1 diary entrie 1

"dear diary 12/20/19 I'm leaving Paris today I'm a little scared but, I can't live here... I'm sorry mom, dad, Everly, Joshua...I just can't live here. It hurts to much I miss you so much I wish you were here. Any ways I'm all packed. I had fun well it lasted.. I have a long plane ride is ahead of me I still love you good bye. ~Signed Skylar Williams~" sigh, let's get going. Ok let me introduce my self I'm Skylar Williams a twenty four year old middle school teacher. About two weeks ago my family died in a house fire I had my mother, father, and my two siblings Everly, and Joshua. I just needed to get away and start a new. Any way the plane is taking off so I'll just try to sleep. "Seven hours later" I already feel the jet lag I'm even a little dizzy. I still have to find somewhere to stay tonight ouch. I looked up and saw a handsome man in a suit surrounded by multiple bodyguards. Oh sorry pardon me. What a strange!!! "he grabbed my wrist" Um who are you? let me go. *h-he took my first kiss* why did you do that?. Him what's your name? That's none of your business you perv. *Good thing I'm wearing heels* "stomps his foot as hard as I can" good bye!. him why did that girl look so familiar to me Find out who that girl is. bodyguard's yes right away. ''Agh I still have no were to stay. New York is such a weird place, any ways TAXI!! "taxi driver" where to little miss. The nearest hotel please, yes ma'am "later". finally I'm so tired " yawns ". mom? dad? Ever? Josh? any one home hello? what's with all the smoke its getting heavier every second I have to get out can't breathe. "suddenly wake's up" oh it was just another nightmare. what time is it? "looks at clock" 3:44am . I guess Ill just go back to sleep, so I can function later. "slowly drifts back to sleep.