9 Her Perfect Counterattack (2)

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As a last ditch effort, Si Jing shouted, "No, it's not like that. There's something wrong with this video. Someone must have edited it. Tang Xinyuan really saw everything. You guys wait for Tang Xinyuan to come over. He'll definitely prove everything."

The homeroom teacher's face darkened. He glanced at Si Jing and asked Tang Xinyuan's homeroom teacher when Tang Xinyuan would arrive.

Tang Xinyuan's homeroom teacher immediately went out to make a call.

Not long after, the teacher returned. With an ambivalent expression, the teacher said to everyone, "I'm sorry, but Tang Xinyuan won't be coming. Moreover, his family members said... Tang Xinyuan is going to transfer schools and won't be coming to school anymore."

The students who were present to testify instantly went into an uproar.

They were shocked.

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They had always believed that Ye Qingran raped Si Jing because Tang Xinyuan was present at the scene. Moreover, his anger at that time didn't seem to be feigned.

At this moment, Ye Qingran took out her phone.

She played the video that she had recorded for Tang Xinyuan for everyone to see.

"That night, we were the ones who framed you. We were the ones who set you up. You didn't do anything. You had a fever of 40 degrees that day, and you couldn't do anything."

"Then why did you set me up?"

"Because we didn't like you."


The Dean stomped his feet angrily. "You child, if you had this video, why didn't you take it out earlier to prove your innocence?"

"If no one posted that video on the Internet but I showed this video, people would definitely suspect that I forced Tang Xinyuan to record this video." Ye Qingran's eyes darkened, then said with feigned sadness, "Sometimes, once people have a bad impression of you, no matter what you do, they will think that you are a sweet talking and backstabbing man with a beast's heart."

These few sentences made those students who testified lose their composure.

They felt awkward and guilty.

At this moment, they naturally understood that they had been played by Tang Xinyuan and Si Jing.

They had been used.

Everyone was furious.

They all started to curse at Si Jing.

"How can you all be so righteous when playing dirty tricks? This is too f * cking disgusting!"

"You contorted the truth. If you're not b*tch, then what are you?"

"Previously, you even called Ye Qingran a beast. I think you guys are the real beasts."

Mu Qingxue had been silent ever since the video came out.

At this moment, her face was full of confusion as she looked at Si Jing in shock.

It was as if she was asking what was going on.

Si Jing was very angry.

Fury arose in her heart.

She thought to herself, 'You still want to ask what's going on? Isn't it all because you've been ridiculing Ye Qingran? Otherwise, how could everything have happened after that?'

Facing everyone's cold gazes and fierce scolding, Si Jing was on the verge of breaking down, and instantly burst into tears.

"It wasn't me, that wasn't what I meant, it's Xinyuan..."

Tang Xinyuan had clearly promised that he would treat her well for the rest of her life. How could he abandon her at this time?

What should she do now?

Tang Xinyuan had transferred to another school and left. He was the Young Master of the Tang family. He could transfer anywhere he wanted. He could even leave the country directly.

But she couldn't.

Her parents worked hard to earn money, and it wasn't easy for them to get her into the best high school in Jiang City.

If her parents found out about what happened today, they would definitely beat her to death.

For a moment, Si Jing was truly in despair.

She held the hands of class three's homeroom teacher and cried for help. "Teacher, please believe me. I really didn't mean it. Xinyuan..."

The teacher felt sour in her heart.

Si Jing's academic performance was very good and her grades were always in the top five in her class. She was usually very obedient, but why was it...

She was disappointed that she failed her expectations.

After being together for more than two years, the teacher definitely had affection for her. The teacher wanted to protect Si Jing.

She looked at the Dean and said, "This, this was her fault... she definitely needs to be criticized..."

Ye Qingran directly interrupted her, "Criticized? Teacher, if I remember correctly, didn't you just ask me to drop out of school?"

The homeroom teacher of class three said, "But now, hasn't it been revealed that nothing happened?"

"There isn't anything right now, but just now, if it wasn't for that video, I might have already been expelled. Our Nanfang High School is the best high school in Jiang City, and our school standards are strict. If we don't severely punish the culprit of such a vile case of framing, it will have a bad influence on the other students. If all of them learn from her like this in the future, what will our school be like? All you teachers, what do you all think?"

If she let her off this time, she would definitely do the same thing again and approach her again.

She was a person who feared trouble the most. It was better to solve it once and for all.

If she did something wrong, she would naturally have to bear the consequences.

At this moment, the principal stood up from his chair and said, "You're right. The impact of this matter is indeed very bad. We can't pretend that nothing happened. A small punishment is too light. Our Nanfang High School will not allow such a thing to happen again."

Ye Qingran replied politely, "Thank you, Principal."

She looked at Mu Qingxue, who was beside Si Jing.

Then, she said to Si Jing, "I must say, you're a girl, so don't accuse others of raping you. If the raping scandal gets blown up, the one with the bad reputation won't be the boy. You don't want to be criticized by others whenever you go there in the future. People might say, 'Oh, it's her. She's the woman who was raped.' So, don't go and seek justice for others when it's none of your business. You don't know if you were really seeking justice or if you were just being used as a chess piece. If you're really bored, you can go study."

There was a double meaning.

Si Jing was slightly stunned and couldn't process it.

Mu Qingxue, who was beside her, was panicking."..."

Did Ye Qingran say that on purpose?

Did he discover something?

This Ye Qingran was an idiot in the past.

He only knew how to flirt with girls all day long. Why did she feel that he was extremely calculating now?

Could it be that he was just pretending in the past?

"If there's nothing else, I'll go back to class. I believe that the school will handle this matter well and will give me justice."

After Ye Qingran finished speaking, she left immediately.

On the way back to the classroom, all the students who came out to gossip were present.

Everyone looked at her and finally stopped acting so hostile towards her. They were more curious and wanted to know what exactly happened in the principal's office.

"Ye Qingran!"

Mu Qingxue caught up from behind.

She blocked Ye Qingran's path and asked Ye Qingran angrily, "How could you do this? !"

Thinking of the first time they met, Ye Qingran took a few steps back. The words "don't touch me" were written on her face.

Seeing this, Mu Qingxue was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

She suppressed her emotions, then said bravely and righteously, "Why did you do this? Why did you have to be so ruthless? Do you know that if Jingjing is forced to drop out of school, it will be recorded in her file in the future?"

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