1 Closely Attached Sisters?

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Qingyun city.

Beyond the City Lord's mansion.


In the ranges of rocky mountains, a ray of shining sword light broke apart in an instant!

"Successful!" A beautiful young girl dressed in white slightly curled the corners of her mouth. A tinge of a smile filled with happiness was revealed on her face. She happily congratulated a young girl wearing a blue dress. "Congratulations, Sister Xingchen. You have finally mastered the third form of the [Mountain River Sword Technique]! You indeed live up to the name of the Genius of our Qingyun city."

Lou Xingchen's face also showed a slight smile. "If not for you saving me, Qianxue, I wouldn't have been able to learn the complete [Mountain River Sword Technique]… "

As she spoke those words, she looked at the eyes of the young girl donning a white dress. Her eyes became intermixed with a touch of complexity and jealousy. "Talking about this, it took me a whole four years to master [Mountain River Sword Technique]. However, Qianxue, you only used one year to master the third form of [Mountain River Sword Technique] to perfection. You are the real genius. It's a pity… "

As she talked about it, the unhappiness on Lou Xingchen's face slightly faded. She sounded as if she was pitying the young girl. "It's a pity you, Qianxue, used 10 years but can't perfect your elementary force. No matter how good the talent for practicing martial arts is, it's just empty if… you cannot become a real master!"

Lou Qianxue did not mind it. Her red lips slightly curled, and her black eyes emitted confidence and radiance. She mysteriously smiled. "Sister Xingchen, it will not be long before I'll be able to perfect my elementary force. At that time, I can leave the city lord's mansion and go look for my mother."

As she smiled, she changed the topic and gave Lou Xingchen another serious look. "Sister Xingchen, don't worry about me. You still have a month before you'll participate in Liuyun Prefecture's Prefecture house competition. During this period of time, you definitely cannot relax. You have to practice the [Mountain River Sword Technique] well. I believe by that time, you'll definitely be able to make use of this profound martial art to shine and become the focus of others."

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Upon hearing this, Lou Xingchen's grasp on her sword became stronger. A wild ambition burned in the bottom of her eyes. "I will! I will definitely win the top spot in the Prefecture competition in one month's time. I'll let everyone know that I am a Phoenix that can soar for nine days!"

Lou Qianxue smiled and nodded. "Yeah, since this is the case, I won't disturb you from cultivating." Finished with her words, Lou Qianxue turned and left.

Behind her, Lou Xingchen, who had been looking at the long sword, suddenly raised her head. Her gaze became dark as she stared at the back fading from her view…

"Sister Xingchen has successfully mastered the [Mountain River Sword Technique]. I should also work hard and try to perfect my elementary force as soon as I can." After Lou Qianxue returned to her residence, she crossed her legs and sat down. She was determined.

In her past life, she had been an orphan. She had also been a member of the national special forces. She was cold, heartless, and decisive in killing. After perishing together with the enemy in her last mission, when she woke up, she found herself as Lou Qianxue.

In this life, she had both of her parents. However, her father was the city lord of Qingyun city. He placed benefits above all and only cared about people whom he could make use of. Since his daughter could not perfect her elementary force, he was extremely cold to her. To him, it was as if he did not have this daughter.

Only Qianxue's mother had treated her warmly. She had doted on her daughter, protected her, and loved her, regardless of how she was, whether when she was young or when she grew up. She let Qinaxue feel the warmth that she had never felt before in her past life. Her mother was the person she cared the most in this world.

It was a pity that… six years ago, her father did not bother about his wife's objection and married a concubine. It made her mother leave in sadness.

And Lou Xingchen had been an orphan who was brought from outside to accompany her before her mother left. Not only was Lou Xingchen the only person left behind by her mother to accompany her, but her mother had also passed her the [Mountain River Sword Technique] that was not taught to outsiders like Lou Xingchen.

She let Lou Xingchen protect her. Hence, Qianxue had also treated Lou Xingchen as her biological sister. Regardless of any matter, they confided in each other…

Six years ago, Lou Qianxue originally wanted to follow her mother and leave the mansion together. However, her mother had left a message. She didn't allow Qianxue to leave the city lord's mansion before she became an adult. After she reached adulthood, she could decide her future path again…

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