1 Wishes

Dave live an everyday normal life he had a good job he was the CEO of a very famous company who made billions a year. Of course it was never like that he was a orphan who live at an orphanage till age 16, he was very smart, he could be consider a prodigy.

One day while he was at the orphanage came a man claiming to be his father. At first he was he dint trust him because if he was his father why did he come until now is what he thought.

But after some proof he was happy that he finally has a family. He spent his life happy to have a family, That was until a year later when he finish college did his father died, he was devastated that the only family he had died.

But not all hope died when his father left him his company he devoted his life to the company. Now he finds himself here in the future where his company makes billions of dollars a year. He often donates a couple of million dollars to orphanage or charity and hospital's because it reminds him of how he was an orphan until his father came so he donates because he thinks that everyone who are orphan or are in the hospital deserves a chance at life like he had.

He was also a world renounced scientist who had develop a lot of medicines and vaccines for some sickness or diseases. Of course his biggest accomplishment was creating a cure for cancer, many family's were happy when the news got out that there was a medicine that could cure cancer and he became more famous for it.

Even thou he likes to do all of that he spends a little more time watching anime or reading mangas. He's favorite anime right now is Naruto to Naruto Shippuden, he watch all of the episodes from the very first series to the las episode of the last series. Right now you can find him in his car driving from his mansion to his company when suddenly he was struck with lightning and he immediately died from it he dint even know how he died.

luckily he has his will saying that half of his company and his own money will be donated to orphanage and hospitals and the other to one of his aunt he met from his father side.

Now we find our MC in a white room floating while there isn't a single sound. Nothing just our MC floating into the unknown.

—————————————————————————————MC 1st point of view————————————————————————————

Dave- hhmm... where am I I can't see anything all I can see is white. He thought when suddenly he got all of his past memory's and how he live and how he died.

Dave- So I died huh... well at least I had a fulfilling life with no regrets. He thought as he started to remember about his life, he started to smile feeling happy and drove of to sleep for who knows how long.

————————————————————————unknown amount of time——————————————————————————————

Dave- hmphhh huh o I'm still here I thought I would at least go to heaven or something guess I'm here we'll can't say I'm not happy at least I dint go to hell.He thought as he suddenly got chills up his spine.

???- Child I am truly sorry for what I have done , it was my mistake I did not mean to kill you, I sincerely apologize. Said a voice that sounded old but mystical.

Dave- huh wait who are you I thought I was all alone in this white place I did not think I would meet someone here, but what did you mean by you did not mean to kill you? Said Dave in a curious tone.

God- some call me god, some call me the creator, and some call me the supreme god, but for mortal's like you child, you can just call me god and what I meant was that I suddenly sneezed and in the mortal world called earth thunder came and kill you and only you. So you see child that is why I am sincerely apologizing. Said god in an apologetic tone.

Dave- oh uhhmm it's okay I can understand if it's a mistake I've done a lot of those. Not mistake that kill someone but I can understand don't worry apology accepted. Said Dave in an understanding tone.

God- HAHAHAHAhahahaha..... I'm sorry I just can't believe there is someone with such a pure soul as yours and I can see that you have an abnormal amount of good karma and none bad karma.

God- I've never seen something like this on a mortal. Hhhmhhmmm. God suddenly started thinking about something meanwhile Dave is just dumbfounded.

God- Child how would you like to be my successor and take over my job I've been doing nothing in my domain I've got nobody to talk to except sometimes my daughters so what do you say? Asked god in a questioning tone

Dave- huh wait WHAAATTTT I can't take your job I don't even know what to do if something happens or what to do in the job. Said Dave in a flustered tone.

God-HAHAHAHAHA don't worry child I'll explain what to do and besides you get to marry my daughters what do you say. Said god in a questioning tone with a bit of curiosity of what his answer will be.

Dave- huh.... well I can't say I don't want to marry your daughters or anything if I could it would make me happy to be marry to the daughter of you because I like you and you're personality it reminds me of me when I was young and also because in the mortal world as you said I dint get to marry anyone because I couldn't fall in love sadly, said Dave with a tone of happiness at the beginning and a sad tone at the end.

God- good, good I like your personality to and of course you can marry my daughter's and be my successor at the same time what do you say? Of course I can't just give you my job at the beginning I'll grant you wishes and there's nothing like a limited wish or anything ask me anything and it's granted and also as many wishes as you can think of. But only because your my successor. Said god

Dave- wait really like I can wish to become a god just from a wish? Asked Dave

God- Yes you can but what would be the fun in that? Asked god

God- From what I've seen from your memory you like this anime show called Naruto if you wish you can go to that world and start your adventure from there to become my successor what do you say? Asked god

Dave- REALLY YO... I mean really you can send me there and what do you mean to that world ins't the anime of Naruto just an anime? Asked Dave in a curious tone

God- No my successor the world of Naruto is very much real. It's just that I sometimes let someone from earth have those ideas so that they can create the anime you called it to have that world run properly and not get destroyed or something.

Dave- Oh.., okay I'm ready to become your successor but can you let me think for a while so that I can properly think of my wishes?

God- Very well I see why not I'll just let you think. But while you're at it should I called you Son-in-law or my successor?

Dave- ummm you can just call me Dave because I think of us as friend by now but if you want you can also call me Son-in-law I'm don't mind either.

God- Very well I'll call you Dave than I'll let you think now. Said god waiting to grant his new Son-in-law who is marrying all of his daughters but he doesn't know that he only thinks that it's just one of the *creators* daughter.

———————————————————————————-after some time of thinking ————————————————————————

(3rd person view)

Dave- ok I'm ready to ask my wishes and go to the Naruto world.

God- Very well ask away Dave. Said god ready to grant his wishes.

Dave-For my first wish I would want the strongest system you can give me not the actual "strongest system" but the strongest system you can give me on my journey and make it so that it's a woman voice in the system whose personality is Caring,kind,loving waifu, and the most important one her personality to act cute sometimes. Asked Dave

God- Hhhmmm I see you're already thinking about a wife from what I read from your memory don't worry i only read that part that was you thinking about getting ready for a relationship with my daughters but if you really want to marry her than I don't object actually get more wife's I myself have a100 wife's.Said god

Dave- Really okay than for my second wish I wish for a world which only I can go to and stay there with my system wife.

God- granted

Dave- For my third wish I want for my wife to have a body but only inside that world.

God- granted

Dave- For my fourth wish I want to have my own dimension which has all of the world energies on its purest form and I can absorb them.

God- I can grant that but instead I'll make it Origin energy on it's purest form so that you can absorb it. I'll also make your body able to hold it and used it to it's maximum. If you don't know what Origin energy is its the first ever energy all of the others are only 1% of the Origin energy such as the Chakra energy available in the world you're going to Dave. Said god

Dave- thank you now for my fifth wish I want The instant mastery skill at max and make it so that any skill or techniques that I practiced are only once and it's at its peak and if it's more like the god real I want it to go straight to primordial god. By the way is there any god more higher than the primordial god?

God- No there is not in fact I myself and only I am the primordial god while I do have daughters the only have 1% of my bloodline. Said god

Dave- I see than for my sixth wish I want to have the same bloodline as you the primordial god bloodline.

God- HAHAHAHA good wish I must say good wish Dave. Granted.

Dave- thank you for my seventh wish I want all element affinity and all law affinity including the element affinity for space and time.

God- Granted

Dave- for my 8th I want infinity on all of my parameters and if there are some in the future those to.

God- Granted

Dave- for my 9th I want a library with all the skills and techniques that are there and when I go to another world I will also gain that and I can go to that library and absorb the knowledge on how to do it also in that library I want it so it's al so all history as well but for the skill and techniques I want it so it's all past present and future skills and techniques.

God- hhhmm granted

Dave- For my 10th I want a skill that lets me control my strength.

God- Granted

Dave- For my 11th I want for my charm,charisma,good luck to all be infinite and no bad luck or bad karma.

God- hmhmhm very well.

Dave- for my 12th I want instant recovery the fastest in the Omni-verse I want it to be primordial god level.


Dave- for my 13th I want for me not to be stop by the world laws or any other higher laws when i want to change something from the storyline.


Dave- for my 14th I want for my power not to be seal when I go to another world.


Dave- for my 15th I want for my power not to be sealed when I get a super op bloodline or skill.


Dave- for my 16th I want infinite system points and shop points.


Dave- For my 17th I want to keep all of my knowledge about my past and the time I watch all the anime and for when I get to a different world I already know what's going to happen in the future. I hope he let's me have this. Thought Dave

God- hhmm granted

yes thought Dave. Dave- for my 18th I want the system to have all techniques skill's bloodline etc. from all the anime's.


Dave- For my 19th wish I want my appearance to be the most handsome in the entire Omni-verse but I also want it to look like Asura god tang San.

God-Granted. Said god with an amused smile for how he wants to be the most handsome.

Dave- for my 20th I want to reincarnate as Naruto Uzumaki but with looks I said but make my hair also blond and my eyes blue but take away the whisker. I also want it to be 1 day before I'm born.

God- Granted

Dave- That��s all I could think of so can I also take some wishes with me if yes how many?

God- you can take and you can take exactly 100 no more no less.

Dave- Thank you and also before I go to reincarnate can I change something's on my body like how much of height I will grow.

God-yes you can.

Dave- thank you, also can I wish for 1 more thing before I leave but I t with affect the wishes I'm taking with me right?

God- alright go ahead and wish and for your second question it won't.

Dave- thank you now for this wish I want to it to be for me to have all techniques on s*x and how to bring extreme pleasure to the my wife/girl and to have and infinite libidio but I can control it.

God-Hahahahaha granted, now go and become stronger.

With that God wave his hand and Dave disappears and only god remains there sitting.

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