretch suede booties.

I found Mr.Park on the phone just outside the studio and bowed a little as he noticed my presence I did the same and moved one of the empty bottles and he mimic for a cup of coffee.

On my way to the kitchen I confirmed that Liam was sleeping peacefully, as I made coffee. I made an iced cup for Yoongi with a decaffeinated Arabic blend so he would be sleepy at night. I knocked on the door before Mr Park opened for me and I handed him the beverages before going back to my apartment.

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