3 Chapter 3: Day 3 (Part II) - Slap from Oracle

Longinus who was munching an apple heard a commotion somewhere. Of course he know where it was, those were his doings afterall, but he doesn't care and lean his back at the wall where isn't crowded, so his phobia is not kicking in. Its been a while since those girls came inside that 'Lingerie Shop' but he did not worry or anything. Girls do what typical girls do, so they say, they can even go shopping for a whole day and only buy a piece of clothes in the end, so Gin doesn't care if they took their time. At the very least, he was not hungry as he quietly eat vegies from the corner.

'Now that It think about it. Those weird people' he thought, after someone got his attention. His equipment is too eye catching with his heavy armor and 2 meter two-handed double edge sword. There is also an archer walk side by side with him with its long bow and quiver. Truth is, nowadays, minority are using bows and only use for hunting animals and not for fighting magical beasts, because of those, even arrows and quantity was small in amount even in the biggest the market and its shaft quality isn't suitable for battle. Meelee weapon such as sword, metal gauntlet and spear is in demand in the market.

When sun is at its peak, the girls came out of the shop at last, they all waved at Gin, and all have their own bags full of clothes and inner garments, each of them have five. Sighing, Gin fetch their belongings and drag them out of the market to return to their mansion(inn).

"I'll eat later, you guys don't walk outside as long as I'm not around, I have some things to do" He then walk out again after dropping them.

"Did you hear that!? He said, he'll eat later?! Holy hell!" Raxion exclaimed in surprise

{A/N: by the way, I forgot. Raxion name is read as [ra·tion or raSH(ə)n, rāSH(ə)n]}

"Fufufufu, that was new" Ningneng laugh quitely like usual as she cover her mouth.

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"Let's go girls! I can't wait for the showdown later! hehehe!" Navi joyfully pull the two downstairs to eat.

* * *

Longinus already tracked where those weird person was hunting, he maintained his distance and quietly observing them, but in the end he failed or rather, all in vain. Why? The archer died and vanish like the last time, and the man with heavy sword and armor retreated but he was ambushed by an outlaw.

"The hell happened!?" Gin ask himself. Actually, what he only learned was their crude fighting style. Like, they don't care for their own life while fighting, and nothing more, "Damn it, I really am not suited for scouting" he said so with disappointed face as he return the City. Later did he know, he already acquired one of an important information about them.

* * *

Gin whose anti-socialization entered inside the tavern. He already scanned the area if cramped or what-not, but surprisingly, this tavern is too big to be filled in a day just by a group drunkard.

He ordered a bottle of sake and listen to conversations just after he seated. There was once a saying: 'If information is what you want, go to the tavern, afterall drunkard never tell lies' is one of many things Gin learned from his deceased master.

Thats why, he's here. But it takes him more time than what he thinks before one of the drunkard spill some beans. But surprisingly, what he heard struck his ear.

"Did you hear? Someone says, an oracle are now inside our city!" Says by one of drunked customer to his mate as they share tables, not far away from Gin.

"You think so too?! Actually, that news came from me! It was I who told you that earlier you know!? Someone actually told me that, only this morning!!" Replied by another while he hold the others collar and shake him.

"Master, why are you so knowledgeable! Damn, this is why I really hate you!" Murmured by Gin as he immediately turn his heel to exit after paying.

But not even in his tenth steps. The door was pushed from the outside as the saloon door swung open and the male customer entered.

Longinus eye grew big after seing the customer that he forgot to step forward.

"Heh! You're here, mister City Guard?" He said so to Gin. Gin dash towards him but was stopped by two muscular man who has covered with thick fur other than their own skin, they also have a pair of thick metal choker. Though faint, their position is at the side inside the tavern door. They are battle slave, but here, they trained as Tavern Guard.

"A Slave!?" Gin said and look at the bartender but only shook its head. 'He's not the owner?' But then, he heard a loud laugh from his back as other customer also look at them curiously.

"Hahahaha! Oi Shitty Guard. You cannot harm me inside the City, you know?! I was protected afterall!" he said so with nonchalant sneer as he raised his arm towards Gin with thumbs up sign and pointed it to the ground.

"Wait for me, It was I, who will kill you personaly! Hahahaha! I'll raid you m*therf*cking bitxh later!" He said with reassure tone while placing his thumb to his neck and slowly slide it to the side, as if telling that he will beheaded Gin. He then walk towards the bartender and seated with refreshing smile.

Who was he? He's the guy whose supposed to be dead but didn't. In fact, he was full of energy as if nothing happened that time. The one who bit his tounge from that time.

And as for Gin? He long since dragged outside by the guards.

He wanted to kill or interrogate that arrogant bastard again, but he was too his worried about his employer(woman), so he didn't hesitate to return.

* * *

Unknown P.O.V

Hey GM! I'm a F*cking beta tester but was killed twice in a row now!? I was suppose to be strong, will discover what others can't, experience before others can! yet here, the guard who wanted to interrogate me last time, remembered me full too well and want to kill me again?! If not for system protection, I'm already dead! Damn life! I will kill that bitxh later! Just you wait! Just you wait!

* * *


Longinus stomach cried for food after he came inside their inn. Seen by the maid, they bow at him as he move his heel towards his room but his nose sniff twice, 'this familiar smell!' He thought.

And if he saw a smoke made of smell, he walk where it came from, surprisingly, he's now at the kitchen and saw Raxion with full white uniform with blue handkerchief hanging in her collar with pig tails. Raxionlook at him too as she embarrassed and cover her chest and mouth as she turned red.

But seing Gin's mouth who have saliva, she felt gloomy.

'This bastard! I felt embarrassed for nothing!' She thought and took out one of her creation, a cookies and reached it to Gin.

"Thank you!" Gin smiled widely and walked out as he went straight to his room this time while munching cookies.

'So it was her smell I familiar with' he thought again.

"Hmm~ sweet! So damn delish! This is great"

But then he yawned after eating the last cookie "Uaaaahhhm~! Urgh!"

He pushed the door and entered inside, sat and lean his head at the table, look at the window and find a good position, so he lean his head to his hand that he also place at the table, so he look at his right where the bed was while steadily close his eyes.

But instead

"Eh!?" He saw something as his eyes grew big instead.

""Ehh!?"" Hearing and seing Navi and Ningneng who does not have any clothes and was changing, Longinus gulped in surprised. He then look to his left and said.

"I.. see nothing! So keep what you're doing! I was sleepy so, I see not-" his voice became heave as he fell asleep while saying his excuse. But who would believe his words?

Of course they believe him. Not once but he did those same thing twice, especially after he eat and yawned. He aslept after one or two yawns. That's why, Raxion called him sloth other than glutton.

Who the hell fall asleep after eating!? Is what she always complained.

The two felt relieve and continue their exchange. Actually, they just showcase not too long ago the clothes they buy this day. And Raxion who sniff a nice smell without further ado went straight towards the kitchen and didn't came back until now. Thats why it was the two of them who did the 'fashion show'. They even point each other and gave each others reviews.

Back to present.

"I..I need some fresh air. How about you?" Navi ask Ningneng. Though Ningneng is a noble, she doesn't want to be addressed as 'your highness' or '-sama'.

It was only Raxion who insists the honor to call Ningneng with '-sama'.

But the three still build up a friendship even with their different status. That, lets return again.

"I will sleep here, it was exhausting afterall" Ningneng replied to Navi.

"Uhm! Alright, have a nice nap" Navi said as she walk ouside the room.




Blinking twice, Ningneng look at Longinus for who knows how many seconds now and smiled and whisper "Its only third day but I was sure now, you're the strongest, right?" and continued "Fufufu, I was very happy to be with you guys, it was warm and cozy, especially with 'you' around, I wish this will take forever. Though selfish, thats what I really wish deep inside" while she moved towards the table beside Longinus as she also lean her head and copy his position and smile while he knee stay still on the bed.

She slowly touch and caress lightly Gin's dark blue hair, if he's awake, he felt bliss for sure.

"The back of a man. 'The most reliable we've ever had will accompanying you' they say" Ningneng slowly lowered her arm towards Gin's back as she steadily touch his nape and spinal chord as her hand goes lower. She smiled. This is her first time caressing a man's back so she was—

"Graaaah! Damn it!" Gin immediately stand up while stretching his arm each side and felt his fists touch something.

He scratched his hair with close eyes and shouted "that was tickle you know!? Who the hell did that to me!?? " he opened his eyes as it also grow big at the same time. He saw Ningneng lying at the bed area, touching her swollen cheek. "Eh?" He cried out as he look at his fist whos still hot as cookie and force his smile.


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