10 Fuck The Government

11 woke up and as soon as she did, sent a beacon out, she didn't care where she was or why she had somehow just been fighting a monster but is now in the arms of Mike's sister.

No she needed to know where her brother was, but the weird thing is, he wasn't sending anything back, she was getting no feedback. Not a single thought was responding to her probe

She looked up to see Nancy crying, she looked around and the whole mood of the children was somber.

"Where... where is he?" Steve sighed and put down his bat.

"He stayed behind to fight off the monsters, so I could get you out of there" 11s eyes widen and she quickly shoots out of Nancys hold, she sprints through the halls as does Mike and the gang.

She finds the spot where 2 giant holes are spread through the brick wall.

They hear sirens blare as 11 touches the craters in the wall.

Mike trys to pull 11 away and after a few tries he succeeds.

"11 we have to go, the police are coming, they'll help us" 11 looks at her freind and shakes her head.

"No he's here, I will find him" all the teens look at the girl in surprise. They nod and the teens go off to try and distract the police long enough for 11 to find 15.

They don't have to wait for long although, as 11 feels 15s presence hit her mind.

She gets up and uses her powers to fly through the halls, ironically copying what her brother had just done a few minutes prior to find her.

She gets to her brothers barley conscience body and turns him around to see him smiling up at her.

She immediate slaps him across the face. All 3 boys getting there just in time.


"Okay I deserve that" as soon as those words came out of his mouth 11 hugged him so hard a rib most definitely cracked.

The scene was great untill footsteps were heard. 15 sighed, damn government always ruining his family time.

"Jane, we have to get out of here"

"What do you mean 'We' Els staying here we can-"

"Whatever you gonna say kid, shut it, the government is coming and they don't take to lightly to us, so were gonna have to stay low, don't tell anyone anything" 15 glares at all the kids and they steadily agree.

11 picks up her brother telepathically and she runs out of the school with the boys being taken back by the police.

Once Jane had reached the edge of the forest she turned to look back at school, seeing her freinds hug their parents. Jeremiah looked over to his sister and held her hand.

Jane sighed and started running once more.


1 week had passed since Will Byers was found at Hawkins Lab.

Jeremiah and Jane were seen eating some waffles and bacon.

"Its time for us to see are freinds again Jane"

"Right now?" Jane looked at her brother with excited eyes

"Just wait in the cabin and when I come back we'll be set okay?"

11 nods at her brother and 15 walks out of the shelter that Hopper had lent to them and floated up into the air.

He shot off into the sky and touched down just a few minutes later a few streets away from Hawkins police station.

15 walked into the... precinct and waved at Hoppers 2 deputys, the 2 looked at the boy with terror in there eyes, but Hopper quickly ruined his fun by pulling 15 into his office.

Both of them sat down.

"Have you talked to Owens yet?" Hopper nodded and threw over 2 peices of paper.

"Yes, after you threatened to chop of his balls and force them down his throat if he tried to take you 2 back in, he calmed down surprisingly" He looked at the kid with a concerned gaze but 15 shrugged it off and motioned for Hopper to continue.

"In those 2 letters there are yours and 11s birth certificates, and with you two helping close the upside down gates they have allowed you your freedoms" 15s body sags as he hears this, relief filling his body, he really didn't want to fight the whole U.S government. Mostly cause of 11s safety of course, he could do it easily.

"So next year you start school" Hopper smile turns devious after this statement.

15s un tense body springs back into alertness. His eyes narrow as he looks at the man in suspicion


"Well yeah, your a 15 year old boy, you need to go to high school" Hoppers smile gets larger as 15 squirms in his chair.

"I will blow up the school"

"No, you won't and we both know it"

"I'll prank every single teacher in the school untill im expelled"

"I am the sheriff of this town, and your father now, your going to school"

"I can literally throw the school across the town your the sherrif of"

Both men stared at each other


"This is bullshit"

"What, its not that bad 15" Steve turned around and looked at 15 aghast

"I'm not talking about your stupid fucking essay Harrington I'm talking about going to school" 15 was sat in the back of Steve's car pouting and crossing his arms.

"15 stop acting like a child, your 15 you have to go to school, and you've already been here for a month do you really have to complain everyday" Nancy turned around to face the boy.

15 rolled his eyes and flipped both of them off.

"I'm going to get out of here before you guys suck face. Also call me Jeremiah thats my name now" 15 walked out of the car before Nancy could yell at him and slung his back pack across his shoulders.

"This could not suck any more dick if it tried" a loud engine boomed as a blue Camaro slid into a parking space a few feet away from the boy.

"Wow sick car"


Hey guys that's the end of stranger things 1, woot woot. So yeah season 2 is up next, you guys get to see Jane in middle school and Jeremiah in high-school with Billy, its gonna be a ride.

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