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1983 Hawkins Indiana - Hawkins labs

"Start it" a white haired man said in a cold voice.

The point of view turns towards a small girl with a buzz cut in a white suit and an astronaut like helmet on her head.

She slowly gets submerged into the water. All the scientists breathe a sigh of relief and turn off the lights.

11 the girl in question closes her eyes and once she opens them again a total black space is before her, just pure nothingness that is of course untill she sees him, sitting on a log eating some food.

She smiles and runs over to the boy but the boy quickly pushes her away with his mind

'I told you to not come back here 11' the boy, some how was able to speak with her telepathically.

'But 15, Papa keeps on making me go in here and your the only one in here I can talk too'

15 sighs audible and hugs her.

"I'm so sorry El, as soon as I get out of here ill kill all of them" El wraps her arms around the boy and almost starts weeping at the comfort. The boys hugs were the warmest thing she had ever felt, but he quickly flicked her forehead

'if you start crying they will be suspicious' he smiled at her.

She was going to say something but the boys eyes widened, a spear appeared in his left hand and the right pushed her away with finesse and ease.

"El run away right now!!" he screamed as 11 saw eight, nine foot monsters approach her brother. She stopped flying from his power push and put her hand up to help, but 15 quickly threw his spear through ones stomach.

He pulled another towards the punctured one and kababed it like they were peices of steak.

he turned around and yelled "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HERE?!?!"

11 quickly got the message and screamed for her papa to get her out but they weren't listening.

"Those dirty bastards" he saw his sister screaming for them to get her out of there but it had been 2 minutes and nothing had happened yet.

100s of Demobats started to make there way towards the siblings and 15 slowly pulled his hand up and screamed a gutral roar.

Every Demagorgan and Demobat

that surrounded the siblings turned into white and black particles making 11 finaly calm down.

15 on the other hand didn't calm down whatsoever, he knew more were coming and he could not fight like this. He wiped the blood from his nose and ran towards 11.

He went to pick her up but a large tentacle smacked him across the black space.

11 looked on in shock as her brother was smacked away like a fly. She went to push away the tentacle but instead of it being shoved to the side, it slowly touched her on the forehead.

"ELEEEEEVEEEEEN" 15 screamed with all his might making the 200 yards of upside down that he currently resided in, to flatten, all accept his sister.

He pushed him self over to her in an instant and was just about to get a hold of her white suit when she disappeared.

His eyes widened and he turned around in rage and horror to see a redish orange portal right infront of him. A slow and steady heart beat was coming from the thing that he knew could take him home

His hand reached out to touch the pulsating mess when another Tentacle reached out, he pulled his spear towards him and used it to cut the grotesque thing.

He quickly backed away and sprinted away from the portal, he realized that the monsters did not want him to go through and what he learned from his time in this absolutely horrid place was that you had to atleast make a plan if he wanted something done.

"15 you should join me already"

"Oh shut the fuck up once in awhile you dick head"


Nancy Wheeler was not having the greatest of times at the moment.

Johnathan honestly wasn't that bad, he apologized for the creepy photos and everything, so today wasn't as bad as she thought it would be but that all ended when she had crawled through that tree.




"NANCY" The 2 yelled at each other trying to figure out where Nancy had gone but Nancy quickly had to stop the screams as a loud stomp was heard.

"Grhghgh" she heard a gutral noise and a weird clicking noise come from her right.

She quickly hid behind a tree as the monster slowly crawled around her. Its grotesque features rippling as Nancy was trying her best not to pass out on the spot.


A loud noise sounded off as a strong breeze passed her face as she saw a spear peirce the head of the monster.

"You can come out now, if I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead since you were kinda yelling your balls off earlier" a calm voice echoed out through the area.

Nancys eyes widened, she quickly stood up and turned around but what she saw astounded her even more than the monster that was just infront of her.

A kid, her age was standing infront of her, very well built, maybe 6'2, his brown hair curled to his eye brows as his green eyes peirced into hers.

"How in the hell did you get here" his voice sounded out once more and it made Nancy flinch, the coldness and despair was more like a war veteran than a 16 year old kid.

"I crawled" she stated while pointing at the tree a few meters away from the two.

His eyes widened as he turned around and looked at the portal.

His cold eyes instantly turned bright as his lips turned into a smile. Nancy felt herself float in the air. She heard thousands of noises and heard mutilple trees snap and fall but it was too late.

She screamed as she flew towards the tree at full speed. She was ready for a head on collision, but the boy infront of her broke the membrane that held the gate together and let her go through with no hassle. He turned around and threw up his hand snapping the gate closed in an instant.

She looked up to see the boy smiling and looking all around.

"Home, i'm finally home"

Tears dropped down his face, as Johnathon stood up to look at the two.

Johnathon looked on in utter bewilderment as did Nancy as they saw the boy go down on his knees and weep. A heart wrenching sound came out of the boys mouth.

The emotions were so strong that they could even feel it, tears started streaming down there faces as well. Nancy who had just gone through her own traumatic experience hugged the new boy, both comforting each other some what clumsily.

Everyone around Hawkins started feeling a weird sorrow that wasn't there's, the only person who was smiling was 11

"Brother, your here"

"Did she just fucking say brother?"

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