1 Betrayal.

First story on Webnovel :) I'll still edit all when i'm through with the story, obviously.

And yeah it contains some mature contents so read at your own risk ;).


I opened the door to her house, and walked up to the living room, expecting her to welcome me like always then we find our way to the bedroom, but she didn't, she was no where to be found.

"Lily!" I yelled at her name, but i didn't get a response then I went to her bedroom, but she wasn't there. Out of frustration, I needed a drink, I went to the kitchen and boom! She was been banged by a dude.

"What the fuck!" My eyes widen in bewilderment. She didn't even look at my direction, as she moaned out in pleasure. I walked up to them, she looked my way as the dude also caught my eyes then he stopped.

"Don't stop please I'm almost coming " she said seemingly enjoying his dick as she laid her head on the counter while smiling, not minding if that would hurt me, the idiot continued.

"What the fuck Grace !" I opened my eyes in bewilderment.

"Oh! please, 'moan' don't act all innocent all of a sudden 'Aah', you think you've been the only one playing around, 'Faster', I no what you've, 'Aah' been doing, 'Faster David', You act all innocent but you're not 'Aah'. she said whilst moaning.

The idiot just kept on banging her from behind, while his hands on her waist, though she was right about me not been innocent but still that ain't give her the right to fuck another dude, she's supposed to be mine all mine.

"Faster David, You are much more better than he is " she blurted out.

Damn that hurt my ego, as I went close to him pushed him off her ,he fell on the floor, she wanted to talk but I closed her mouth.

"Are you going to go or do you want me to kick you out" I stared at him, she tries to jerk my hands off her, but I held my hands firm on her.

He starts wearing he's boxer slowly and Jeans before he walked out cursing under his breath.

Then I removed my hands from her mouth. "Are you crazy?" She asked while naked.

"Yes, I'm crazy so crazy in love with you" I said yelling.

"Oh please! Do you even know the meaning of the word?" Love!" .she asked.

"What wrong with you Grace?". I asked.

" What wrong with me? Now you ask the obvious question, You! You fucked my best friend and think I wouldn't find out, uh! FYI I did" she said while pointing her hands towards me.

She has never done that before ,she use to be so submissive towards me now why is she so pissed of at me fucking her bestie, I mean it not my fault that I can't control my self besides her bestie is kinda of hot.

"So why are you so worked up about it" I defended myself.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?" she asked.

" If you want I can give you a blow job". I asked

" You know what it's over between us" she said while walking away, I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her closer to me as I found her lips and kissed them with lust ,she tries to pull me off but I pulled her even closer, her breast dangling over her. Later I broke from the deep kiss.

"What did you say, He's better than me? oh! I will show you how good I am". As I yanked her towards the bedroom, pushing her to the bed, she tried to resist but I dragged her back.

" Have a taste of me" I said.

As I roughly inserted my fingers into her G-spot, this got her screaming, she moaned out loud, I smiled, then I started with one finger, then two ,then three ,she just kept on moaning begging me not to stop, When she's about to cum I removed my fingers.

"Please continue" she begged.

I turned her to the back while she posed into a doggie style and removed my hardcore dick now , without hesitating I found my way into her hole, she moaned out.

I started thrusting in and out as I groaned, not taking a second to breath ,she shouted my name, when she was about to come again I removed my dick ,she cursed at me. I just smiled as I leaned on her.

" Between David and I who's better" I asked teasing her. She hesitated a while before she spoke.

" David!" She said.

On hearing his name I was mad with anger. I yanked her off the bed to the wall and pinned her there, carried her right leg then I started banging her there again as she cried out ,I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure I just banging her as my head fell on her breast and her arms around my neck.

"Please don't stop" she pleaded. I knew she was reaching her climax ,I removed my dick immediately.

"Who's better?" I asked one more time.

"David!" she repeated. I pushed her off me ,then starting putting on my clothes .

"Where are you going, leaving me?" she asked almost pleading.

" Go ask your David" I yelled out.

" Please just finish this " she pleaded again coming close to me. I was about leaving her.

"What I'm I suppose to do now" she asked again.

" Go fuck your self!" I said. As I left the room, Heading to a club.

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