1 Introduction of ICHA

In the infamous city of Aokyu, have a 'place' called ICHA. You guys might be wondering what is ICHA? is it a japanese word? but wait! it's actually a organisation in Aokyu, ICHA was created by a 15 year old boy, itachi kitsuba. ICHA is a feared organisation as they have supernatural powers, unlike other organisations in Aokyu, has only one leader. Everyone wants to be the leader of ICHA, Why you may ask? just think about it, people fearing you and respecting you, that's the only important thing in Aokyu, no one really cares about each other's feelings as it's not relevant to their lives . That's why Aokyu is a ruthless, scary and a country that goes by ' the strong will tame the weak and the weak will obey the strong '.

Now about this special organisation about ICHA, how did it have it's name you might wonder. Let me tell you ! ICHA is made out of 4 important people, first the leader and creator of ICHA, Itachi Kitsuba, age 17 as of 2018, his power is unknown to many people even people in his organisation. Second,

Chitsugou yuu , a loyal man to itachi and his age is 17, his power is deduction. It may not seem like a important power but it is actually really useful for many occasions. Third, Haruki, a man who was found by itachi when he was all alone since 7 is now 14. Haruki may act like a rude brat but he is actually really caring to ICHA and his power is controlling sound waves. Lastly, Akito hika, a childhood friend of itachi and a smarty is the last important member of ICHA, akito aged 18 even though he is older compared to itachi he still respect him a lot as a fine leader of ICHA organisation.

Therefore, Itachi, Chitsugou, Haruki, Akito is why ICHA ever existed. For the good or for the bad let's find out together !

But why is this story called stray cats? actually itachi found chitsu-kun, haru-kun and aki-kun like seeing a stray kitten on the streets and it's not a secret to Aokyu and to not make the other members of the organisation to feel like they are not part of this so called family ICHA nickname to other people is also known as stray cats and for another reason, people in ICHA are not really loved and appreciated so ICHA bring people in like stray cats but unfortunately this is not a fairytail.. something might happen to ICHA if they loose focus so... stray cats beware !

' The strong will tame the weak and the weak will obey the strong ' - author

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