24 Cool Exit!

Zombie Epidemic, Day 2.

Three hours after Leo and the rest of the group came back from the US.

Right now, Leo is having a hot bath at the Main Hall from a tiring and tense journey.

"Man, it was only over a day that I was there but It was so damn exhausting being here inside the Stronghold is better" Leo with eyes closed murmured as he slump at the bathtub with a relax look.

Leo then opened his eyes as he just remembered something "Right, I almost forgot about the system prompt when I just got back".

Leo then opened the System Interface went to the Notifications Tab and saw a series of notifications he heard earlier today but only one of them took Leo's attention.

[Main Quest II - Successfully Completed

[Distributing Rewards...

[Becoming Amanda's (Addition - Michelle) Boyfriend - Already Achieved, £1,000,000, Colt M1911 and 500 rounds of ammunition, M395 DMR with unlimited ammunition, +5 Levels and 1500 Defender Coins. All items are successfully sent into your Inventory!]

[Congratulations host for successfully becoming a Level 5 and beyond. Sending Level 5 Reward….Summon: Android Guard I is successfully sent to your Inventory]

[You're now Level 6!]

[You're now....]

[You're n...]

[You're now Level 9!]

[Next Reward at Level 10! Work hard host!]

Leo's eyes immediately lit up looking at his rewards, especially the last one as he wasn't expecting that there would be rewards upon reaching a certain level with the first one being level 5.

Leo hurriedly opened his Inventory, as he gazed at the new Items inside with sparkling eyes "Sweet! I'm only lacking a level more! To get another level reward!" he exclaimed.

Leo then suddenly remembered both Amanda and Michelle as a sudden perverted thought surfaced in his mind before he shook it off "What am I even thinking? Amanda and I did kiss before but that's it and Michelle? Right, her name was suddenly added in the Rewards. It's probably like a bonus reward after completing a mission. I don't even know if the system reward really worked on humans though. It's probably related when I saved them yesterday, Urgh! I'll just confirm it later" then Leo took out the Colt M1911 from the Inventory as he inspected the gun carefully.

"Hmm..should I use it as a sidearm? Well, I already have an Armor Suit, the M110 SASS and there's even the M395 DMR with unlimited ammo. I think I should give it to someone else..maybe Michelle? Except for her, there's mom and dad who knows how to handle guns, after all mom and dad were retired soldiers before dad became a civilian doctor after retiring as an Army Doctor while mom was Colonel when she retired and there's that soldier Austin too. Austin is out though, still not sure where his loyalty lies".

Leo racked his brains on who to give to "Michelle, can be considered as a Novice but if I give it to her the other woman would probably get jealous that I didn't give her too. Damn! Having two beautiful women on both arms is great but pleasing both of them is hard. Haist, I just knew them for over a day but It feels like I'm acting like I already knew them for years!" Leo pulled his hair in frustration.

"Ai, I'll just give it to mom then take the Thompson back from dad and give him the M110 SASS instead. I'll asked later if Michelle and Amanda have any particular weapons they have in mind that they like" John said to himself to as he got out of the bathtub and dried himself before he went and got dressed and immediately headed outside the Main Hall where the first thing he saw was Michelle and Jess playing with each other with smiles on their faces, free of worries.

"Hello big bro!" "Hello~" Jess happily greeted Leo when she saw him coming out from the Hall while Michelle shyly greeted with a red face.

"Kids should be kids even at these times but of course their studies shouldn't be neglected even on these times. After all, children are the future of mankind" Leo smiled in return and thought before he proceeded towards a watchtower where his father and Austin is currently at.

When Leo was almost at the watchtower, he suddenly dashed towards it and scaled the watchtower like a skilled ninja.

Leo suddenly appeared at their side that it made both men startled.

"H-hey! Did you just climbed up here!?"


The first to react was Austin as he immediately went to the edge and look down below the tower. "Did he just scaled through this? The watchtower is higher by two meters than the wall! How did he do that!? This person can already be called superhuman just based on his abilities that should have not exist before the epidemic!" as he thought something absurd.

"Why are you still up Austin? Shouldn't you be taking a rest?" Leo asked.

"Well, a two hour rest is already enough for me" Austin said as he scratched the back of his head. Henry didn't even glance at them and just looked at the wandering zombies around the walls with some of them even banging against, the surprising thing is the wall isn't even receiving a single damage from those zombies.

"How is it dad?" Leo smiled as he stood beside him while also looking at the zombies that wandered here.

"This Thompson is good, it looks really new like and the recoil and accuracy is great even better than our modern rifles today" Henry showed a small smile while caressing the rifle on his hand.

Leo smiled at his father, who has the expression like he was looking at his own child.

"You should know that I'm not asking about that"

Henry sighed with a rueful look " I just didn't expect that I would witness something like this while I'm still alive" even Austin who was only listening from the side also seems sad.

Austin then added "It's because it is hard to imagine your children growing up from a environment like this. Just imagine of how many people died and turned like them. There's probably millions of 'them' now, I wouldn't even be surprised if half the world population already turned. A zombie is already bad but even ordinary animals have mutated" Austin said as he leaned his arms on the guard rail with his chin resting on his arms.

"Humans have always thought that they are the overlord of this world, destroying nature here and there and now, Nature is starting to settle old scores. In the face of Nature's Wrath, humans can only watch on helplessly as we all try to survive in this hard times. "

"The cycle of life had never change, it's only because humans have become delusional due to power that they never think the consequences of their every actions, with our generation taking the full brunt of this force. It feels like we just came back to the era of the first humans, were dangers lurks everywhere with us this time being almost at the bottom of the food chain."

Austin and Henry looked at him surprised and then nodded in agreement when they thought about Leo said.

"Human life has always been fragile" they both though.

John gave a huge smile and said "Well, I'm going" as the jumped all the way down from the tower, releasing a dull sound as Leo landed on the ground as he swaggered towards the location where the women are preparing dinner.

Leo then remembered something which made him stop then continued walking "Damn! I forgot to ask dad if the car we left behind is still okay. I just performed a cool exit, now I can't go back and ask. Urgh! I'll just ask about it at dinner and also give the rifle to him later" he thought as he hastily walked towards where the women are cooking for dinner.

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