3 She Liked To Torture Scum

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"Isn't it a little too late to run now?" As she spoke, Tang Xinyuan had already brought a few men and surrounded Ye Qingran and Chu Ruoruo.

Chu Ruoruo said, "Tang Xinyuan, this is outside the school. Do you want to resort to violence on campus?"

"There's nothing for you to do here. Hurry up and get lost, or I'll beat you up too." Tang Xinyuan's expression was gloomy and ferocious. He was livid as he glared at Ye Qingran.

"F * ck you, Ye Qingran. I treated you as my friend, but you wanted to sleep with my girlfriend. I'll cripple you today!"

Tang Xinyuan waved his hand.

The men he brought immediately waved the wooden sticks in their hands and charged at Ye Qingran fiercely.

Ye Qingran's face was calm, but her eyes were fierce.

When the wooden sticks were swung at her, Ye Qingran quickly sidestepped them.

She was the heir of the Ye family, so how to protect herself had been a compulsory lesson for her ever since she was young.

She could handle these few hooligans by herself when she was fifteen.

The original character loved to fight and often exercised. Her physical fitness wasn't bad, so she could fully display her true strength.

Chu Ruoruo was terrified when she saw this, and she anxiously shouted, "Tang Xinyuan, you've gone overboard. I'm going to tell the teacher."

She took out her phone to make a call, but was stopped by Tang Xinyuan.

He held Chu Ruoruo's wrist and ordered the men, "Beat him hard. It's best if you break his third leg."

Tang Xinyuan hadn't even finished his words yet.

With a whoosh, Ye Qingran snatched one of the sticks. At the same time, she turned around and used a whirlwind kick. It was as fast as lightning and she directly kicked a man beside her to the wall. Then, he cried out in pain and rolled to the ground.

The man behind her took the stick and rushed towards the back of Ye Qingran's head.

Seeing that Ye Qingran was about to be ambushed, Chu Ruoruo's beautiful eyes instantly widened and she shouted, "Brother Ran, be careful!"

Tang Xinyuan clenched his fists tightly.

Before the stick even landed on Ye Qingran's body, he shouted excitedly, "Good hit..."

However, his happiness didn't last long. He was shocked to see that Ye Qingran suddenly squatted down. Not only did she dodge the attack, but she also swept her leg and kicked the man to the ground.

Tang Xinyuan's face turned ugly from anger.

He actually missed.

Damn it, when he beat up Ye Qingran last time, Ye Qingran's combative skills were so weak that he didn't even have the chance to fight back. How did his combative skills become so good today?

What martial arts class did he sign up for these past few days?

It was impossible for him to learn so quickly.

Ye Qingran waved her two sticks and knocked down a few hooligans in just a few moves.

Tang Xinyuan and Chu Ruoruo were stunned, especially Tang Xinyuan, who was full of fear.

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He looked at Ye Qingran in disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost. Didn't these people say that they were good at fighting?

Didn't they say that theey were martial arts experts?

Had black belts in taekwondo?

Three against one?

F * ck, even the street acrobats were better at fighting than them...

Ye Qingran walked towards Tang Xinyuan with a wicked smile on her face.

Tang Xinyuan's heartbeat suddenly sped up and he felt terrified.

He let go of Chu Ruoruo and took a few steps back. "You... What are you doing? Don't think that only you can fight..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Ye Qingran threw the stick in her hand at Tang Xinyuan.

Tang Xinyuan was so scared that his face turned pale. "How dare you hit me? I will tell my father."

While he was retreating, he was looking for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Ye Qingran.

Ye Qingran's eyes turned cold. She took the opportunity to grab Tang Xinyuan's hand. She turned quickly and threw him over the shoulder while he was caught off guard.

Bang! He fell heavily to the ground.

Tang Xinyuan was dizzy from the pain. He couldn't help but shout, "Ye Qingran, you're dead meat! You're dead meat! I won't let you off the hook! Ah..."

"Shut up!"

Ye Qingran shouted coldly as she became enveloped in an imposing aura.

When Tang Xinyuan looked at Ye Qingran, a chill, causing his breathing and movements to stop instinctively, rose from his heart.

What was going on?

How could Ye Qingran's aura be so terrifying today?

Those pair of almond-shaped eyes was sharp, pierce, and as cold as a blade. She also had a murderous aura that gave him a strong sense of oppression. It made him feel suffocated.

This was a side of Ye Qingran that he had never seen before.

Tang Xinyuan suddenly panicked. He was frightened...

He wanted to escape.

But just as he got up from the ground, he was kicked down by Ye Qingran again.

The rod landed sharply on his back. Tang Xinyuan could only hug his head, bend his body, and crouch down on the ground. Disregarding his image, he started crying.

Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, it hurted so much! !

Why was Ye Qingran so scary all of a sudden?

He felt like his back was gonna rot and his heart and lungs were gonna burst.

Tang Xinyuan finally couldn't stand it anymore and started crying for mercy. "Ye Qingran, do not hit me. Please do not kill me. If you hit me again I'll die."

"What did you just say now? You said you'll tell your dad, right?"

Ye Qingran asked, but her hands didn't stop.

That day, when Tang Xinyuan hit the original character, he didn't show any mercy. Today, he had to shed some blood so that he would learn a lesson. In the future, when he saw her, he would be afraid and wouldn't dare to provoke her again.

"No, no, no. How can we look for elders to deal with the affairs of us young people? Of course I won't look for them. Whoever looks for them is a dog..."

Tang Xinyuan shouted loudly. Ye Qingran hit his back every time. He felt that Ye Qingran had held back.

Otherwise, it would be terrible if these sticks hit his head.

But he didn't know that there was a reason Ye Qingran didn't hit his head or face.

Ye Qingran stopped and looked at Chu Ruoruo beside her. "Ruoruo, take out your phone and film."

Chu Ruoruo was still in shock. She suddenly came back to her senses and quickly took out her phone, then turned on the camera function.

Tang Xinyuan endured the pain all over his body and not wanting anything to be recorded, he gritted his teeth.

It was too f * cking embarrassing.

He had brought a group of people to stop Ye Qingran, but in the end, he was beaten up by Ye Qingran. If this were to spread, how would he, Tang Xinyuan, be able to survive in this social circle in the future?

But he didn't dare to not record anything.

Ye Qingran was too cruel today.

Ye Qingran was aloof and her expression was indifferent. "Tang Xinyuan, did I rape Si Jing?"

"Of course..."yes.


Ye Qingran narrowed her eyes with a bone-chilling killing intent.

Tang Xinyuan was so scared that his body shrank. Then, he gritted his teeth and replied, "No!"

Compared to the humiliation distinguished historical figures had suffered, this was nothing.

A real man could can take temporary setbacks. Next time, he would definitely get revenge.

Ye Qingran casually tapped her palm with the wooden stick. "Then, what happened that night?"

Tang Xinyuan looked like a little wife who had been insulted. His expression was so miserable.

He stood there blankly, then said slowly and obediently, "That night, we were the ones who framed you. We were the ones who set you up. You didn't do anything. You had a fever of 40 degrees that day, so you couldn't do anything."

Ye Qingran asked again, "Then why did you set me up?"

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