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Read Strongest Fighter novel written by the author emmino on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, adventure, superpowers, urban. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world where some humans have senses, speed, and strength beyond ordinary human abilities, they are known as "awakened," and awakens who fight other awakens in a fighting cage or arena are known as fighters. Kaizen Nervan is an awakened one who is uninterested in fighters, despite his fighting prowess. After his 17th birthday, his parents unexpectedly sent him to the City of Orleo, their hometown, to live with his grandparents. As he continues to live with his grandparents, he will discover many things that will help him find what he truly desires.


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I like that you started your novel with the MC losing a battle. Showed that while he is a good fighter, he is not the best yet and has room to grow. While your writing is grammatically correct most of the time, your sentences are still structured in an odd way. I'm sure that if you keep reading books in english you will get better at knowing how to structure your sentences better. Another thing that bothers me is the remainders that the next part is going to be a flashback or the name of the speaker in (). If your writing is good enough the reader should get what is going on without you telling them outright. I see potential in you to become a good writer, keep practicing and improving.


S U P P O R T !


Hey, guys please go through this novel and support the author it will be a good read trust me, I highly recommend it . The character design is great, love the pace too, hope to see this book grow so keep it up, author. Based on the chapters I was reading so far I really loved them so keep writing,I hope other readers see this book the way I'm seeing it.



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