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Stripping To Fame


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Yun Xi was an insignificant celebrity who was only fit to act as a passerby in all the major movies and dramas. The day her younger brother got into an accident, she desperately needed a large amount of money. Her manager advised her, "It's time for you to leap over the dark side of the industry, your payment will be ten times what you're getting now." Thus, Yun Xi started to take up the roles of a little slut in major movies and dramas. She became a star who would take off her clothes whenever. Her main role was to seduce the male lead, the kind that provided small but necessary push in the dialogues and scenes. Yun Xi was very professional. Once the cameras started rolling, she would be as unrestrained as she wanted to be. Once the director shouted "Cut!", Yun Xi would return to her serious self immediately! She would never harbor any improper thoughts for the male leads outside the show. However, there was something she could not understand—all of the male leads were seasoned actors who were famous for their acting. They were paid so much, and they had so many fans, so why was it so difficult for them to act properly? After filming, they still had to look for her to study their scripts together! They even desperately added scenes for themselves! Yun Xi, "There's obviously no need for a kissing scene, and you don't have to take off your clothes..." The domineering Best Actor, the gentle top-paid actor, the arrogant muscleman, the naughty handsome actor, and her coldly arrogant manager, "Acting be damned. You better pay attention."


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