65 Ch65. Dora's Dilemma 1

Gringotts, in front of Slytherin Vaults:

"Ras'un Simba! How long till you breach the wards?" A high-ranked goblin asked a goblin ward breaker who led the team to try to get inside and collect 'fees'.

"We will be inside in a few minutes! Clan Leader Rugh'uh Ra!" Ras'un called out to his superior in glee, imagining the amount of gold the Vault would hold! If they are lucky, they may even find some goblin-crafted artifacts!

"Hihihi! Our glorious Nation will be even richer!" One goblin guard exclaimed in glee! They were about to take money from stupid Wizard! Why not be happy about it! Stupid! Dumb! Ugly! Wizards!

Alas, the guards of goblins might be quite skilled in combat but they were not the smartest of the litter. These were in higher positions, after all.

"I really pity Lord Black... So young, so stupid!" Rugh'uh shook his head but a vicious grin didn't leave his face. "We should at least send him a proper 'sorrowful' notice of what we 'had to' do to his Slytherin Vaults... maybe with a fruit basket?"

The goblins snickered at that. Their version of fruit basket was either filled with gold or with sharp pointy metal... it was obvious which would be sent to young Lord Black.

"What's funny, you shits!" Rugh'uh shrieked. "Listen up! Uncle Rag'na Rok IX, the king of the Goblin Nation wants the Vault breached as far as possible so stop snickering and hurry up! If we do not provide, it will be our heads that will roll! Each of us volunteered for this highly rewarding job, after all!" He sneered at the working goblins. He always knew he was something higher than those under him. Be it his fighting skills or his birthright. He had it all. And now... now he will have achievements!

Rugh'uh heard a click from the Vault door and his grin started widening as he saw the door opening. His anticipation peaked as he was almost giddy from the vision of gold, gold, and more gold! He could almost see the dancing goblin females with golden knickers! The fame of conquering the Slytherin Vault!

He was almost hyperventilating! Maybe he would become the next king? Or... the richest goblin? Hehe, what's the difference anyway!? He would be the most sought after bachelor in the goblin race right after the king anyway! He will be able to make many little goblins!

The door was finally fully opened and the gleefully greedy creatures that intended to rob-, ahem, collect what's theirs, stopped in their tracks.

Rugh'uh's wide grin dropped as his skin paled as if he had seen a ghost.

There in the middle of the Vault... one knut laid.

Only one thought was passing by through the horrified goblin's heads...

Our heads will roll!


Hadrian woke up as he felt his hips buckle and shoot his hot seed. He looked down and saw Narcissa working her mouth hard, trying to swallow everything with the glee of a goblin who saw gold. Hadrian wryly observed as his cock was granting Narcissa's loved juices. She really found a taste for his cum... it was quite embarrassing for Hadrian. But he was slowly getting used to waking up with his rod deep in her throat.

They were both tired yesterday. Narcissa magically and he mentally as they finished building Bellatrix's mind like a lego from her memories. It took them hours and in the end, they just flopped into bed, cuddling each other as they fell asleep.

Hadrian saw Narcissa release his cock from her mouth with audible 'pop' and a wide smile spread on her face.

"Morning, husband." She purred and instantly took him into her mouth again, her eyes narrowing in delight.

"Narcissa!" Hadrian's hands shot to her head, firmly gripping it. "Stop!" He groaned as she still worked her tongue even if her head was stopped. "Dora will come in an hour for her first lesson!"

Hadrian groaned but saw Narcissa was not budging... She licked and pushed her head closer to his crotch until Hadrian gave up and enjoyed her making him cum for the second time while she moaned as her throat greedily gulped his cum.

Hadrian wasn't about to leave her hanging! He quickly threw her onto the bed and ravaged her slit with his tongue.

In the end, they had a morning quickie in the bed... another morning quickie during breakfast right on the table while feeding each other... and another in the shower as they washed the cum from their bodies... well... a productive morning, really.

They barely managed to messily don some clothes and come closer to the hearth in order to greet their guests with heavy breaths when Dora and Andromeda were already stepping through the connection.

"Wotcher!" Dora's eyes strayed fast to Lord Black, conflict in her gaze as she completely ignored the awkward air.

"Greetings, Lord Black. Sister.." Andromeda bowed slightly but furrowed her brows at the still wet hair of her sister. She knew Narcissa. She would never let others see her unprepared. Wet hair from a shower? Now that would be an embarrassment! Couldn't she dry them with a spell in like thirty seconds? What would their dead mother and father say!?

Andromeda's eyes widened as she saw a wet place on Lord Black's shoulder. His hair was also wet a few seconds ago! Then the realization hit her. After all, she and Ted were also having their shower time quite often! She threw them a knowing smirk.

Narcissa blushed slightly with a small glare at Andromeda.

"What a... pleasure." Her snide side came out as she was miffed that Hadrian stopped right before she could reach her second orgasm due to insufficient time. Oh, Dora will pay for that... That she will. Even if it was her who offered to teach the girl... Nobody steals her hanky-panky time from her!

"Well, Dora. Let's go to the library." Narcissa sweetly smiled at Dora and led her out of the room, her hand on the back of the fidgeting girl. "It is time to further your Occlumency with some 'proper' training! Shall we go through the basics of Occlumecy first? Oh, no. It would probably be best to learn by 'doing'!"

Was the last thing gaping Hadrian heard as he saw Narcissa's back leave through the door. His wife just ran, leaving him to deal with her tease of a sister alone! He looked at Andromeda in resignation.

Instead of being all smirk and laughter as he expected, he found a serious expression on her face.

"Lord Black, I need a word with you."

They sat down behind the table.

"What would you need, Andy?" Hadrian asked casually, earning himself a smile.

"Dora, she... fell for you." Andromeda stated, making Hadrian chuckle.

Well, it was kinda obvious. He knew since the third week of Hogwarts. Alas, Andromeda was probably worried about her daughter's future. He could understand.

"I am young. Not dense. Trust me, I know." He told her with a smile, only to be surprised at her bitter expression and head shake

"No, no. She fell for Lord Black." She sighed in exasperation and Hadrian blinked. "She knows she loves Harry Potter but now her heart is tearing apart, not knowing if she desires Lord Black, a mature man who was kind to her... or Harry Potter, the boy who is her closest friend. It really grates on my nerves looking at her pacing around the kitchen in indecision."

"Oh, fuck! I don't need any unnecessary drama!" He groaned, wordlessly taking Andromeda's hand and dragging her to the library.

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