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"You're going to give up this relationship? Is that your plans on how to fix this?" Ram muttered as ignored him bubbling in front of me. I walk away from him and put inside all the trashes I have in my house before putting it in a trash bag. "Fuck!" He cursed, but I ignored it. "This is bullshit Kezilyn! You want to fix this relationship but you're making me feel that you want to give up this! Tell me! Tell me what is wrong with you!" He shouted behind. I turned around and faced him with all fierce. He wanted to know what are my plans and suggestion on how to fix this relationship huh? "I want us to end this, right now," I muttered in a calming tone. "What-t?" He asks as he pulled me when I was about to turn my back on him. "What did you just say?" Ram asks again, " Kezilyn! What did you just say?!" He shouted and pulled my wrist tightly. Fuck. "I said I want this bullshit relationship to end!" I shouted and glared at him. "Isn't that clear to you Ram? This relationship is nonsense! And do you want to know why I'd like this to end?" He took me in the eyes as if he doesn't want to ask about it. But he did ask, "Why?" His voice broke as my heart does too. I took a deep breath and look up before glancing at him again. If I don't do this right now, a lot of things will be gone. A lot of things will be sacrificed in this love we had and I'm willing to sacrifice precious things that I have, including him. "Why! Answer it now! why!" "Because it sucks!" I yelled. "Because this relationship sucks! everything is messed up and we will never have the chance to fix it once more! we ruined it already! can't you see it? Everything is ruined!" I yelp and pushed him away strongly because of irritations. "You said all these things in front of me Kez? or this is just a prank? It is right? Please say it yes," He muttered and slowly walk closer to me. I walk backward trying to avoid his presence but he quickly catches my hands and held them tightly. Our relationship is messed up, we need to give up, we can't fix this anymore. "Please, please tell me you're just saying this thing because you're mad at me. I know you will never give up on this relationship, you love me and I love you. We're going to fight for this, Kez, Kez please answer me." He begged as he slowly kneeled in front of me, which made me panic. "Ram, Ram please don't kneel. Rayram! I said don't kneel!" I shouted and pulled him to get up but he's so stubborn. "Just please be honest Kez, just for now. Please be honest, do you want this relationship or not?" He murmured. I stared at his eyes, as I know this will be the last time I'm going to see his brilliant but sad eyes right now. After this night, everything will change. While his looking at me intently, I'm also earning confidence and strength in telling him everything. I know it'll hurt him, but I know this is the best thing I should do for us and to save each one of us. "I don't want this anymore Ram. Everything is different unlike before. You, you've changed and I couldn't find any ways of it to put back the old you." Tears fell on my cheeks, which made me weaker while facing him. "Kez no, no I didn't change. This is still me, look it's still me right? Look at me Kezilyn, look at me." He muttered and stood up in front of me. "Let's end this," I conclude and step back. "I hope when I get down, you're out of the house already. Don't make this breakup harder and long Ram. Please leave and forget everything about us." When I let go of those words. Each of them is tearing my heart into pieces. But I have to, I need to do it. Slowly I walk into stairs and leave him alone in the living room I went inside my room and there, I cried.


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