1 Where am I?

12:00 am , Lee Ya Ni still awake and hold on her phone. She focused on her phone and scroll down the Webtoon series chapter by chapter.

Today is the first day of Summer Holiday, so she decided to read out all Webtoons recommend by her friends.

'Wahh. So Handsome' shout Ya Ni suddenly as she read out chapter 20 of Prince and I' Webtoon.

' How Lucky she is' , continue Ya ni. she felt so envious with the main character in the webtoon.

01:00 am, she slept while holding on her phone. Suddenly a bright blue light coming from her window. it go towards Ya Ni.

7:00 am, cold breeze wake Ya Ni up. it is rare for her to feel this cold since it is summer. When she open her eyes, white curtain on her bed shock her up.

' since when my bed have all of this curtain?'. but she still freeze on her bed while being cu


slowly she jump down from the bed and look around the room. its so spacious, with all white decoration. feels like a luxurious five star hotel.

'Am I still sleeping? Am I dreaming? ' Ya ni still wondering whether she is awake or not and try to pinch her cheeks.

'Arghhhh' hurting by the pinch ensure her that she is not dreaming.

'Where am I actually?' said Ya ni while roaming her room which size is of a apartment which quite spacious.

when pass through a cupboard . she saw a frame of a beautiful family. A western family. Parents with two sons and a daughter. All of the siblings have blue eyes.

'Who are they?'

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