1 Ryuujin.

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In a secret base somewhere in the Rain country, there were two men talking to each other. One was dressed in Shinobi clothes with the head protector of Amegakure, while the other wore a lab coat, obviously a researcher.

"Has there been any results?" the man wearing a lab coat asked the shinobi.

"So far, most have perished, two are in critical condition with no visible improvement, while one other, subject 79 is in a coma." The shinobi replied, his face emotionless as he read from the files in his hands.

"So there has been a bit of improvement. Pay extra attention to those still alive. Especially Subject 79, try to stabilise his condition. We might have succeeded in the experiment if it stays alive."

The shinobi nodded and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


Deep in the darkness of his cell, Subject 79 was experiencing excruciating pain he had never felt before, and that was saying a lot.

It was like someone was poking searing hot needles directly into his head. The pain was so intense that he wanted to dig his hands into his head and end it to make the pain go away.

Even though he wanted to, his body didn't respond to him, as it remained motionless, he couldn't even scream out. As hard as he tried, not even one muscle moved as his body didn't feel like his own.

These past few years had been nothing but living hell to him. Day after day, strange substances were poured into his body with sharp needless and transparent tubes with colourful liquids.

After those substances entered his body, searing pain would spread through his body, causing it to spasm and tear the muscles in his body.

After the pain was gone, which was usually only around a week later, he would notice that the people that were with him had diminished.

They had started with twenty other kids. One by one they would be taken, after which screams would follow. If they were fortunate, they wouldn't come back.

He hadn't always felt like this, he once hoped to stay alive to live another day, just to see what it looked like outside. That dream had already ended when the pain became a constant factor in his life.

he thought the pain would lessen, that he would get used to it, but every time he got slightly accustomed, the pain would increase in intensity.

The even the only subject he was closest with, a girl of his age, had also disappeared.

He could already guess what happened; yet he couldn't do anything about it.

He never felt as powerless as he did that day. At least he was glad she was released from this hell.

[But this will change nothing, talking to yourself. It's best to stay calm for now and try to become stronger.]

He didn't know what he was hearing, but it sounded like a voice. It was as if it was originating from within his head, rather than that it was coming from around him.

[Correct. Only you can hear me, little one.]

He was hearing it again. This voice seemed to be able to hear what he was thinking.

"Who are you?"

He asked, uncertain if he was finally going mad.

[No you aren't going mad, little one. Maybe I should ask you instead, who are you?]

"Me? I am Subject 79."

He didn't know what else to say. The researchers only called him Subject 79, it was the only thing he could call himself by. When some tried to give each other names, they would immediately be taken, never to be seen again.

[That is not a name little one, it is sad for that to be a name. Let me give you one. Let me see, you are a young boy, small yet with great growth potential. I'll call you Izana. Izana, my name is Ryuujin.]

Ryuujin spoke in a arrogant and confident manner. Though he came over as a caring person. He spoke arrogantly, yet it sounded more gentle than anything Izana had experienced before.

"Ryuujin-san, how come I'm not alone?"

Izana didn't know what he meant with not being alone. He was alone in his cell; there was no one around him. All the others had already dissapeared.

[Izana, I can not be seen with the naked eye, for my soul has bonded with yours, we are one and the same, yet we are not. We are living together in one body, our deaths connected till the end of time.

I can be found inside of you, seen when you have the eyes to see.]

Izana didn't exactly know what Ryuujin meant, but when he imagined himself seeing Ryuujin, a massive black snake like creature with claws and wings stood before him. The head was not that of a snake, but more like one of a lizard, covered in lion-like manes while the horns like that of the antlers of a stag were growing on its head.

"Ryuujin-san, what are you?"

[Please call me Ryuujin, Izana. I am what you call a dragon, a tailed beast as that is what you humans call creatures such as me. Due to some unfortunate accidents, my soul was used in the experiment of those involved in this research. Luckily our bodies were a good match for each other. If it was anyone but you, their body would have exploded and their soul shredded.]

Izana was shocked at Ryuujin's words. He could already imagine his body exploding, unrecognisable to his current appearance. Though he had no clue what he looked like. He knew he had long black hair, but that was it.

[No worries, your body and soul are really compatible with mine. Exceptionally so.]

Ryuujin laughed out loud, a big smirk on his face. He happily hummed to himself, completely ignoring Izana.

Izana sighed in relief. It seems he had the devils luck, to have been compatible with Ryuujin.

Meanwhile, the pain in his body had lessened to a dull throbbing.

It felt almost pleasant compared to the previous pain.

[Stay focused Izana, someone is coming.]

Ryuujin warned Izana, who was too emerged in his thoughts.

Like Ryuujin said, a man with a forehead protector came inside his cell.

On the forehead protector was the mark of four vertical stripes.

The man's expresion was blank as he scanned the cell.

The man walked towards Izana with soundless steps and began to pull out syringes and strange bottles.

Izana was covered in cold sweat as he though back on all the pain that would come.

[Don't be so worried. From what I can tell, these are medical herbs meant to replenish strength and Chakra. Can't you smell it?]

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Ryuujin chimed in, calming Izana down, though he had no idea what chakra was meant to be.

Izana sniffed silently and could indeed catch the faint whiff of plants. If they were medicinal or not, he couldn't tell.

Izana still couldn't move, but his eyes followed the movements of the shinobi closely.

When the needle pierced his arm, it quivered in response.

The shinobi, having finished his task, disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Izana could already feel the effect of the medicine. The dull pain disappeared, while he could slowly move his body again.

Along with that, he felt a strange energy coursing through his veins.

"Ryuujin, what is this strange feeling I feel in my body? It's something I haven't ever felt before."

Izana felt strange. The energy passed through his body, leaving it stronger than before.

[Ah, I forgot you didn't have had any training. This is the energy called chakra. It makes the body stronger than that of the average human. Because you haven't had any training, you couldn't feel the chakra in your own body. But since I have been synergized with your soul, your body can't even be called human anymore. Its ability to harness chakra has reached another level all together.]

Ryuujin seemed proud of himself as he said it. Like a peacock showing it colourful feathers

[That's rude. I'm not a peacock. I am an almighty and powerful dragon. As soon as we get out of here, I will show you what I am capable of.]

Ryuujin hummed happily, looking forward to the days to come.

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