Strings Of Domination
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Strings Of Domination


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What is Strings Of Domination

Read Strings Of Domination novel written by the author Gery_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What would you do if you were given the absolute ability to dominate and control every living and lifeless being in all existence? Would you cherish your power and protect your loved ones or conquer all and destroy everything? Well... Nash chose both! Opened The Ancient Path in their universe, humans stepped into an alternate dimension filled with various races and obtained their Legacy as any other! However, even before they could have had the chance to reach greater heights, they were enslaved, destroying their future once and for all! But after a thousand years of torture and humiliation, the fate of all humans seemed to change! Thanks to an accidental encounter with a mysterious little girl, Nash obtained a power he shouldn't have received and stepped on a path that normal beings must not cross! Follow his journey as he conquers dimensions, demolishes enemies, and strives for greater heights even beyond what seems to be the end! * * * * * Join my Discord through this link: https://discord.gg/3GvhKmSzHD 


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There are only 9 chapters so far so I really can't say much. The only thing I can say it that it is a great book.


More ch plz ….(:)):)):)&;():)£:)&;&,£(;£):&:6(()(((((8,8,8.7,85: tk ufdoiifuzikxoxi


Writing Quality is alright so it gets 4 stars. Stability of Updates isn't that stable and is around the place 3 stars, Story Development is going well but It's not as fast as a story such as this would typically be 4 stars. Character Design is where this goes on a tangent, The mc isn't that stable emotionally and could do with a little cool down and maybe a little less rage, an argument might be that his species was enslaved so he had the right, but all that he's doing is acting like the races that enslaved them. He's always looking down on other races and acts like all of that was justified when humanity would do the exact same if they were stronger. So it's 1 stars because the mc is a mess and I'd honestly love to follow the other races more than humanity. World Background is not much so for now a 1 star. You might like it or you might realize humanity is a race full of hypocrites.


Premise is great. Only after reading this new novel did I realise author had written cultivation through artifacts too. World background so far is empty. Not much description has been given except his location and a few others relevant to the circumstances since the beginning the mc was against the time and only in the recent chapter (16) did the mc had a breather. mcs character is ruthless as it should be. A mining slave who receives power of manipulation as well as strength. That means, auxiliary as well as main. Mcs cheats are legendary and no doubt, it'll be interesting. The first thought I had when I read about his powers was doflamingo, I hope his powers also has a route in the direction, he already has types in it, one more wouldn't bother. mc is cunning too but lack of knowledge be it general or specific but that can be compensated with his 'slaves'. No updates yet, I'll probably make another review when 50 or so chapters are released.


Good story so far and i like where its going only thing i have critique about is the writting quality that feels a little messy sometimes but i can see the growth so no real complaints. I also gifted keep up the good work.👍👍👍


I quite like this. It is an enjoyable read. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Interesting story, good background, MC's looks promising so far, only the update stability the problem. Hopefully author will upload more!:)


Interesting, can't wait to read more and see where this is going. -#-$÷#|;-$÷#|--#÷-#;$-"-#;$÷#;|÷$÷|;$÷$+|÷$;|÷;|÷%($)@¶÷|;%+"×#×#!$+$+




Hope this is going to turn out to be a good novel as so far good!:) @-#-$-$π"&#&#-$-#-#-#+@+$-#-$--#@+7$÷|-|×*8#-`-%×#÷`;$÷#÷$-+$××###


Can't wait to read more, hope author will write this well!! !*+$-#-$-"-#+#(@¶`×$×%×#!|÷$÷#;|÷$×#+|+%8"+|;•×$$8#+|-•×%×$׶@`($!'$"


Can't wait to see what will happen![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


As there are only a few chapters, I can't really say, but so far good and interesting. The ability to control others through emotions is pretty good and refreshing idea.


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