8 Encounter?

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Grandpa Xiao nodded and said, "Okay, Rourou's return will be perfectly justifiable in that case."

"I'm just worried Rourou will feel aggrieved," Yang Jingxian said gently, holding Tang Xi's hand.

Tang Xi smiled and replied, "Mom, not at all. I'm your daughter and I'm back now."

It was decided that Xiao Hongli and Yang Jingxian would recognize Tang Xi as their daughter. Although this ending was not the one Xiao Rou wanted to see, it was the best one for now.

As Grandpa Xiao was in poor health, he lived in Germany all the year round. He had come back this time just for Xiao Rou, so every member of the Xiao Family would attend the dinner party at night.

Tang Xi would return to the Xiao Family soon, so this news would be released in the dinner party. Xiao Hongli asked Xiao Yao and his brothers to go there in advance to prepare, and then asked Yang Jingxian to take Tang Xi to choose clothes for the dinner party tonight, after which he and Grandpa Xiao went straight to Unique Taste Restaurant.

The driver took Yang Jingxian and Tang Xi to a styling salon and left. Seeing Tang Xi standing at the entrance of the styling salon without coming in, Yang Jingxian thought she was nervous and so came up to her and comforted her with a smile. "Don't be nervous. Mom is here."

"Thank you, Mom." Seeing Yang Jingxian hold her hand, Tang Xi whispered to her, "Thank you for stepping in today so that I wouldn't be so embarrassed in front of those people."

"Do you feel aggrieved?" Yang Jingxian looked at Tang Xi. "You must feel aggrieved, being treated like that by your biological parents!"

Tang Xi shook her head and replied, "No, there's nothing to be aggrieved at."

Yang Jingxian thought she was trying to be strong, so she said with pity, "Good girl, don't be sad. Everything will be fine."

"Yes, everything will be just fine." Tang Xi nodded, her face filled with confidence as if she was sure everything would be alright.

She would come back to her grandpa someday.

As Xiao Rou was too skinny, Yang Jingxian selected a white evening dress for her. It didn't suit her, however, as Xiao Rou's figure was as flat as a ten-year-old girl's.

This dress didn't suit her palm-sized, childish face at all. While Tang Xi was frowning at herself in the mirror, Yang Jingxian came over. She was obviously not very satisfied with the dress either as she said, "Let's choose another one?"

Tang Xi nodded. "Let me take a look."

At this time, a foreign designer with shoulder-length hair came over. He cast a critical glance at Tang Xi, then looked at Yang Jingxian with a frown and said in English, "Ms. Yang, maybe you should take this little girl to try kids' wear?"

Tang Xi widened her eyes when she heard 'little girl' and 'kids' wear'! Sh*t! He was insulting her! Although… Tang Xi looked down at her chest and her face darkened. While her figure was indeed as flat as a primary school girl's, the designer's words were just too insulting!

Yang Jingxian was also angry. Wearing a frown, she was about to speak when Tang Xi suddenly stopped her. She stared at the foreign designer and said to him in perfect English, "Kids' wear? So this is how you treat your guests? Or is it because it's too challenging for you to change me?"

Yang Jingxian looked at Tang Xi in shock. How could she speak English so fluently?

She had thought that Xiao Rou didn't understand what the designer said. To her surprise, however, Xiao Rou could speak English so fluently!

Tang Xi seemed have noticed Yang Jingxian's shock. While the designer was still stunned, she said to Yang Jingxian in Chinese, "English was my favorite class when I was in junior middle school."

At this time, Tang Xi suddenly felt that with her help, Xiao Rou would surely have a different future…

She didn't even need a system…

Despised by the host, the system silently wiped away his tears.

In fact, he didn't want such a powerful host, Okay?

Nobody liked to be looked down on every so often.

At this time, Tang Xi heard the sound of the system prompt again…

[System Prompt: Because the host completed the task of 'Looking at Me with New Eyes', the system specially gives you a gift package. Click to view it?]

Tang Xi paused. You stupid system, why do you always communicate with me in public?!

Raising her hand and pretending to rub her eyes, Tang Xi clicked the 'View' button.

But Tang Xi froze in the next second1. Her body hadn't been found, so her grandpa didn't know she was dead! And the Tang Family withheld the information about her disappearance.

When she looked at the old figure, her heart wrenched and she mumbled, "Grandpa…"

"Rourou, what did you say?"

Tang Xi recovered from her trance and shook her head, saying, "Nothing." She then looked up at the foreign designer and asked with raised eyebrows, "Are you feeling any inspiration now? Or do you simply not deserve your reputation?"

"Just a moment," the foreign designer said, then turned around and walked inside.

At this time, the door of the styling salon was pushed open and several people entered. One of them was an acquaintance.

When Xiao Jinning saw them, a surprised gleam flickered across her eyes, and then she came over and greeted Yang Jingxian with a smile, "Second Aunt, it's really a coincidence to have run into you here!"

Yang Jingxian smiled gently and replied, "Yes," and then said nothing more.

Tang Xi didn't speak either.

Xiao Jinning was embarrassed. She took a look at her friends on the other side and said in a low voice, "Since you are busy, I won't bother you. My friends and I are going to have our hair done here."

Yang Jingxian nodded and said, "Okay."

She said two words to Xiao Jinning in total.

She was really cold to Xiao Jinning.

Xiao Jinning turned around and walked away, secretly clenching her fists. Although Lin Ru was a successful woman now, she used to be a small clerk and had taken great pains to attain her current status step by step, whereas Yang Jingxian was a real lady of note and came from a politically powerful family!

Her nephew was a colonel of the army despite only being thirty years old. As everyone knew, no major company could do without strong backing. For example, if Xiao's Group hadn't had the support of Yang Jingxian's family, it would have been taken down by its competitors a few years ago…

However, Yang Jingxian and her husband never meddled in the affairs of Xiao's Group. None of their three sons worked there…

This was why Xiao Hongyi often felt inferior to Xiao Hongli.

Even though Xiao Hongyi was the president of Xiao's Group, he had to rely on Xiao Hongli's father-in-law.

Damn it. No matter how hard she tried to please Xiao Hongli and his wife, they were always cold to her. But now they were being so nice to a country bumpkin who had lived outside for so many years!

Damn it!

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