26 Explanations

Personal here is the author and I haven't posted chapters because a lot of things happened this week for me so I had to take a break.

What happened was that I was smooth enjoying a lemonade when.

I got a call from the priest at the Vatican saying that I had a mission from the pope.

I soon put on my armor and headed for the Vatican on my magic horse.

When I got there and 300 more horsemen, we received a mission to retrieve the Solomon's Bible from the depths of the Internet.

Of course, knowing that it was a very dangerous mission, everyone prepared and prayed before entering the portal that connects the mortal kingdom with the internet.

Entering that strange world, we started our journey at the gates of Google.

We passed the social network deserts like istagram and twiter.

But even the greatest preparations failed to save the 5 horsemen who were surrounded by Kpopper fans and devoured.

That night we prayed that God would welcome them.

Following our journey we rented boats to go through the seas of DARKWEEB.

That place was full of drug and organ traffickers.

Another 10 horsemen fell before those looters.

When we arrived on land again we entered the forest of the forgotten, there was everything that was once forgotten by the internet.

We faced the corrupted Power Rangers and we had a dance competition with the box dancers.

But thirty knights fell for the long-forgotten Horrible jokes that were horrible and deadly.

Following our path, we pass the Waifus plains.

However we were ambushed by lolicons, we had a fierce battle and were rescued after many hours of combat by an FBI squad that was in the area.

Our group, which now had just over 200 horsemen, received information from a Furry that the Bible was in the sky and for that we would have to go through the mountains of Trolls on the Internet and reach the most profane and high mountain on the Internet.

The everest of porn. (thunder sounds).

The horsemen were frightened but their determination was unshakable and then they went on.

Passing through what seemed like days of insults and trolls we looked at that unholy mountain that had all kinds of content and we started to climb.

We lost track of time going up that mountain, we didn't know if it was days or months.

I saw many horsemen fall into temptation and die by my hands.

In the end, only 40 horsemen climbed the hill and went to the sky of the internet.

There they rested for a few days before proceeding to the palace of Vtubers controlled by the emperor shark Gura.

They saw hundreds of species there living in harmony, something that would not be possible anywhere other than here because of the Vtubers.

We asked for an audience to recover the Bible.

However, she rejected us.

Knowing that we had no other choice, we attacked and took the Bible by force.

I saw my companions fall while my commander told me to enter the portal back to land.

I hardened my heart and entered the portal leaving my companions to death.

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