10 Emergency

The beautiful maf that I usually see was now feet he worst pain I could imagine, his left arm was out of his place he was trying to grab it and get up. The pain was making him sweat and cry.

I helped him get up and walk to were the rest was. All motion camto a frozen state as they noticed us Jimin tried to grab his other side but the sound that Yoongi made was inhumane and he left us instantly. I walked him to the main room where and I helped him to lay down over the carpet, as the guys made some space for us.

- Namjoon call an ambulance asap and tell them he has dislocated his left arm...answer the questions that you know the answer and if you don't don't imagine say it clearly that you don't know - hi instantly went through his phone to make the call.

-Tae go to Liam's room and get a red bear with purple flowers and microwave it for 2 minutes at maximum power, run!! - He left Liam playing with his construction blocks and disappeared from the room.

- Jimin clothes for him, JK come here and help me, Hope call the company he needs to go to a hospital tell them we called an ambulance, Jin! scissors I have to cut his clothes. - Jungkook came to my side trembling I seated him over Yoongi's legs so he couldn't get up or turn around and placed one of hands on his right shoulder and the other over the chest so he was completely still. Jin gave me the scissors and I opened all his left side Namjoon came to my side and asked me if I knew how to get it back in place and I said that if it doesn't has rotated and was just out of place yes we will get it back to place, and to tell them exactly what I did and said.

1 touched softly his left shoulder we were lucky his arm was just hanging out of place, Namjoon and Hoseok changed phones as I tell them we could help him get his shoulder in place and to tell emergency what I was doing with his arm.

I focused on make Yoongi relax, Jimin came with a small bag and put it over the table they have moved. I told them to breathe and be calm, profesional help was coming and we were to release the pain but he would probably try to move because of the pain but he shouldn't because as soon as we could put his arm in place would be the best option.

I played 7the warm bear over his shoulder and made him to tell him what smell it has.

It was a lavander seed scented bear to warm the body. Yoongi relaxed and slowly I started to help him move his arms. First I asked him to lift his good arm over his head bto recibe the hurt one as I steadily lifted it being careful not to rot6ate it he can touch both hands over his head we took a second for him to gain strength and aI showed him the movement we needed to do to get his shoulder back in place.

He pulled his left arm over his head flexing it so his hand ended behind his head as if hi was trying to scratch between his shoulders blades and I was helping so his arm doesn't rotate as Jk maintained him laying flat on the carpet.

After a quick pause we started to move his left hand to reach his right shoulder from behind until we heard a popping sound and I let him relax in that position his arm was back in place and not even a minute later the ambulance has reached our building so Jimin and Jin hurried to get them. I asked Taehyung to hold Liam because they were to come in and carry him to the hospital.

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Namjoon was going with him to the hospital and apparently I had to go too because I have treated him so I got ready asap and the guys said they would take care of Liam. That scared me but it was the best option. Namjoon drove to the hospital because we couldn't go both in the ambulance and I don't speak Corean or can drive here.

We could wait with him in and small emergency room because they wouldn't do anything until they made some x-rays to see clearly the joint but Namjoon translated that we did a good job because his pain has decreased a lot and his arm was now in a natural position as he relaxed in the emergency bed.

When they came to get Yoongi we talked with a doctor explaining everything in detail so even how I found him and how much time hi was with the arm out of place.

The night was long as we waited for him to end his treatment. Mr.Park told us to cover up so the boys name wasn't around and identified us either. We had to came back home because the company will manage everything since the doctors confirmed we did a good job and they didn't need anything else from us.

The boys at home cheered when we arrived and were told that we helped him but he wasn't to come back tonight so the company will contact them directly. I gave my cto the boys soy they cloud contact me anytime so whoever got news from the company or Yoongi would inform the rest.

The next morning he came home around midday, he looked tired and pale with purple marks under his eyes. He said he was tired and he had to be operated in the end. Apparently it wasn't the first time that was a possibility but he was going to get the surgery done quickly this week before they started their new promotion.

The team was wondering how to redo the project because it will take some time before he could work with the group. Mr.Park wanted to ask me to assist them because the new circumstances they were planning to remain as planned as he could resist the hard drive for a new promotion because I couldn't manage much alone.

Of course I will do as much as I could but as he explains everything will be more difficult than planned before hand. We talked for a long time about what was the next step, someone would come to teach some Corean so I would learn how to read and write it on my own. Of course they considered what had happened with Yoongi and they wanted to give me something extra but I couldn't agree with it because I have a very good salary and a great job but I suggest that they will keep adapting my duties because I got to be with them all the time they are at home. I wanted that and be trusted because I'm here focused on doing my best as a person not just because I work for them, I don't forget it just trying to figure how to adapt my life here and feel comfortable here.

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