1 I promise not to

At daybreak, streaks of sunlight escaped through the curtains and landed on a young girl's face. Her striking fuchsia colored hair sparkled in the sunlight as her amber eyes focused on the screen of her phone. The light coming from the phone showed some small cuts and abrasions on her face.

"Hey, Madison, what happened to your face?" A girl with emerald green eyes opened the door and turned on the lights, leaning against the doorframe. She crossed her arms, asking, "Should I get Eleanor to treat those wounds on your face?"

Madison gave a small hum of consent. With an answer to her question, the other girl turned around and walked out of the room.

Seconds later, the girl, named Theresa, came back with another girl behind her. The girl behind Theresa stepped forward and examined Madison's face as she asked, "Are you okay? Those cuts seem like they hurt. We should probably disinfect them first with some betadine so they won't get infected later on."

Eleanor sat down beside Madison on the floor, opened a small first aid kit, and started to disinfect a wound. Eleanor covered the wound with plaster and bandaged it.

"It's only been a week since we came back to school and you've already been in a fight, who did you fight this time?" Theresa questioned Madison with small traces of interest in her eyes. Laying down on the bed, she faced Madison and flashed her a smile filled with mischief.

Madison looked at Theresa and raised an eyebrow at her, only to look back at her phone, pretending she didn't see Theresa's mischievous smile.

"I had a small conflict with someone outside." Madison shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly while placing her phone in her pocket. Looking at Eleanor and the gauze, "Is it almost done?"

Looking up at Madison's eyes, Eleanor gave her a small smile before saying, "It's almost done." With that, Eleanor bandaged the last cut on Madison's face before cleaning up the mess.

While cleaning, Eleanor asked, "Who specifically did you fight?"

Focusing her gaze on Eleanor, Madison stayed silent for a while before answering, "There were boys in school that were prodding on some things that weren't supposed to be touched, so I beat them up, then while I was beating them up I got caught then landed in detention." Standing up, Madison patted down her skirt and headed straight to her desk. She picked up the papers sprawled on the table and gave them to Eleanor, saying, "While I was at detention, the teacher in charge was Sir Harold. He told me to give these papers to Christine when I see her. He also told me to tell her that she should try to attend classes more often. So do me a favor and pass these on to Christine?"

Upon entering the room and overhearing the conversation Christine questioned "Hmm? What did Sir Harold say to you."

"Wow, speak of the devil and he shall appear." Getting up from the bed, Theresa walked towards Christine and leaned against the doorframe, looking at Madison and Eleanor.

"Come on guys let's go get some breakfast in the canteen."

Looking at Christine, Eleanor wonders why she's here. "Hey, Christine, why are you here? You didn't come back last night so I just assumed you were out."

Moving her gaze from Madison, Christine looked at Eleanor and said: "Came back last night."

Rubbing her tummy, Theresa continues her past statement, "Can we discuss this while we eat? I'm hungry. It's 5 o'clock in the morning, and we haven't eaten breakfast yet."

"Yeah, sure. Let's go." Walking towards the door Madison tidies up her uniform before exiting the room. The four girls walk out the door and into the corridor.

Looking behind her at Theresa, she asks, " Are Ruth and Casie up yet?"

Shrugging back at Eleanor, Theresa continues walking. "I don't think so. I left the room really early though. We should probably wake them up."

"Yeah, let's go." Grabbing a random hair tie from her pocket, Christine ties her blonde hair into a slick high ponytail.

"Ain't it convenient that we all live in the same house." Walking in the dining room of their house Theresa opens a door at the end of the corridor.

Inside the room it was dark and quiet. Opening the room next to it, it was the same as the first room, dark and quiet.

Looking at the two rooms Theresa walks back out and into the corridor saying "I think they left already. We should probably get going as well; they could be waiting for us."

Getting this response from Theresa everybody exits the house.

Outside the house, the cold wind was blowing. Small layers of frost laid everywhere. The sun was shining but the wind was cold.

"Sh*t it's so cold, Ugh," Christine muttered as she rubbed her arms.

"Why do we have to wear uniforms can't we just wear casual clothes?" Complaining Theresa hugs Eleanor for warmth "Just let me hug you 'kay, wait until Ruth is with me."

Not minding that Theresa is hugging her, Eleanor looks at her phone to check the time "It's only 5:07 and classes start at 7:30 after we eat. What do you guys wanna do?"

Putting up her head from Eleanor's neck Theresa makes a suggestion "Ah! Let's go down to the lake after we eat."

"No." Answered Madison as she walked even faster in the direction of the canteen.

Looking at the disappearing back of Madison, everyone started to catch up with her on their way to the canteen.

The canteen was quiet and not many students were inside since it was still early. In the canteen, there was a table with five people sitting down. The people on the table were creating noise making the once-quiet canteen become noisy. When Theresa saw the group of people seated around the table, she let go of Eleanor and rushed to bear hug a person on the table.

The bear-hug-attacked person was pleasantly surprised when she realized who was hugging her. She patted the head of Theresa and resumed the conversation she had like nothing ever happened, while that was happening, Madison and the others arrived at the table.

"Wow, Ruth, you're getting used to her hugging you now?" A boy from the table asked Ruth with a smiling face.

Shrugging her shoulders, Ruth answered, "It's hard not to get used to her doing this when it happens all the time."

"So what do you wanna eat? We already ate and we just waited for you guys," Callahan asks them, directing his gaze from his phone to the girls.

Looking up, Theresa replied, "I want pancakes." After saying that, Theresa looked at Liam and smiled mischievously at him.

Sensing the foreboding intent coming from Theresa, Liam cautiously looks at Theresa and shows her a weak smile asking, "Why are you smiling at me?"

Showing a pleading expression, Theresa begs, "Liam, can you please bring me some pancakes, please~"

Looking at Theresa's face, Liam tries to say no, but knowing Theresa would just complain if he declines, Liam had no choice but to resign to his fate. "Okay, fine."

When Liam leaves the table to get the food, Christine stops Liam before he could get far.

"Ah, wait. Liam if you're going to get them food might as well get our food as well right, Eleanor?" Christine looks at Eleanor for some backup.

Eleanor anxiously replies, "Right..."

Sighing, Liam asks them, "So, what would you like me to get for you?"

Looking at Liam with gleaming eyes, Christine answers, "I would like an American breakfast. What about you Eleanor?"

"French toast, please!" exclaimed Eleanor, grinning at Liam.

"Alright, I'll get it for you."

Remembering Madison didn't let him do what she wanted Liam asks her, "What about you Madison?"

Keeping her eyes on the screen she answers, "I'll just eat Callahan's breakfast."

After getting her answer, Liam just nods at Madison and leaves the table to get the food.

Being seated in the warm indoors and not outside in the cold wind, the four girls started to unwind. It was quiet and peaceful inside the canteen.

"What are we going to do about later?" The silence was broken by Ruth's question.

Hearing the question, everybody looks at Ruth, Kyle then answers her, "We are just going to have to face it when the time comes."

"Our life sure is hard." Feeling depressed, Casie looks down at the table.

Feeling Casie's depressed mood, Christine tries to cheer her up "At least our life is interesting, isn't it? Besides aren't we gonna meet those cute guys again later."

Abruptly raising her head as soon as she heard the last sentence, Casie looked at Christine and gave a wide grin but then furrows her brows. "Sigh...that's right but if he finds out about it won't I be in trouble."

Listening in on the conversation Kyle interjects "Are you talking about this boyfriend of yours?"

"Ah, yes I wonder when you will introduce him to us." says Theresa mischievously with a grin on her face.

"Yeah, when will you introduce him to us? I promise to try and be friendly to him. I will try not to kill, I will try my best not to." Eleanor crosses her heart as she said this making it look like a serious vow but the contents don't match her serious appearance which elicited a round of laughter.

Casie blushes at the thought of her boyfriend being mentioned by others

Smiling at Casie, Christine tries to change the topic. "So, are any of you guys excited for the upcoming event this weekend?"

Grabbing Kyle's arm, Eleanor shakes it heavily while explaining "I am, I heard that there will be a lot of bleach showing."

"I know, right? I saw on the website that there will be a lot of merchandise of my favorite character showing up. Even the limited edition merchandise will be available!" Hearing the topic, Theresa rattles on about it with Eleanor.

Casie and the others girls joined in and conversed with Eleanor and Theresa about the upcoming event.

Now, the once quiet canteen was now filled with endless chatter from Eleanor and the girls.

A few minutes into their conversation, Liam comes back with their food.

Seeing that Liam has come back with the food of the others, Casie comes up with an idea. "Guys, do you wanna cosplay during Anime Con?" She asks.

Hearing the suggestion of Casie, Theresa immediately says yes to her, while Eleanor hesitates at first, already listing the various reasons why she can't cosplay nor go to Anime Con.

"While cosplaying is fun and all, I just can't. There are gonna be millions of people there. And if they see me cosplaying or some crap, ugh… it'll be embarrassing!" Eleanor says blushing and covering her face with her hands "At the same time, I have the student council. I don't think I'll ever find time to go." She says placing her head on the table.

Looking at Eleanor, Casie persuades her to join "Eleanor, it'll be fine! Shouldn't have some fun once in a while?"

"Well, how exactly do you consider this fun? After all, I've never been to an Anime Con before..." Eleanor shrugs at Casie's statement. "There are millions of people there. I could get all sweaty in less than ten seconds. And the fact that we will have to run everywhere with the only purpose which is to find some merchandise is..." Eleanor stops not knowing what else to say.

Cutting into the conversation of Eleanor and Casie, Theresa protests "Hey, getting merchandise is my thing, besides ain't it gonna be fun cosplaying together. Plus we're in a boarding school so there won't be a lot of chances to join the Anime Con since it happens a few times a year, right Casie?" Turning her focus from talking to Eleanor, Theresa looks at Casie for some more persuasion.

Casie nods excitedly and the two begin to gaze at Eleanor. "Well, it does seem pretty fun." she said, "So are you going?" Casie asks.

"But what about the student council? Will they let me go?" Eleanor wonders.

Butting in the conversation this time Christine points out "Of course! Since I'm going to come too and after all, we're both part of the student council and the President is thoughtful, so won't they want you to have fun once in a while?"

"Well, you do make a good point. He is very considerate... okay then, I'll go." Having agreed to join the event everybody starts to talk about who they are going to cosplay.

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