20 Her Lousy Father

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The golden sunlight shone through the glass windows and made the conference room of the Ye Corporation appear simple and bright by bathing the room with sunlight.

The Ye Corporation and the Mo Corporation had always been competitors.

This time, because of a real estate project, they had a common enemy, so they became partners.

After the meeting ended, Mo Xiong, the President of the Mo Corporation, didn't leave immediately.

He followed Ye Jun into the office and said with a smile, "Oh, Old Ye, how has your family been recently?"

Mo Xiong and Ye Jun had been competing for many years, not only in the business world, but also in terms of heir children.

Ye Jun, who had four sons, laughed at Mo Xiong's three daughters for being unprofitable.

And Mo Xiong, who had three daughters, laughed at Ye Jun's four sons for being debt collectors.

When he heard about Ye Qingran's "rape" incident, Mo Xiong wanted to run up to Ye Jun and watch him make a fool of himself.

Today was such a good opportunity, so he naturally couldn't let it go. He wanted to mock Ye Jun..

The two of them had fought for so many years, so Ye Jun could tell at a glance what Mo Xiong was thinking.

He snorted coldly. "What are you still doing here? Hurry up and allocate the liquid funds and prepare the funds in advance. You must know that our opponents this time are the two blue-blood families in the capital. It's very difficult for us not to lose."

Mo Xiong acted as if he hadn't heard his words.

He continued to gloat. "A few days ago, I heard that your little son actually had the audacity to go and rape a little girl. You became so angry that you almost got sent to the hospital. Tsk tsk tsk, what's the use of having so many sons? They're all debt collectors."

Ye Jun's face had a blank expression as he retorted coldly, "He was framed by someone. It's already been clarified. Don't you know?"

Mo Xiong was shocked. "Is that so?"

Ye Jun snorted. "You raised a bunch of money-losing daughters. I don't know what you're gloating about."

Mo Xiong wasn't angry. Instead, he smiled happily. "I like them. I like to money-losing daughters. I'm willing to lose money. I can lose as much as want. Even if you want to, you can't."

These words made Ye Jun feel a strong sense of heartache. Why didn't he have a daughter?

He also wanted a money-losing daughter, no matter how much he had to pay.

This was a secret that no one knew about Ye Jun.

For the sake of his face, he always acted as if he despised daughters and portrayed himself as a man who valued sons over women.

In reality, he was a daughter-obsessed man.

Ye Jun's face was cold. He gritted his teeth and fiercely said, "Hmph! When I see my son marry all three of your money-losing daughters into our family, I'll see what you can be proud of."

Mo Xiong sneered, "That's absolutely impossible. If my daughter marries your son, I'll live stream eating marble! !"

After saying that, Mo Xiong put his hands behind his back and walked away arrogantly.

Ye Jun's expression gradually changed from an iceberg to a flaming mountain.

Upon the mention of a daughter, he felt as if a huge rock broke in his chest.

There was a knock on the door and Assistant Lin walked in. "President Ye, the Fourth Young Master is here."

Ye Jun calmed himself down and resumed the appearance of a serious and caring father. Then, he asked Assistant Lin to bring him in.

Ye Qingran was already prepared to meet Ye Jun.

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But when she saw Ye Jun, she was still shocked.

How could the original character's father, Ye Jun, look so similar to her handsome father?

With bold eyebrows, he appeared tall and handsome. When he pursed his lips and didn't smile, he gave off an imposing vibe.

Ye Jun sat on the spacious office chair and stared at Ye Qingran coldly. "I've already heard that you were framed by someone. Why didn't you say it on the phone that day? All you do is ask for money, and all you ask for is money."

Ye Qingran: "..."

In the past, the conversation between the original character and Ye Jun was indeed only about asking for money.

But that day, he didn't give her any time or space to speak.

Ye Jun snorted coldly. "Since you're already living on campus, you should continue living on campus."

Ye Qingran: "..."

"What kind of attitude is that? Do you have a problem with that?"

"I don't have a problem with that." Ye Qingran changed the topic very naturally. "You're back, but where's my mother? When will she be back?"

Ye Jun frowned and scolded, "I know what you're thinking. You don't want to live on campus and want your mother to help you. I'm telling you, there's no way. I've already told her that if she dares to contact you during this period of time, I'll divorce her."

Ye Qingran: "..."

This was indeed the original character's mother's weakness.

In her heart, her husband and wealth were the most important.

Her daughter had to be in the back row.

After Ye Jun gave her the stick, he gave her the carrot. "If you win that bet, I'll reward you with the restoration of your card. However, you have to stay at school."

Ye Qingran: "..."

She could feel it. Even if there was no rape incident, the original character's father was also planning to chase the original character to stay at school. He probably wanted to make use of the school's atmosphere to let her improve her attitude and grades.

After Ye Jun said that, he waved his hand. "Alright, you can scram now!"

Ye Qingran: "..."

He was really objective. Moreover, he was fierce and cold-blooded.

She stood up and said, "Since I give you so much of a headache and you're so impatient, should we go to the court to sever our relationship? That way, you won't have to worry about me in the future."

Ye Jun looked like her father.

But in other aspects, he was far from her father.

From a young age, although his father was strict with her and required her to learn things, he doted on her.

Yet this scumbag father...

When he called his son to meet him, he actually arranged for him to meet him at the company. Within a few minutes, he had an impatient look on his face, as if he was discussing business.

He wasn't even 1% as good as her father.


Ye Jun was stunned.

At first, he thought that he had heard wrongly.

He was so angry that he raised his hand to roll up his sleeves. "What did you say? Sever ties?"

Ah, he really wanted to slap this unfilial son to death.

Ye Qingran said, "I'm doing this for your own good. I'm letting you have a few years less anger so that you can live a few more years."

Ye Jun was so angry that his face turned ashen.

His chest was heaving up and down a little too much, and his anger was unbearable.

He stood up and shouted, "You little brat, you haven't even grown your wings yet, yet you're already starting to despise your father. I'll beat you to death today!"

Ye Qingran said, "It's better if you don't beat me. You're an old man. If you don't hit me yet hurt yourself, then the gains won't make up for the losses."

When Ye Jun heard this, he almost choked on his breath. "Scram, scram, scram, scram right now."

Assistant Lin left with Ye Qingran, and left Ye Jun alone in the office again.

After his anger subsided, Ye Jun's eyes sparkled. "Has my fourth son become smarter?"

At first, he thought that the fourth child would be a daughter.

In the end, he gave birth to a son, and that made him dislike his fourth child. It seemed that he was holding a grudge, but who asked him to be a boy?

Should he get a divorce and find a woman to give birth to a daughter?

What if she gives birth to a son again? Wouldn't that infuriate him to death?

He wanted a daughter!

He really wanted a daughter!

He really wanted a daughter!


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