4 She Was A Super Scumbag

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Of course, he was jealous and envious, but Tang Xinyuan didn't dare to say it.

As he was hesitating, he was coldly glared at by Ye Qingran. He immediately blurted out, "Because we don't like you." Trembling, he stood up, but was afraid that he would be hit again.

Ye Qingran said calmly, "That's enough."

Tang Xinyuan breathed a sigh of relief and turned to run.

But just as he moved, he was stopped by Ye Qingran again.

He was already on the verge of breaking down. Gritting his teeth, he asked with a pained expression, "What else do you want?"

"Next time you see me, remember to take a detour! !"

"Alright, alright, alright." Tang Xinyuan felt as if he had been released from a great burden and hurriedly ran away.

Oh my God, this person was too scary. He didn't want to play together with him ever again.

The afternoon sun shone gently on the ground.

Chu Ruoruo looked at Ye Qingran, who was standing against the light. She felt that he was the most beautiful scenery on this street.

Her eyes were burning. She held her chin with both hands and screamed, "Brother Ran, you were so handsome!"

Initially, she only liked Ye Qingran for his looks.

Now, she felt that Ye Qingran's entire body, and even the toes, were exuding an invisible charm.

Her intent gaze made it seem as if she wanted to eat Ye Qingran up.

Ye Qingran was embarrassed.

She took a few steps back and put some distance between them. "Didn't you see me hitting someone just now? I have a tendency to be violent. Be careful or else this wooden stick will hit you."

"I know you won't." Chu Ruoruo reached out and snatched Ye Qingran's suitcase. "Brother Ran, are you going to stay at my house until Uncle forgives you?"

This was a good opportunity.

She had to lure Brother Ran back home so that she could get close to him first.

Of course, Ye Qingran wouldn't agree. This girl was too aggressive. As a fake man, she couldn't handle her.

"We've already broken up."

"We won't break up, we won't break up..." Chu Ruoruo's eyes turned slyly and she said, "Unless, you're willing to stay at my house for the next few days. Then, I'll break up with you."

Agreeing to break up was, of course, only a temporary measure. What she wanted was for love to develop over time.

Ye Qingran: "..."

She couldn't return to the Ye family.

She didn't want to stay in the dormitory.

She couldn't afford to rent a place.

She really had nowhere to go now.

It was indeed possible for her to stay at Chu Ruoruo's house for a few days and wait for the original character's mother to return. However, if she were to carefully study Chu Ruoruo's personality, it wouldn't be difficult to guess her true motive.

However, she could make use of this opportunity.

"Don't you need to ask your parents before bringing your classmate home?"

"I live alone in the house. My brother doesn't come back often. He only comes back for one or two days a month. You definitely won't be able to meet him if you just stay for a few days. Even if you do meet him, my brother will agree to it. My brother is... a very good person. It's just that... he doesn't like to talk much."

Chu Ruoruo thought to herself, her brother had just returned two days ago.

For the next half month, her brother wouldn't be coming home. She could take this opportunity to pounce on Brother Ran.

She would devour him.

Ye Qingran hesitated for a moment and finally agreed.

No matter what Chu Ruoruo wanted to do, it was impossible to get rid of her.

She might as well use this opportunity to make Chu Ruoruo give up completely and stay far away from this jerk "Ye Qingran"!

Chu Ruoruo screamed happily and immediately brought Ye Qingran home.

Along the way, she chirped and told her where she lived.

She basically said that her house was a little old and the place was a little remote. She hoped that Ye Qingran wouldn't dislike it too much.

In the original novel, Chu Ruoruo didn't have many scenes, but she told her that her family's conditions weren't very good. Her mother had passed away, and her father was an ordinary office worker.

Ye Qingran estimated that her family was in the old housing area on the outskirts of the city.

Ten minutes later, the car passed by a tree-lined path with pleasant scenery. Finally, it stopped outside an independent residential house.

The two-story small villa combined Western European architecture with the ancient Han style architecture. Outside, it had a green garden and pavilions. It looked antique, but it also had a unique artistic vibe.

Ye Qingran: "..."

Didn't it say in the novel that her family conditions weren't good?

Didn't it say in the novel that the house was a little old?

Didn't it say in the novel the place was a little remote?

As an ordinary office worker, how could Father Chu have such a low-key luxurious, and magnificently high-end house?

Was the Chu family really not a low-key wealthy family?

In the original novel, after the original character was exposed as a woman, Chu Ruoruo's relationship with her was still very good.

After the original character's accident, Chu Ruoruo even helped avenge Ye Qingran. She tried to bully the female lead and frame the female lead for having a messy private life and being kept as a mistress...

Wait, how did Chu Ruoruo frame the female lead, Mu Qingxue?

The female lead had a relationship with several men to begin with. If that wasn't a messy private life, then what was?

After the male leads slept with the female lead, he bought her all kinds of luxury items. If that wasn't being kept as a mistress, then what was?

The characters in the original novel were blind.

In any case, Chu Ruoruo hated the female protagonist very much, so she bullied her many times.

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However, there was one thing that was very strange. As long as someone hurt the female protagonist a little, the powerful male protagonists would torture them to death. Only Chu Ruoruo kept going against the female protagonist, but nothing happened to her.

In the end, she also left unscathed and was sent abroad by her brother, Chu Yan, to study.

Chu Yan was just a passerby in the original novel.

Other than telling the audience that he was Chu Ruoruo's brother, there was no other information.

The Chu family was probably only an ordinary family, but this Chu Yan was definitely not simple!

Could it be that she had some hidden powerful background?

Chu Ruoruo, enthusiastically acting like a real estate agent, led Ye Qingran around the house.

She wanted to arrange for Ye Qingran to stay in the guest room next to her bedroom.

But she was rejected by Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran chose a guest room that was furthest away from Chu Ruoruo's bedroom.

Although Chu Ruoruo was a little disappointed, she still said excitedly, "Brother Ran, although the guest bedroom has its own bathroom, it doesn't have a bathtub. I don't mind if you come to my place. The bathtub in my bathroom is big and comfortable."

"The thing I dislike the most is taking a bath."

"Okay." She had wanted to take a bath together.

Chu Ruoruo stayed by Ye Qingran's side the whole time.

Ye Qingran unpacked her luggage and immediately returned to the living room.

She didn't want to be alone with Chu Ruoruo in the bedroom, which made people have romantic thoughts.

"Brother Ran, my kitchen is very big. I'm very good at cooking. The Chinese and western dishes I cook are especially delicious. I'm a very suitable candidate to marry."

Chu Ruoruo tried her best to sell herself.

She deliberately whispered into Ye Qingran's ear coyly and breathed like an orchid. She, like an immature little vixen, had a charm that didn't belong to her age.

Ye Qingran refused, "No."

After her honey trap failed, Chu Ruoruo shouted dejectedly, "Brother Ran..."

Ye Qingran pushed her away and put a distance between the two of them. "Since we've agreed that I'll stay at home with you, then we should break up. Naturally, we should keep our distance."

Upon hearing this, Chu Ruoruo curled her lips. "Brother Ran, a little beauty like me has come knocking on your door, yet you still want to break up with me? Are you a man or not?"

Ye Qingran smiled lightly. "I'm really not a man."

Chu Ruoruo was dumbfounded and didn't know how to react. "You even said that you're not a man just to break up with me. Do you really hate me that much?"

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