5 So Her Type

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Ye Qingran said, "I don't hate you, it's just that the two of us really aren't suitable for each other."

For a moment, Chu Ruoruo froze. She suddenly thought of something and exclaimed, "Could it be that you really like men as the rumors say?"

Ye Qingran: "..."

At that moment, the door was suddenly opened by someone.

When she saw who it was, Chu Ruoruo's body stiffened and she called out a little nervously, "Brother."

Ye Qingran followed Chu Ruoruo's gaze and looked over.

When she looked over, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

The man who walked over was very handsome. His figure was tall and straight. He wore a white shirt and black pants. He was dressed in a sharp and low-key manner. He clearly didn't have any aggression, but his every movement had a terrifying sense of majesty. He was charming and intimidating.

His eyes, which didn't have any emotional fluctuations, were even more unfathomable than the deep sea, and made people unable to read him.

Like an ancient ink painting, his temperament was refreshing and clean, noble and cold. After maturing over the years, he had the aura the eternal loneliness. It could make people intoxicated, but it could also make people overwhelmed.

His appearance and aura were not only pleasing to the eye, but also made people fantasize.

He was so her type! ! !

"Brother, why are you back..." Chu Ruoruo was surprised. She didn't expect her brother to suddenly come back.

Chu Yan's gaze fell on Chu Ruoruo.

Chu Ruoruo immediately felt an invisible pressure lingering around her.

Her small body shrank and she instinctively moved behind Ye Qingran.

It was as if someone had caught her in the act of "adultery".

Ye Qingran: "..."

Didn't she say that her brother was a good person? Then what was Chu Ruoruo afraid of?

Why did she feel like she had been tricked?

Ye Qingran didn't panic. She calmly smiled at Chu Yan. "Hello, big... brother."

Chu Yan ignored Ye Qingran and his gaze fell on Chu Ruoruo.

Chu Ruoruo quickly said, "Brother, Brother Ran was chased out by his father. He has no place to stay these few days. I want him to stay at home for a few days."

"Okay, I got it. Did you do your homework today?" Chu Yan opened his mouth. His tone was flat and his expression was calm.

"No... no."

"Go and do your homework." Chu Yan looked at Ye Qingran and said, "Come with me."

It was obvious that he had sent Chu Ruoruo away to have a private conversation with Ye Qingran.

Chu Ruoruo was a little worried. She wanted to say something more, but Ye Qingran gave her a reassuring look and followed Chu Yan to the study on the second floor.

The study, like an exquisite living room, was very large.

Chu Yan sat behind the desk with an impassive expression on his face.

The sunlight shone on him from behind the window. He, like a picturesque scenery, seemed to be coated with a layer of fine golden light.

Ye Qingran was slightly dazed.

She had seen countless beauties, but none of those other faces could make her unable to move her eyes away and her heart beat so wildly.

Chu Yan went straight to the point and said in an indifferent tone, "I don't like to beat around the bush. Stay away from Ruoruo."

Ye Qingran blinked. "... Are you trying to break up a couple?"

Chu Yan didn't say anything, but his attitude was very clear.

"Usually, when people break up a couple, a large sum of money is given." Ye Qingran looked curious and asked expectantly, "Are you going to give me a check or cash?"

Chu Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at Ye Qingran in a mysterious manner.

He opened the drawer and took out a check. He pushed it in front of Ye Qingran. "Ten million to get out of her sight."

Ye Qingran: "..."

He really gave her money? !

She, Ye Qingran, would actually get a check by someone to be forced to break up one day.

It was too interesting.

Ye Qingran curled her lips into a smile. She took a pen and added a zero on the check before pushing it back to Chu Yan. "Why don't I give you 100 million and buy you as my husband?"

The air suddenly froze.

Chu Yan's deep and chiseled features were cold and intimidating.

The gaze he used to look at Ye Qingran suddenly had unconcealed disgust.

He rarely showed his emotions, so at this moment, he was deliberately showing his disgust.

Ye Qingran then realized that she was now disguised as a man.

She made a blunder.

Chu Yan's aura was so intimidating, and he had a check for ten million with him. It was really puzzling that such a hidden big shot didn't have much scenes in the original novel.

She cleared her throat and said, "I was just joking."

Seeing that Chu Yan's expression remained unchanged, she defended herself and said sincerely, "Actually, Ruoruo and I have already made an agreement. Before my mother comes back, I will stay here, and she has agreed to break up with me."

She promised sincerely, "Don't worry. After staying here for a few days, I will definitely let Ruoruo see clearly that I am a super scumbag. I'm not worthy of feeling sad over or having true feelings for, and I'm not worthy of being entrusted with for life!"

Chu Yan stared at her.

His deep gaze seemed to appear indifferent, yet it also appeared as cold as ice.

Ye Qingran's eyes curled slightly as she teased. "Since you're so hesitant, are you worried about Ruoruo, or are you worried that you won't be able to resist my charm?"

Chu Yan warned her coldly, "Watch your mouth. I'm not interested in people of the same sex."

Ye Qingran raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Ah, what a coincidence. Me too."

Chu Ruoruo had been waiting outside worriedly.

When she saw Ye Qingran come out of the room, she immediately went up to her and asked nervously, "Brother Ran, did my brother make things difficult for you?"

"No, your brother is very nice. He has already agreed to let me stay here." Ye Qingran glanced at the door of the study. "He wants you to go in."

Chu Ruoruo let out a long breath. It was good that Brother Ran could stay here.

As for her, her brother would give her a few words of reprimanding at most. She was used to it anyway.

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After Chu Ruoruo entered the study room, Ye Qingran went back to the bedroom.

She called the host's mother again but still couldn't get through. Was she in a place with bad reception or did something happen?

Ye Qingran sent a message, asking her to call back immediately when she saw it, over.

She could clearly feel that although Chu Yan had agreed to let her stay, it was only for a few days.

A few days later, if the host's mother couldn't be contacted, she might really have to stay at school.

Early the next morning, after washing up, Ye Qingran took her schoolbag and went downstairs.

In the living room, the Chu siblings were already sitting at the dining table eating breakfast. She took the initiative to greet them. "Good morning."

Chu Ruoruo immediately smiled and replied, "Good morning, Brother Ran."

She even got up to fill a bowl of porridge and placed it in front of Ye Qingran.

Meanwhile, Chu Yan only raised his eyes slightly and looked at her indifferently. His attitude remained unchanged as he continued to eat his breakfast.

Today, Ye Qingran was wearing a loose white t-shirt with beige casual pants underneath. It was loose and baggy, so it made her look lazy and relaxed. However, it was also very refreshing and handsome.

Chu Ruoruo bit her chopsticks and complimented shyly, "Brother Ran, you're so handsome today."

Ye Qingran tilted her head and brushed the hair on her forehead. Then, she replied, "In the past, wasn't I handsome?"

"Brother Ran is very handsome every day..."

Chu Yan, who was silently drinking porridge, suddenly slammed the spoon into the bowl loudly.

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