3 Fight Back

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Xiao Jinning secretly smiled at Tang Xi's words, a gleam of excitement flickering across her eyes. Although Xiao Rou had become bolder than before, she was also more annoying. It seemed like every single word of hers could irritate Mother. More importantly, she said she didn't want to return to the Xiao Family!

Although she didn't want Xiao Rou to go back either, she didn't forget to play innocent as always. She rushed up to Xiao Rou, held her hand and said softly, "Rourou, I know you are blaming me for taking your place at home. If you're willing to go back home, I'll move out. I'll leave the Xiao Family."

Lin Ru frowned, gave Tang Xi a dark look and said disapprovingly, "Jinning, what are you talking about? You didn't take anyone's place! You are not the one to leave!"

"Yes." Tang Xi looked at Xiao Jinning with a smirk and said, "Ms. Lin is right. You are the daughter of the Xiao Family. I'm not."

In any case, in the minds of Xiao Hongyi and Lin Ru, only Xiao Jinning was worthy to be their daughter. And she was too proud to recognize them as her parents…


Tang Xi sighed in her heart. She had Xiao Rou's memories, so she could feel Xiao Rou's sorrow at not being loved by her parents… Although Xiao Rou had been a timid girl, she was very eager to be loved by her biological parents…

Tang Xi was struggling. What she had said couldn't be taken back! Besides…

"Nonsense!" Lin Ru was irritated by Tang Xi's words again. In fact, she had come to see Xiao Rou not because she missed her, but because of her father-in-law—the president of Xiao's Group had come back from abroad and informed them that he wanted to see his biological granddaughter. That was why she had specially come here to take Xiao Rou home. If Xiao Rou refused to go back with her, she wouldn't know how to explain to that grumpy old man!

At the thought of this, she scowled. "Since you have the Xiao Family's blood in you, you are a member of this family! Change your clothes and come home with me!"

Tang Xi was relieved to hear that. 'Little Rourou, don't worry. I will help you get the love from your parents. Don't be sad…'

"No clothes," Tang Xi said expressionlessly. "I only have this hospital gown."

Even Tang Xi felt sorry for herself. She only had this hospital gown and no other clothes!

Fortunately, it was not cold. She could wash her clothes in the evening and hang them on the window. The thin hospital gown would be dry the next morning after being blown by the wind all night, and then she could wear it again…

A contemptuous smile appeared over Xiao Jinning's lips, but she said sadly, "Why haven't you got other clothes? It's my fault. I was too busy this month, so I didn't come to see you. I'm really sorry to have you go through this. I'll ask my assistant to send some clothes here."

Lin Ru looked about the empty ward and frowned. She came here to see Xiao Rou a month ago and at that time she didn't feel anything wrong with the environment, but now she suddenly felt a little bit guilty; after all, Xiao Rou was her biological daughter.

Tang Xi shrugged carelessly and said, "It's alright. I can leave the hospital like this."

"Ridiculous! You just want to embarrass me, right?" As soon as Lin Ru heard Tang Xi's words, the guilt in her heart immediately dissipated and anger flared in her mind. "Do you want to tell the whole world that we're abusing you?"

"Aren't you abusing me?" Tang Xi's sparkling eyes stared straight at Lin Ru as she sneered, "I only tell the truth."

"Rourou, don't talk to Mom like this!" Xiao Jinning said softly, starting her performance once again.

Looking at Lin Ru's angry face, Tang Xi felt truly sorry for Xiao Rou. Spotting Xiao Jinning's triumphant face, she really felt like slapping her hard. She tried to restrain the urge to slap her and told herself in her heart, "Tang Xi, your Martial Point is at zero right now. Don't fight with them. You won't win if you do it. Endure, endure it."

"Fine, if you don't want to go back with me, then don't!" Lin Ru turned and left.

Tang Xi raised her brows indifferently at seeing Lin Ru go out, following which she took a look at Xiao Jinning who was still standing there and said coldly, "Miss Xiao, everything went as you wished. Satisfied? Why are you still here?"

Xiao Jinning sneered, "Xiao Rou, I'm glad you finally found your distance from me. It's a good decision for you to hide here."

"Haha." Tang Xi jumped to her feet, pressed on towards Xiao Jinning and said darkly, "Hide? Xiao Jinning, you're wrong. I'm not hiding, but… waiting for you to beg me home. I remember clearly how you trampled me."

Xiao Jinning took a sharp step back. She forced herself to calm down and looked into Tang Xi's eyes, saying, "Xiao Rou, do you think Mum and Dad will believe you when you tell them this?"

Tang Xi chuckled, drew near Xiao Jinning and whispered to her, "But Grandpa will believe it. What are you going to do if I accidentally tell Grandpa what happened that day when he came to pick me up?"

Xiao Jinning clenched her hands and glared at Tang Xi. Xiao Jianxiong used to adore her greatly, but he was cold to her ever since he learnt that she was not his biological granddaughter. No matter what she did, Xiao Jianxiong didn't change his attitude towards her!

If Xiao Jianxiong found out that she almost killed Rourou, then she would probably be expelled out of the Xiao Family. At that time, even though Mum and Dad would shield her, she wouldn't be able to stay in the Xiao Family any longer!

"How dare you!" Xiao Jinning clenched her teeth.

Seeing the look on Xiao Jinning's face, Tang Xi knew she was right. Xiao Jianxiong had come back to China! That was why Lin Ru was in such a hurry to take her home!

She tittered and threw a glance at Xiao Jinning. "We'll see."

She then pulled over the quilt of her bed to cover herself and went to sleep.

As long as Xiao Jianxiong returned from abroad, she wouldn't worry that they wouldn't take her back to the Xiao Family.

Hearing the door of her ward being slammed shut, Tang Xi pursed her lips and muttered, "Rude."

At this time, Tang Xi heard the voice of the system ring in her mind again…

A curtain of light appeared before her eyes again, a message accompanying it:

[The host: As Tang Xi defeated Yao Jinning and Lin Ru in a verbal battle, all of her experience points have increased. Now her experience points are as follows:

Experience Point: 15/800

Martial Point: 0/100

Physical Point: 10/100

Face Point: 1/100

Figure Point: 1/100

Charm Point: 1/100

Revenge Point: 0/100

Wealth Point: 0/100

Face Slapping Point: 2/100]

[Because the host, Tang Xi, successfully slapped Xiao Rou's enemies in the face, the system presents her a primary costume as a gift. Click if you'd like to put it on.]

Tang Xi clicked and looked down. God! There really was a 'Change Clothes' function in the system!

She jumped out of bed in terror and broke into curses, "F*ck! 008, what kind of system are you? You even changed my clothes for me?!"

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