1 Strongest Hunter Agustus

"Today we will witness the rise of the first 5-star A-Rank Hunter in the World!" 

Everyone on Earth had their eyes fixed on their television that day. Gladness, excitement, and admiration flashed on their faces as they watched the current worldwide news. 

That day marked the rise of the first-ever 5-star A-rank hunter. The highest being whose name had propagated on the entire Earth. An existence whom the celebrities nor the country's president's fame couldn't compare to. 

In exaggeration, one would even sell their organs just to witness this man's shadow. His fame reached that extent. 

On the tv screens, a news reporter could be seen pointing towards a massive portal in the background, just a kilometer away from the reporter. 

The reporter didn't even bother taking a step towards the area. The mana condensation was too high causing the 1-kilometer surrounding to be turbulent. 

Any non-awaken people who would approach this area would have their limbs torn just from the rich mana. 

This was the might of a 5-star A-rank Dungeon. 

In the entire 2 years since the monsters invaded the Earth, no one had yet to clear this type of dungeon. Countless guilds had already tried to clear this but without enough strength, the result was a massive loss of hunters. 


Today, a dungeon that couldn't be cleared by a 100-man party was now being attempted by a single hunter. He was aiming for a solo clear to the hardest dungeon on Earth! 

Without a doubt, clearing a dungeon alone would trigger greater rewards upon clearance, but no one ever thought that a single hunter could clear a 5-star dungeon, let alone an A-rank one. 

The same was the reason why everyone on Earth got their eyes fixed on the current news. Today would mark either the rise of the first 5-star A-rank hunter in the world or a tremendous loss of the strongest hunter. 

Later on, the portal could be seen twitching, causing even greater turbulence in the surrounding area. Everyone didn't blink at the sight of this phenomenon as this could only mean one thing ---

"...he, he cleared it!!!!!" 

"Wahhhh, we are now witnessing the rise of the brightest star!"

"Everyone, let's greet the rise of the 5-star A-rank hunter in the world!"

Along with the turbulence, a man was seen emerging from the massive portal. In the hand of the man was a three-story size head of the Water Dragon "Clea".

The media relentlessly captured this sight as they uttered their praises and news with the utmost admiration. Even social media suffered immense traffic from endless comments. 

Mr. Parker: Wow! He cleared it solo?! Is that for real?

Sugarpie: Don't you watch the television dude? Yes! He cleared it! Solo! 

Bestsucker333: Shucks, I still can't believe that it was cleared. Can you marry me please, hunter-nim? 

Sweet Princess: shut up @Bestsucker333, Mr. Agustus is mine only! In fact, I dreamt of him saving me from filthy goblins. I bet he was thinking of me? 

Muntingdaga: thinking of you? What a joke! Stop your delusional thinking @Sweet Princess. He doesn't even know you

Sweet Princess: shut up you fucker! 

The media became restless from continual discussions that day. Everyone threw their praises and admiration towards the hunter, Agustus. 

January 13, 2030, marked the rise of the strongest hunter. The day that will be etched on everyone's mind and recorded in most documents. 

That day was remembered as the day where everyone became united and ecstatic about the possibility of driving off dungeons. 

As Agustus left the portal, he was bombarded with heavy questions from the news reporter. Thankfully, his guards immediately respond to the situation, blocking off the frantic reporters. 

Agustus was about to leave the area when an intriguing question from the crowd pierced his ears. 

"Mr. Agustus! What is your goal now after clearing the highest-grade dungeon?" 

The question made Agustus to ceased walking. Turning his head towards the reporters who had turned silent, he uttered his answer with heavenly confidence. 

"For now, I want a slot on the Authorities" 

His answer left everyone stunned for a moment then a second later, the reporters turned even madder at the big scope they just had. 

Far from the crowd, Agustus had already left the area with a grin - 

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