7 Her Crisis Of Expulsion

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After Mu Qingxue finished speaking, she quickly walked away.

The other female students beside her also had frightened expressions on their faces. They were all scared away.

It was as if they were afraid of being raped.

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Ye Qingran: "..."

This was too difficult.

The host was such a weirdo. She flirted with girls every day and caused her, a woman, to become a big pervert that everyone feared.

Forget it. Actually, this was quite good.

No one was too close to her. Even if her body was impotent, no one would know.

Ye Qingran walked slowly to the classroom door.

The initially noisy classroom suddenly became eerily quiet because of her arrival.

Ye Qingran's expression was calm. She didn't look at anyone. She threw her bag over her shoulder and walked straight to her seat to sit down.

The classroom became lively again as the students went about their own business.

Ye Qingran's deskmate, Zi Xia, asked in a low voice, "I heard that you raped Si Jing, the student from the class next door. Is that true?"

The classroom fell into eerie silence once again.

Many people were quite curious about this question, but they didn't dare to ask.

Before Ye Qingran could answer this question, someone snorted coldly, "Is there a need to ask? Which girl would use her own chastity to frame others?"

The person who spoke was the class monitor of class seven -- Hua Chi.

He was also the person who hated Ye Qingran the most in the class.

Hua Chi hated Ye Qingran. Other than Ye Qingran's poor grades and bad reputation, he also hated Ye Qingran because he had a crush on Mu Qingxue.

Before Ye Qingran returned to the classroom, he heard that Ye Qingran pestered Mu Qingxue again right after he came to the school today.

It was an exaggerated version.

That was why he couldn't control his anger.

Ye Qingran rested her elbows on the desk behind her and looked at him lazily. She asked unhurriedly, "Lovesick moron, were you at the scene? Did you see it with your own eyes?"

Lovesick moron was the original character's nickname for Hua Chi.

It was also one of the reasons Hua Chi hated the original character.

Hua Chi frowned and clenched his fists. "I didn't see it, but Si Jing's boyfriend, Tang Xinyuan, saw it."

"Then go and get Tang Xinyuan to tell me personally that he saw it. Otherwise, you'll be the one spreading rumors, and I'll kill you."

Ye Qingran's tone was calm and her voice wasn't loud, but it was unusually domineering.

Hua Chi said, "Ye Qingran, don't be too arrogant. You're just relying on your family background!"

He loathed and despised Ye Qingran.

From the bottom of his heart, he looked down on Ye Qingran and all the good-for-nothings who only knew how to eat, drink, and have fun.

He thought that if they didn't have a good family background, they wouldn't be able to compare to him.

But he was afraid of their family background.

Ye Qingran looked at him coldly. "So what if I'm relying on my family background? If you have the ability, you can also use your family background to fight. If you don't, then shut up. Don't be bitter and envious."

Hua Chi was so insulted that he couldn't say a word. His expression was extremely ugly.

At this moment, the class teacher walked into the classroom. Even though the class hadn't officially started, the students didn't dare to argue anymore. All of them returned to their seats and sat down.

Hua Chi was unwilling to give up. He glared at Ye Qingran fiercely before returning to his seat.

The class teacher's face was dark. His gaze turned around and finally landed on Ye Qingran. "Ye Qingran, follow me to the principal's office immediately."

Ye Qingran stood up and left with the teacher-in-charge. The classroom exploded again.

"Something big has happened. Something big has happened. The school's internet has revealed that someone reported the incident of Ye Qingran's rape to the higher-ups. The higher-ups are now issuing orders for the school to investigate it clearly."

"It's all his fault for being too arrogant. The school hasn't dealt with it yet but he's pretending that nothing happened. This is already considered breaking the law!"

"I really feel ashamed being a student of the same school as this kind of person. I hope that the school can handle this matter properly."

"The matter is already very serious. The principal and the school board have all come to the school. This matter must be dealt with properly. Otherwise, it will affect the school's reputation and the interests of some school board members."

"Hahahaha, that's great. This time, that beast will definitely be expelled. It's really satisfying!"


Almost everyone felt that Ye Qingran was done for this time.

After being expelled during the third year of high school and having such a dark history, no school in Jiang City would dare to accept him in the future.

However, that wasn't what they were worried about.

His family was rich so even if he couldn't stay in Jiang City, he could go to other provinces. If he couldn't go to other provinces, he could go abroad.

Ye Qingran followed the homeroom teacher and arrived at the principal's office. Si Jing and Mu Qingxue had already arrived.

When they saw Ye Qingran enter, they immediately took a few steps back, as if they were afraid that Ye Qingran would do something to them.

Other than them, there were also a few other students who were present when the rape happened in the principal's office.

These students' homeroom teacher, the Dean, as well as the principal and the school board were all there.

"When I arrived, I saw that Tang Xinyuan was cursing that Ye Qingran was a beast for trying to rape Si Jing. Meanwhile, Si Jing's clothes were torn."

"That night, Ye Qingran said that he wasn't feeling well and went back to his room alone. When they found him again, everyone was alarmed by Si Jing's screams. What happened afterwards is like what everyone else said."

"I came a little earlier than everyone else. The door opened, and Si Jing was crying. Tang Xinyuan confronted Ye Qingran and said that he saw it with his own eyes."

A few of the students present recounted what they saw that night one by one.

The principal asked, "Where's Tang Xinyuan?"

The dean quickly replied, "Tang Xinyuan called in sick today, but due to the special circumstances, I've already called his home and asked him to come to the school."

The principal nodded and his gaze fell on Si Jing. He wanted her to tell him what had happened that night.

Si Jing was a little uneasy and clenched her fists nervously.

Mu Qingxue, who was beside her, encouraged her. "Don't be afraid. Although it will make you feel bad if you recall what happened that night, you have to be bold and say it out loud. That way, no other girl will be a victim."

Si Jing nodded at Mu Qingxue.

She took a deep breath, then, she said slowly, "That night, I met Ye Qingran in the corridor. He said that he couldn't solve a problem and wanted me to explain it to him. I didn't think too much and followed him into the room. Who knew that he didn't want to solve the problem at all. He just used the problem to lure me. When I noticed it, I wanted to leave. In the end, he..."

Mu Qingxue reached out and hugged her. "Jing Jing, it's alright now. Don't be afraid."

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became more sorrowful.

Everyone's gaze on Ye Qingran was filled with unconcealed disgust and anger.

Ye Qingran looked away and lowered her head slightly.

If she didn't know the truth, she would probably feel indignant after hearing what was said.

"Ye Qingran, what do you want to say?" The Dean asked coldly

"I have nothing to say," Ye Qingran replied indifferently

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