24 I'm sorry love

It was a long time ago since a man had carried me around in such an intimate manner but he was just walking around holding onto me as if I was a gigantic teddy bear. He laughed a little when he tried to deposit me on my bed still standing so he had to kneel I was seated carefully with him between my legs.

I smiled to him and his cuteness as he patted a little my clothes so I wasn't dressing inappropriate for a moment before he realized what he was doing . I was wondering what crossed his mind to kiss me like that. He probably doesn't even know himself so I waited until he spokes.

- I am sorry.... I should.... - frustrated because he can't voice hes thoughts he covered his face with his hands.

- Why do you feel sorry? The kiss was wonderful - Yoongi suddenly made eye contact with me and I smiled a little so he seated more comfortable on the floor as I was still in the same spot and position.- I don't know why would you want to kiss me but now I know that tongue technology also do a great job in other areas and it's not just to sing your lyrics...- And again he goes and grabs me assaulting my mouth like there is no tomorrow.

Not sure if I should stop to eager follow his lead but I'm sorry love, his kisses are so good. He wanted to stop himself I could tell as he gets our mouths apart but a second later he is melting me with his talent to kiss. My hands wanted to hold and touch him but I tried not to get carried away . He has to come back to his senses and spill the beans.

My position wasn't the most comfortable since he was on the floor and I seated on my bed but I was refraining myself from jumping onto his lap and kiss him back without so much in my mind to stop this madness. I moaned quite louder (involuntary) as I tried to call his name but instead of giving him some opportunity to end it here he got up onto me so I scooped over my bed. I didn't wet too far as he came over and trapped me with his body. - Oh my G... Yoongi please....- I manage to say when he seems to be doing the same to stop but not that much. This time I could feel his body touching mine, his temperature was like lava to me, all my blood accelerated around my body so I couldn't help myself and waved it to obtain pleasure from that hard and toned body he owns.

- Jesus Christ! - was the only thing that came out as he bitted on my neck because I tried not to be so easy and captivated by his actions. His hips rotated and I almost dying to reach him lustfully.

- Its just me Hannah...- he said laughing and using his teeth again more into my shoulder this time. And I lost it, I'm not made of steel. I unbalanced him thanks to his weakness on his left arm he was working hard to get back his strength but not yet. He fell flat over me so he can notice my curved body molding on his and I captured his hips with my legs so he couldn't help the intimate contact. He tried to get a little up but I found how to hold his turtle neck down and sink my teeth in that pale skin. I sucked it but not hard enough to leave a mark, a part of my brain managed to remain me that he shouldn't have kiss marks.

His voice became husky, his breathing more noticed and he might be uncomfortable inside his pants since any movement to get free made him rub against me. - Hannah don't play dangerous games with me- he hissed leaving a wet trail with his tongue on my cleavage to my left ear. - I know I started and couldn't resist but I didn't pretend to get more than a chance on making you in love with me.- I let him go, frustrated but knowing that was the right thing to do.

- Yoongi... What do you want from me? - I said to the wall if I got to see an opportunity to blow up his mind he wouldn't be captable to leave my bed tonight. - I know my place- I finally said getting up and moving to my bathroom to see what he have done to me. I left the door open so h

we could talk as I changed my clothes to my pijamas. I had to take off my wet underwear since now it was uncomfortable and came back to the room and dressed a clean ones .

My pijama was big and long enough so he only saw the item go up my legs and disappear under black fabric. I looked at my hair and combed it a little as I get seated and turned around to talk with him. - I want to date you, that has been clear to them since you arrived... I mean I liked you but I know you would turn me down... And I usually can let the feeling of having a crush let be alone and forgetting it.-

- I know that if you guys want to date someone you will end doing something to make it possible, but I was told that the girls around you didn't had the lucky of hearing a word from you or the members but some got fired because they wanted more than what you wanted to give them.-

- I been turned down a couple of times and saw them fighting to get their crush attention, so in the end I refused to found something from the people that came to work with us....But I saw you.. They teased you, Jin even kiss you once but you just enjoyed it and forget it. Later nobody could say you were closer to anyone in special but ... I don't want to give up this time because I felt like part of me would die if you were hurting because that crazy woman...-

- I like you... not only you, because I like you wasn't interested on love again. Yoongi I'm sure that you have thought about it seriously before coming here tonight. But I don't know what to tell you. I'm older I have a son that will always come first and to you your work comes first because you guys need to find something to share your work even if the world stay in this situation were we can go back on the live we had a year ago....I know that people from different ages can have a long lasting relationship but right now we should be on the same page at least...I like you enough to consent to be....let's say kissed by you without thinking twice and to known each other better, but the most important it's that you don't feel bad if it's ruined or doesn't goes well for you...I learned how to manage when things goes bad and be a regular friend again supporting you and being happy for you... Can you please go slowly and calmed to find out if it's me the correct choice for you? because you probably want to have a family in the future or not I don't know but I can't offer you much, you will never imagine how I am until you take your time to learn about me from me, from what I do and how I act with other people. About what can happen between us like a second before well... let's say is a fantastic way to spend time together if we take care after each other and that even being careful it never totally safe...safety is don't letting anything happen -

- I didn't thought about all of that but I realize that if I don't at least try it I will regret it and probably other people around will try and that I can't leave it to happen...- He looked confused for a second before I hugged him in a comforting gesture.

- take it slowly, there is no rush. Yoongi you have learned a lot about yourself along with the rest of the members because being famous is probably a difficult thing to come to live with and better than me you understood that not everything is nice and pretty but there is a thing about me that I decided to be ... I respect myself and the ones around me I will be honest and loyal but I have bad sides too that I been working on to love myself a little more but I won't change for you or ask to change for me. The rest is the regular every one has.-

- so ...can we be together?- I stopped hugging him to look straight into his eyes

- if that is what you want go for and try to make your, I give you the green light to do as you please - he smiled a little but it didn't reached his eyes

- wait...What about you what do you want?... I'm not pressed too much ...I respect if you aren't...-

- Min Yoongi don't dare to say that you didn't noticed how much I enjoyed it, there is someone in heaven called out because of your actions and ...mmm- I felt his soft lips once again and also laughters and heavy footsteps but I managed to hold him in place

- I hope he delete that picture before I found him -

- he will delete it if you don't react to it , just tell him to save it so he could learn what kissing is -

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- you are to soft to them-

- They love you so everything is going to end well , go get some sleep I will try to do the same .... ah little Suga almost got me in my own bed, naughty, naughty...-

He blushed furiously and crushed me in a tight hug before going to his room. I closed my eyes making a wish for happiness.