2 She Had Three Friends

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In less than half an hour, this post already had thousands of comments.

But a few minutes later, the post suddenly disappeared.

And similar posts couldn't be posted.

The post disappeared, but that didn't mean that it never existed. The topic of Ye Qingran's rape never stopped in school.

Ye Qingran didn't appear at school for many days.

Just as everyone was guessing whether Ye Qingran had been expelled from school because of the rape incident, someone posted a picture of Ye Qingran dragging his luggage and appearing at school on the forum.

[ He actually came to school again. I thought he was expelled. ]

[ How could that be possible? This is the Fourth Young Master of the Ye family. How could the school dare to do that? ]

[ if I were him, I wouldn't have the face to come to the school. Eh, why is he dragging his suitcase? Is he gonna stay at school? ]

[ I heard that he was chased out of the Ye family. He deserves it. ]

[ Are you for real? If It's true, shouldn't we set off firecrackers to celebrate? Haha. ]


The moment Ye Qingran stepped into the school gate, she felt deep malice.

The gazes that shot over from all directions were filled with disdain, anger, hatred, intense shame, and other malice.

It was as if they wanted to crucify her.

The matter of her being framed as a rapist by Si Jing had already caused a storm in the school. Actually, for the host, it was a very simple matter to clear her name.

However, after the incident, the original character would rather be beaten than reveal that she was a woman pretending to be a man.

This was because the original character's mother had always emphasized in her ear since she was young that her identity as a girl couldn't be exposed, or else they would be chased out of the Ye family.

In the corridor of the boys' dormitory.

Ye Qingran's face was cold and expressionless, but in her heart, she was cursing them profusely.

Although Nanfang High School was the best private high school in the city, the student dormitory had at least four people per room.

Looking at the boys who were shirtless, in their underwear, and scratching their feet, Ye Qingran didn't have any desire to stay.

She didn't want be in a situation like [ the girl living in the boys' dormitory ] or [ the cohabitation of three men and one woman ] .

No matter how one looked at this kind of plot, it made people feel disgusted, and their minds became full of dirty thoughts.

She couldn't be blamed for thinking too much. The original novel itself was obscene.

"Yo, isn't this Fourth Young Master Ye? Fourth Young Master Ye is dragging a suitcase. Could it be that he wants to stay on campus?"

Two boys walked out of the dormitory next door and looked at her mockingly.

The expression on their faces were smug and gleeful.

Ye Qingran raised her eyes and glanced at the two of them. Even with the host's memory, she couldn't remember who they were at all.

She looked at the washbasin in the boy's hand, then glanced at the soap in the washbasin and asked, "Are you guys going to wash together?"

"Yes, you have a problem with that?" Everyone often washed their clothes together.

"What if the soap falls on the ground?"

"Idiot, of course I'm going to pick it up."

Ye Qingran laughed.

She didn't say anything else and left with the suitcase.

The two classmates froze for a moment then understood what Ye Qingran meant. In an instant, they went from being at a loss to being angry. They roared, "Damn Ye Qingran, you're so f * cking disgusting."

However, Ye Qingran couldn't hear them. She had already dragged the suitcase out of the school.

In the original novel [ Love Snow ] , the original character was also chased out by Ye Jun to stay at school because of the rape incident.

The original character was afraid of exposing her identity as a woman disguised as a man, so she called her mother, who was overseas on vacation.

Her mother was more worried than the original character, so she immediately returned to the country and rented an apartment near the school to solve the problem of the original owner staying at the school.

Ye Qingran decided to imitate the original character's actions.

However, even after calling the original character's mother several times, she was still unable to get through..

"Brother Ran, Brother Ran..."

Following the shouts, a pretty girl jogged to Ye Qingran.

Her small face was filled with worry. "Brother Ran, why did you come to school? Are you feeling better?"

Ye Qingran froze."... I'm fine."

This girl's name was Chu Ruoruo, and she was one of the original character's girlfriends...

In order to conceal her identity as a woman disguised as a man, the original character not only went around fooling around, she also actually made three friends.

"I heard that you were chased out of the Ye family. Is that true or false?"

"It's true."

Chu Ruoruo said with a firm expression, "Brother Ran, I believe that you were framed. If you explain to Uncle, Uncle will definitely believe you."

Ye Qingran smiled. "Thank you."

The girl was wearing a beige dress and a pair of flat white shoes. She was casual and elegant, innocent and cute.

"I'm not Fourth Young Master Ye anymore. I have no money and no place to live. Why don't we break up?" She was no longer the original character. She decided to break up with the original character's three girlfriends one by one.

She would let them escape from the sea of bitterness.

Chu Ruoruo said righteously, "Brother Ran, what kind of person do you take me for? How could I break up with you at this time?"

As she said that, she was about to pull Ye Qingran's hand.

Ye Qingran was embarrassed and avoided her, as if she had been shocked. "Ugh... you're not the only girlfriend I have."

Chu Ruoruo pouted her red lips. "I know, but I don't care. I believe that the person who will stay by your side in the end will definitely be me."

Ye Qingran said from the bottom of her heart, "I'm a scumbag. I'm very flirtatious and evil. I'm not loyal at all. You better give up now."

"I won't."

"Aren't you afraid? I'll drag you to the hotel later and eat you up. "Ye Qingran deliberately smiled evilly with a wicked expression.

Unexpectedly, when Chu Ruoruo saw him, not only was she not afraid, but her eyes lit up instead. She shouted with anticipation, "Okay, okay. I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

Ye Qingran:"..." This was really out of the ordinary.

Chu Ruoruo poked and poked with her two little index fingers and said shyly, "I've been craving for your body for a very long time."

Ye Qingran clutched her chest: "..."

What was she feeling shy for? This words didn't deserve any shy feelings at all, alright?

With a sullen expression on her face, she ordered, "No craving."

Chu Ruoruo gave him a flirtatious wink. "Then, Brother Ran, you can crave for my body."

Ye Qingran clasped her forehead. "..."

Just how much charm did the original character use to actually beguile this innocent and cute little girl to such an extent?

Suddenly, another voice sounded from behind.

"Ye Qingran! !"

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Ye Qingran turned around and saw a young boy with an angry expression.

It was Tang Xinyuan, the original character's scoundrel friend and also Si Jing's boyfriend, after Si Jing framed the original character.

Today, Tang Xinyuan saw Ye Qingran coming to school and was ready to teach her a lesson.

Chu Ruoruo was shocked when she saw him and immediately shouted, "Brother Ran, run, run!"

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