18 Her Fourth Girlfriend

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Dongfang Yu also thought that Zi Xia had used silence to reject Ye Qingran.

His expression softened a lot, but his tone was still very arrogant. "Zi Xia, I have already made it very clear to you that we aren't suitable for each other. I hope that you won't be bewitched by others and cause trouble between our two families. Our two families are family friends..."

"I agree to call off the marriage."

Zi Xia suddenly interrupted Dongfang Yu and looked at him. "Ask your father to come to my house tomorrow to break off the engagement."

She didn't want to call off the marriage in the past. First of all, she was unwilling to admit defeat. She didn't think that she was inferior to Mu Qingxue in any way. How could she lose to Mu Qingxue?

Second of all, she felt that Dongfang Yu was very good. He had a good family background, good grades, and good looks. He was a good match for her.

However, there was no harm without comparison.

After comparing him, she realized that her desk-mate had far out-rivaled Dongfang Yu.

Ye Qingran immediately raised her hand and gave her a thumbs up. "Believe me, the boyfriend you will find in the future will definitely be ten times better than your ex-fiancé."

Dongfang Yu sneered. "Zi Xia, are you sure you agree to break off the engagement? Don't regret it!"

Zi Xia's tone was aloof as she said, "I won't regret it. I won't regret it at all. I'm very happy."

Ye Qingran leaned against the wall lazily, and she smiled a little wickedly. "Did you hear that? Your fiancée said that she agreed to break off the engagement and that she won't regret it. I'll have to trouble you to get your father to break off the engagement when you get home. In the end, I wish you a long and lasting marriage with Mu Qingxue!"

Dongfang Yu's face was cold, and his eyes were dark and gloomy. He looked at Ye Qingran menacingly. "Ye Qingran, I'm warning you one last time. Apologize to Qingxue immediately or else!"

Ye Qingran wasn't afraid of him.

She stood up nonchalantly and asked provocatively, "Or else what? You don't want to talk properly and want to make a move?"

In the air, killing intent was flowing and sparks were flashing.

When their eyes met, it seemed as if there were invisible flashes of swords.

The atmosphere was very tense.

The other students in the class were very nervous.

They were afraid that the two of them would really fight.

Just as everyone felt that the elements in the air were about to collide and explode, a carefree boy walked into class 7 while humming a song.

When he entered and saw Dongfang Yu, he immediately said in surprise, "Dongfang, you're here too. That's good. I don't need to go to your classroom. You must come to my birthday party tomorrow night."

Ye Qingran looked at this boy. He was Liu Renwei, a friend from the same social circle.

Dongfang Yu didn't reply to Liu Renwei. He looked at Ye Qingran coldly before turning around and leaving.

Liu Renwei was a little confused. He mumbled, "Hey, what's going on? Did something happen just now?"

Everyone: "..."

How dense.

The atmosphere was so tense just now, yet he didn't notice it.

Liu Renwei looked at Ye Qingran again. "Ye Qingran, you haven't come out to play recently, but you must come to my birthday party tomorrow. If you don't come, I'll blacklist you."

Ye Qingran replied without hesitation, "Okay."

In the original novel of [ Love Snow ] , the original character was kicked out of her home because of the "rape" incident. Filled with grievance and resentment, she wanted to take revenge on Si Jing, who framed her.

However, she was surprised to find out that the mastermind was Mu Qingxue, so she drugged Mu Qingxue at a friend's birthday party.

That party was Liu Renwei's birthday party.

It was a famous 1V3 scene.

People were really looking forward to it.

In English class, Ye Qingran wanted to sleep a little. She was fluent in British English, so when she listened to such a basic lecture, she couldn't help but doze off when the south blew on her.

The lesson was finally finished, and Ye Qingran turned around to greet her. "What's wrong?"

Zi Xia shook her head and blushed without any warning. "You said you wanted to introduce me to your three brothers and let me pick one of them. Is that true?"

Ye Qingran said very sincerely, "Of course. I'll send you the information on the three of them later. You can see which one you like, and I'll make an appointment for you to meet him. If you can't pick one out at the moment, we'll make an appointment one by one. You can pick one out after you meet them."

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Zi Xia's lips curled up to remind her, "But as far as I know, your three brothers don't like you."

Ye Qingran:"? ? ?"

This... was the truth.

"Are you sure that if you introduce me to your three brothers, they'll like me and not hate me?"

"You can't force this matter. If they're not willing, then forget it. There are many outstanding men in this world. Don't worry, I'll definitely help you find someone better."

"Actually, I don't want to fall in love now, and I don't want to meet other men either. I also want to break off the engagement, but my engagement isn't that easy to break off. Our two families have a collaboration project that is based on a marriage alliance," Zi Xia sighed helplessly.

Ye Qingran could clearly feel that this little girl was scheming something.

She waited patiently. "You mean..."

Zi Xia said softly, "I want to be your fourth girlfriend."

Thinking that she had heard wrongly, Ye Qingran was slightly stunned. "What did you say? ? ?"

"I want to be your fourth girlfriend," Zi Xia repeated again.

This plot wasn't right.

"No!" Ye Qingran immediately rejected.

She already had three girlfriends to begin with, and they haven't been broken up with yet, so she definitely couldn't have a fourth one.

She advised, "Don't be so rash."

She should open her eyes and looked at this world. There were so many handsome men. Please don't take a fancy to her. She was a super scumbag.

Zi Xia looked hurt and asked with red eyes, "You don't really want to help me, right? You're not even willing to pretend to be my boyfriend."

Ye Qingran was surprised. "Just pretend?"

Zi Xia frowned slightly. "Of course. What are you thinking about?"

Ye Qingran: "..."

So it was her own wishful thinking.

It was fine to pretend. They were all desk-mates, so they could take care of each other.

She smiled and said, "Alright, I promise you. But as you know, I already have three girlfriends. I'll definitely tell them about this so that they won't misunderstand you."

"Okay, I promise you. From now on, I will be your fourth girlfriend?"

Zi Xia suddenly stood up and said loudly.

Her voice was loud and clear.

Everyone in the classroom heard it and looked at them in shock.

Zi Xia's sudden promise made many people think that Ye Qingran had confessed to Zi Xia.

After two seconds of silence, the room exploded again.

"Quick, wake me up and tell me that I was dreaming."

"You weren't dreaming. Ye Qingran confessed and Zi Xia agreed to be his fourth girlfriend."

"Is Zi Xia Crazy? Even if Dongfang Yu broke off the engagement, she shouldn't have chosen Ye Qingran."

"I can only say that Ye Qingran is too impressive. Did he learn everything about getting girls in the handbook?"


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