19 2021

Before I didn't got the time to give the boys their Christmas gifts so today that they were free and planing how to spend their next day off I gave them the presents. It wasn't much really , Taehyung opened a electronic portrait were he could play a little USB stick full of the photos he wanted I downloaded some I made when he was playing with Liam.

Jimin got several chapstick because he always looses them and also ask the other members to share theirs and the book he wanted to read and never got the time to bought it, for Namjoon I bought some chargers for his phone and devices because he never have his own and a kit of cute band aids that he needs to use more often than he wants.

To Jungkook a set of games for travel by car, they weren't big but the parts doesn't fall out because they have a magnetic system. Jin got a new merch of the character he made up for BT21, Hoseok got a scented bath set because he enjoys his showers the most. Yoongi had a variety of capsules of coffee beans from every country I know it's famous for having a good coffee for the machine he has in the studio were he spent most of his hours working. I handed him his present looking to his bare feet, there were 10 white toes and that level was what I could manage when I have to interact with him on his hands when I have to give him something .

They felt a little bad because I gave them presents but they were unexpensive because they were under my care at home so I wanted to show them that I care about them all. I noticed the were watching my actions again because whenever Yoongi moves I try to be out of his way so he wouldn't have the opportunity to say something to me.

Mr.Park came to planning the next presentation for them before they decided to go out on their days off, probably to see the family. I gave also a gift to him it was pen with his name written on it and a couple of refill ink. He liked itand hopes for not forget it anymore. I made coffee for them as they talked and I took Liam to play where he doesn't disturb them.

Yoongi was the one not going back because he was with his family after the surgery and he didn't feel like traveling just for a day were most of them would be working so he would be alone there too. I overhead if he had a problem with me because lately I found a way to keep my distance from him.

- Nothing happened, but you should ask her, the last time we talked alone she was upset about the situation about the staff leaving her out of the company 's performance on New Year's eve that she paid to watch and couldn't see us-

-You mean she paid with her money for it? .... I thought it was done by our team because we have some freedom these days and wanted to release a bomb on those days... I mean every time the staff is with us and lately are the only ones seeing us in person...- asked Taehyung

- Yeah but she is always at home, whatever we do or go she is here taking care of the house and our errands it's her job but she lives with us and if she wasn't down using the TV that only borrowed to see us , it wasn't right for her and she didn't make further questions just said it clearly before the camera starts to record our reaction and remember that we couldn't stop it and comment because it was live just the delayed time for the edited effects the company planned, she was surprised to have us at home and we ate her dinner too - said seriously Yoongi, he looked at me but I managed

to look straight at him so he would not tell what happened later.

- It was her dinner? I mean it was different on what we usually have but nobody said anything to us just to quickly seat and filmed our reactions... we should apologize or give her the money she already had been doing us gifts and .... she makes being at home so much fun with the baby, the surprises talking about a lot of things about herself learning how to understand, buying everything we asked so we don't have to worry about going out... she does a lot of things ... always calm and relaxed but right... I can't believe she also liked to see us perform... she never asked us...- said Jin

- Well she is a fan after all, when the company started the selection for someone living with you she understood that you are persons not just an image. She couldn't find how to support the group like an official Army here does... If you could see where she lived... it was a nice but definitely nothing like this but she can do so much with that and the only thing on her mind is the future of her son...didn't give up all the recommendations we had wouldn't accept to be in her position like she isn't here, teaching us , making coffee, making sacrifice to understand us to learn, to have all the time...to do something unexpected just because we asked, shameless being herself, being faithful and honest....I loved how at easy is to know her and be surprised of the things she does that often should be someone else work because it's fun or just she is there....I would like to share what I have seen, how much I wanted you meet someone like her...- Mr.Park was saying when I passed by with an sleeping Liam in my arms.

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Taehyung hurried to be the one putting him in his bed and they asked me to be with them. They asked a bunch about what I liked about them, I told them everything they wanted to know about their music and performances because I'm not like their usual fans that go crazy or become demanding because they spend money for their work. I showed them a resume of what I knew about them before... a lot of things since they had finished the work related tasks with Mr Park.

The man got a call from the headquarters and he paid special attention to it, his comments and gesture made me imagine that something was wrong... He talked fast and naturally was difficult to understand. When he finally ended the call he told us that the worst, Yoongi's guitar had been experiencing being in that kind of person hands. She also wanted to be public on having it, to sell herself as Yoongi 's girlfriend having him as her own writer and musician since she only got real earnings with the son he made and was added to her account. She said she was in love with him and that she would comment on him not being with women and other things he didn't wanted to hear.

She got her name burned in his guitar, she was coming here to meet him so both companies will have to arrange it if they don't want it go public because she technically was an Idol of the company and has many documents to provide her something pull this plan of hers.

The president himself was going to be here, nobody wanted a word about this in the office, I just prepared the dinning table for the business purposes and made sure there would be drinks enough for them. Some people arrived first telling us to voice their thoughts about the situation, I made myself invisible but we all know that Yoongi was not silent for a good reason.

When everyone was present we saw that she was holding the protective case of Yoongi's guitar. The president ordered to seat down at the table and gestured me to show him what she had made to the instrument. I was ordered to take it and follow the president to my side of the house we saw carefully how she damaged the image of the black form it had originally. He asked my opinion, I observed it carefully before saying that it was fine it could be repaired but I didn't imagine how much it would hurt the owner to see it like this.

I said that there wasn't money enough or pride to sacrifice for her black mail, because she have managed to recibe all she wants because the company will suffer from the situation going public but not Yoongi as an artist because before the group had to defend themselves from all kind of bad reviews because they were good musicians. All I've learned about them is to work hard until be recognized the company had to be creative with them but if they permit this...what would be their future, order him to say that they are together? go and force him into a relationship with someone who would hurt him further? The logo of the company said they wanted to heal and accept it was damaging him as a person. I said everything I thought was fair for him but he has to decide beforehand it is his guitar and his life .

I was sent to bring Yoongi and Namjoon here. They saw the guitar and it was as something broken and mended carefully was smashed again and they didn't have love enough to start over, I wasn't told but I went down once again and brought the rest of the members. For a moment they look at the damage and looked at each other in silence, it hurts to see them sad and exhausted from this kind of bad news.

- She said it can be repaired within taking parts off but the case is what to do with her? I agree on not wanting to work with her and give her a proper consequence to her actions but he didn't want to start again with the "he said and she says " for a long time because more will come and the company shouldn't have to start that war again because they have learned from the past that it would open a door to bad intentions after the great community of people that music heals....-

- I don't know what she wants but I don't want someone like her around me anymore, she was difficult to handle and he was the only patient enough to do the work .But these...she stole, damaged and want benefit out of it..... I'm sorry but preferably fight the public opinion like before or worse than forcing him to be attached with her - said Namjoon

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