Subrina's Unexpected Mate Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Subrina's Unexpected Mate


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Subrina wants to teach. She isn't your typical werewolf in that she doesn't want a mate. She likes her freedom and has things she wants to do. That is until her 18th birthday party when the handsome Michael Brown walks into her life. Michael is half Werewolf and half Mamba snake. He is a tall black man who knows what he wants. Michael is trying to find out who he is. How he can communicate with snakes and why he feels this pull to know more. They are mated, living a good life when things start to change. Michael wants to send their son to Africa to become a warrior. Their daughter is born more snake than is typical. The pack goes to war and Subrina has to make a choice her packs best interest or her family. Come join Subrina and her family as they learn how to become the best Weresnakes of North America.


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