1 Buggy the clown

When I wake up its already morning so I stand and get up to make a food to my family I have my mother name Marta D. Clown and three younger siblings name Samantha D. Clown and Carlos D. Clown and Charlie and an older sister name leshanah D. Clown for short my mom called her lesh and for us siblings we call her ne-chan because she is older so yeah I was walking in the kitchen and I saw my mother and my older sister making food to eat even I told them that I'm going to cook for tomorrow morning and they didn't listen they just told me that I need to rest because I'm always the one who is working hard like going to the forest to get some woods to sell them in our village because we're just poor and sometimes I can't get enough money to buy foods so I got home every night so my mother and my siblings get so worried about me but I told them that it's fine but still worry about me , I walk to wake my younger siblings that who's still sleeping. And as for my father he died fighting a marine so yeah my dad is an pirate who died to save as also he is also kind and helping poor people like giving them foods treasures and others also my dad love treasures so yeah thats what I get my attitude from.