1 OO :: The Past & The Present Me

I'm Sebastian Lee. A 17 y/o Korean-American boy who has no siblings aka the only child.

Now let me ask you some questions.

How would you feel if any of you had a very kind, lovely, patient, and all goods you had on your parents?

You'd feel you were the happiest person in the whole Earth wouldn't you?

Well, yeah. That was how my life went until this incident came in my life and I have no other choices besides leaving them and starts my new page of life.

*Flashback 5 months ago*

My dad and me have been waiting for 2 hours with concerns since my mom was inside this room to give birth to my new born siblings.

A few minutes later, the doctor came out from the room with his rubber gloves full of blood.

"your wife is bleeding pretty bad when she is giving birth to the second baby. Now tell me which one you want to save first. The mother or the 2 other babies?"

"Please save the babies first." said my dad immediatly. The doctor nodded and went back to the room.

Another 2 hours has passed, the doctor came out again with a smile. Next to him there's three nurses carrying the triplets.

"congratulation Mr. Lee! both mother and the babies are fine. They are alive. After this you can go visit her, she is probably awake now." we both are really happy and excited. Well, actually more than those words. We don't know how to express our feelings with words.

We went to the medical ward and there's my lovely mom sitting on the patient bed with the babies next to her.

No. There's something wrong with her.

Her face seems like she doesn't want them. It seems like she hates them.

"M-mom..what happen-"

"Why are they here!!" she yelled as she pointed at the innocent triplets. Both of us are freezed and speechless. What's happening to her?

"Honey...they are our children, of course they are here. They need you, what are you talking about?" my dad asked. He has no idea what is happening right now.

"I almost died because of them! Throw them away!! I HATE THEM!!" me and my dad stayed quite. No, I can't accept this. This is not my mom who I know. She is very kind and lovely, not a cruel one. Who is she?

"Mom, I don't wanna say this because I hate it. But you're dumb. Every mom always risks their life to give birth to their babies. They always say to the doctors to save their babies first then themselves. But then there's you who hate them just because you were bleeding while giving birth. Let me ask you, when you gave birth to me, didn't you think that you might risk your life? or you really did think that you will be fine?" I said calmly but sarcastic.

"I'm gonna take care of them. From now on, we are over. Don't call me your son, and don't expect I will call you mom. I don't wanna have a stupid mom. And for you dad, please take care of her. I might never come back to that house." I continued as I left that room dissapointed and upset.

*Flashback ended*

How's it? Isn't it surprising? Yeah I knew it.

As you guys expected, now I'm a very busy person, perhaps I'm the busiest person in this precious Earth.

Okay just kidding.

Anyway lemme just introduce the present me and my precious 3 babies who are still 5 months old.

Me : Sebastian Lee; 17 y/o; a second grade high school student who currently studies in Grounded High School; currently working at one of my bestie's cafe called UwU Cafe; has 3 children (actually his siblings).

My first child : James Lee

My second child : Samuel Lee

My last child : Kinsley Lee

Y'all wanna know how's my life now? Or maybe how do I meet my partner of life?

Well, please wait for the next chapters.

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